Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Important Things to Know Before Moving to Brisbane

Are you relocating with your family to Brisbane? High-rise residences and world-class educational institutions are just some of the reasons why Brisbane is such an ideal location to call home and raise a family. Before making the move to Brisbane, you need to think about a few things, regardless of where you’re coming from in Australia. Research and preparation for a house move need a lot of time and effort. Here are important things to know before moving to Brisbane.

    A Snippet Of Brisbane

Both sides of the Brisbane River are home to the city of Brisbane. An international airport of the highest standard, a comprehensive public transportation system, several stadiums and arenas for sporting events, bay islands, theatres, and entertainment facilities in plenty, stunning public spaces and parklands are all part of the package that is Brisbane. 

Moreton Bay, Logan, Brisbane, Redland and Ipswich are the five Local Government Areas that comprise the Greater Brisbane area. Logan, Ipswich, and Redland City are located south of Brisbane, whereas Moreton Bay is located north of the capital city of Queensland. 

About a third of the people in Brisbane were born outside of the country, with the most popular birthplaces being New Zealand, England, China, India, and South Africa, respectively. 

Over 9% of Australia’s GDP is generated in Brisbane, one of the country’s most important business centres. Port of Brisbane is Australia’s third busiest seaport regarding the value of commodities passing through, and Brisbane Airport is the busiest in the country. Greater Brisbane is home to a slew of major businesses and institutions, including those related to tourism, finance, transportation, technology, and global higher education.

The Brisbane area is expected to have an increase in infrastructure, housing, and employment in the years leading up to the 2032 Olympic Games.

If you are planning to relocate to Brisbane. It is advisable to speak with a local moving expert in Brisbane to organise your move hassle-free. Some leading removalists provide you with quotes without any obligation. These quotes will help you estimate your move in case you are moving to Brisbane for the first time.

    Housing in Brisbane

As of September 2021, the average price of a home in Brisbane is $691,000. Brisbane is a better bet than Sydney or Melbourne if you’re looking for a bargain in a property ($1.3 million and $954,000, respectively). In the years running up to the 2032 Olympics, the median property price in Brisbane is expected to rise dramatically, reaching an estimated $1.5 million.

The median rent in Brisbane is higher than the median rent in Melbourne, making it more difficult for renters to afford a home in Brisbane than in other major Australian cities. Outside of the city itself, Brisbane’s suburbs provide cheaper housing alternatives.

Many new luxury apartment towers have lately been constructed in the city’s downtown area. ‘Queenslander’ style houses (elevated on stilts to enable cooling airflow all around, with vast verandahs and decorative railings) and brick-built art deco homes, as well as post-war residences, may be found in the older metropolitan suburbs. Several parcels of land have been subdivided throughout the years to accommodate contemporary duplex and town dwellings.

Most families may choose a home that meets their needs because of the wide range of available architectural styles and design choices.

    Winters Are Mild

Winter is a non-event in the subtropical climate. You can comfortably live in Brisbane with a sweater (called a “jumper” in Australia) or a light jacket. But summer is a whole other story. You’ll want to spend your summer in Brisbane by a pool or the beach since it will be hot and humid. For maximum protection from the intense Queensland sun, wear sunscreen, a long-sleeved shirt and a wide-brimmed hat.

    This City’s Size 

In spite of the city’s relatively low population of 2.5 million, Brisbane is a reasonably big geographic area. The negative is that you must plan ahead, particularly if you’re utilising public transportation to go downtown. Is there a downside? There’s a sense of spaciousness and a laid-back atmosphere here that’s different from other capital cities’ “too busy to care” feel.

    Exiting The Train Is As Simple As Pressing The Exit Button 

Newcomers to Brisbane’s rail system are often stumped by one thing: You must press a button from inside the train to exit. You must think this is strange, don’t you? A newbie on the train may be identified by how they wait patiently for the doors to open, wondering why they won’t. It’s a good thing you won’t be conned!

    Vacation Options!

Lamington National Park, Glass House Mountains and Tambourine Mountain are just a few of the mountains and picturesque villages that can be found in the area. There are also several islands to visit, including Fraser Island, Stradbroke Island and Bribie Island.

    Lots Of Greenery 

You’ll find many parks in Brisbane’s inner-city areas, including Moreton Bay Figs, vistas of the Brisbane River’s winding course, and enough lawns and gardens for picnics. There are many other possibilities for a great day out with (excellent) kids’ play equipment and coin-operated grills throughout the city.

    Surroundings Of Brisbane

Between Sydney and Melbourne, Brisbane is about a 10-hour journey. There are direct flights from both cities to Brisbane Airport and interstate rail routes. However, they are time-consuming. 

Motorways connecting the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast, Ipswich and Toowoomba form the backbone of the Greater Brisbane transportation infrastructure.

Even while travel in and out of the city may be sluggish during rush hours, a significant amount of money is being spent on public transportation, including the Cross River Rail, which is scheduled to begin operations in 2025. This high-capacity rail line will connect the city’s northern and southern neighbourhoods using a twin rail tunnel under the Brisbane River. Several car and pedestrian bridges connect the river’s north and south sides.

All Brisbane Local Government Areas (LGAs) encourage a healthy and active lifestyle. The Moreton Bay Cycleway, a scenic 150-kilometre coastal route that connects Bribie Island in the north with Redland Bay in the south, may be of interest to serious cyclists.

Final Thoughts

Brisbane has always been a popular destination for students and expatriates. There’s no big issue here, as far as we know. Just a lot of green space, weekend farmers’ markets, and proximity to some of the world’s most incredible beaches. This article has a few considerations to make while relocating to Brisbane. We are hoping it will be helpful.