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How to choose the best cloud backup solution for SMBs?

Cloud applications have become mainstream as more businesses aspire to host their production apps on big global cloud computing providers. In this instance, the company must choose cloud backup solutions that take advantage of the native functionalities of each cloud computing provider’s cloud products to best safeguard its virtual machines hosted in the cloud.

When shifting applications and data to the cloud, businesses must coordinate their security measures. Cloud computing services ensure high availability by replicating data among data centers in the same region. They also give businesses the ability to configure their programs for automatic failover, failover, expansion, and reduction, as well as create data snapshots, using cloud computing.

Enterprises must decide an overall tool to coordinate the management of these availability, backup, and recovery tasks, as well as interact with applications to make consistent backups of apps, in order to take full benefit of these cloud computing features.

What factors should be considered when choosing a cloud backup solution?

To back up and save data in the cloud, first assess your internet bandwidth. How much bandwidth is required to meet your cloud data access requirements? This is a mandatory question. When storing and backing up data locally, network latency is essentially non-existent, but when moving to the cloud, this becomes a significant issue. More importantly, your local network is frequently shared by numerous organizations, which means cloud access communications must compete for bandwidth with other Internet access communications, which can be a significant difficulty during high business periods.

The debate over whether to use private cloud or public cloud has raged for years. People frequently believe that the public cloud is unsafe or that private cloud security is lacking. First and foremost, security is a relative concept; there is no absolute security; and second, private clouds not only have security issues similar to public clouds, but some private clouds are built on top of public clouds. A disk array serves numerous applications on various servers from the standpoint of storage and backup software. If you need to control storage independently, you’ll need to contact the cloud provider and request isolation. Naturally, the expense of doing so will climb.

How to choose a perfect cloud backup solution?

Backup performance necessitates a quick reaction to business requirements. In the age of big data, users need to back up large amounts of data quickly, but traditional backup technology is constrained by architectural flaws, and performance and speed will suffer; backup solutions must be capable of rapid recovery, and the needs for recovery are increasing. Enterprise business continuity must be ensured as the enterprise IT environment becomes more dynamic and agile. The backup strategy should be scalable. Because the amount of data is continually increasing, backup capacity must be considered in the long run. Users may easily satisfy their current and future backup needs with scalable backup solutions.

By using Vinchin Backup & Recovery, you can instantly recover the entire VM and all its data from any restore point (no matter if it’s a full backup, incremental backup, or differential backup) without any effect on the original backup data. Any deduplicated or compressed backups can be recovered. It is an excellent solution to ensure enterprise business continuity and minimize the loss of crucial business interruptions caused by disaster or system failure.

You can also quickly verify the backup data availability by instantly recovering the target VM to an isolated area in a matter of minutes. Make sure when a real disaster occurs, all the VMs can be recovered and the data inside is not lost or damaged. Vinchin supports the world’s most mainstream virtual environments and provides solutions such as VMware backup, XenServer/XCP-ng backup, Hyper-V backup, RHV/oVirt backup, etc.

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