Saturday, October 1, 2022

How to Expand Your Business Reach in Australia?

Whether you run a bakery in Melbourne and are looking to crack Canberra, or you’ve conquered the UK with your used clothes store and would like to start selling to fashionistas in Sydney, wondering how best to expand your business reach in Australia will be playing on your mind.

Social media, geographical knowledge, and a sturdy and efficient distribution system are all essential components of Australian expansion.

  • Social Media

With social media, a potential follower base of millions of people around the world is available to even the smallest and newest of businesses. 

When attempting to expand a business into a new geographical area, researching which social media platforms are most popular is a useful piece of homework, allowing you to target your efforts, whether that is through your own social media activity or the use of paid social media managers.

In Australia, the most popular social media platform is Facebook. Facebook not only has 17 million unique monthly visitors, but that number is continuing to grow; 500,000 additional users were registered from December 2020 to December 2021.

After Facebook comes YouTube, WhatsApp, and Instagram, with Twitter falling into 8th position. Smart entrepreneurs would focus their efforts on Facebook pages and video content for YouTube, using tags to focus on Australian cities and influencers.

  • Target Major Cities

If social media is capable of targeting individual areas of Australia, then you need to know exactly where it is you intend to begin. Reports suggest that Australia is within the top five countries for the ease of doing business, with the best cities within the country being Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Canberra, and Perth.

The major cities in Australia are vibrant, growing, multicultural, and open to newcomers. They are ecosystems for innovation, green ideas, influencers, and inventors. By tapping into their potential, you are opening up a world of opportunities for your business, but you need to know how to get your products and services there quickly and affordably.

  • Have Fantastic Distribution 

To do this you need two systems in place: a distribution system that works for both your business and your customers, and a reliable courier that knows how to ship internationally. 

  1. A reliable distribution system needs motivated and well-treated staff, automated systems that process orders efficiently and a fluidly operating stockroom with durable equipment like Fluent Conveyors, fully charged barcode scanners, and up-to-date computer systems.
  1. International shipping requires experts and, sometimes, a little more organization than shipping domestically. Shipito is an exciting example of a new way to ship from the USA to Australia, and many other options are also available.


Expanding your business into any new country is rarely an easy ride, but by choosing Australia you are choosing a country that is open to new businesses, that has a diverse and outgoing population and that has several huge and thriving cities desperate for new ideas.

By hitting Australian reviewers and influencers, choosing your target locations carefully, and securing a reliable shipping partner, you’re on to a winner.