Friday, June 9, 2023

How to Install an Office Wall Panel System?

Office wall panel systems, sometimes referred to as portable or modular walls, offer all the privacy and convenience of enclosed offices with the flexibility to reconfigure the system as needed. Whether businesses plan to install only a few walls or an entire modular office system, it’s important to get the process right. Every brand is a little different, but below is a general overview of how to install an office wall panel system to get business owners started.

Step One: Site Prep

Before installing an office wall panel system, business owners or the managers responsible for overseeing the project will need to make sure the area is properly prepared. Clear the project site of debris and clean it before having the materials delivered. That way, they can be organized properly to reduce the chances of problems occurring during the installation.

Step Two: Create a Layout

Next, use chalk lines to lay out the interior dimensions of the modular office. Make sure that each wall connection features either a 90-degree angle or a straight line, and double check the entire layout against the project’s architectural drawing. Project managers can also use the three-four-five rule to make sure their corners are square.

Step Three: Place the First Wall

If the portable walls will be extended from an existing wall, the best place to start is by attaching the closest panel to the wall. Depending on the system, this will be done using anchors or screws, or it may require nothing more than placing the portable wall’s feet appropriately. 

Next, the panel should be placed in a base channel that runs along the chalk line, when available, and if not, the panel’s feet should be placed first and it should be plumb before being fixed to the wall. With four-wall systems, start in the corner and make sure the initial panel’s edge is even with the interior corner point, then follow the same steps.

Step Four: Install the First Post

Again, the exact method used for this step will vary by modular office design, but the general process is the same. Place the short end of the post over the edge of the first panel. Be sure to leave space to account for potential expansion in the future. Fasten the post to either the feet or the panel itself.

Step Five: Continue the Process

The same installation process can be used for all of the other base channels or feet, panels, and posts required to create the modular office. Some advanced models of modular offices also feature molding, drop roofs, and other architectural features. However, those fall beyond the scope of this article, so project managers will need to refer to their manufacturer’s instructions if this is the case.

Buy From a Trusted Supplier

Not all office wall panel systems are created equal. Some are designed to be very temporary, while others can be used as permanent fixtures. Each system has a slightly different set of installation requirements and hardware.

Whether business owners purchase free-standing portable walls or full modular offices, they should always buy from a trusted supplier that sells name-brand office furniture and equipment. That way, there will be no issues when it comes to quality or customer service. If problems arise during the installation, project managers can simply call for help.