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How to block websites on the computer?

Blocking websites on a computer is a good way to avoid distractions and focus on work. Some types of websites have to be one step far from your children, your employees, or even you. It’s a good idea to block all but there is no particular way to proceed.

You can block websites using different methods such as extensions, browser settings, parental control software, etc. 

From many ways to block websites on the computer here, we’re going to discuss a few so; as to know everything keeps an eye till the end, and know something very informative.

Block websites on the computer through a firewall

You can block websites using software firewalls or filters, such as parental control internet filters. Also, many antivirus software programs come with firewalls or are able to get one of them. 

Furthermore, many filtering software is also available from the same company or you can purchase them separately. To configure this website-blocking software, you must follow the software provider’s instructions. 

However, blocking websites on a router is one of the most convenient ways to block a website and its access but still, it is not enough for security – and your child can access this website on his computer. 

If the neighbor’s network is not secure then your child can connect to the neighbor’s network or use their phone’s data service (such as 4G) to access the site. If you see an open network nearby, try knowing your neighbors about the security issues to keep it secure.

Block websites on the computer with website blocker

If you know nothing about programming, then the easiest way to block a website on a computer is by using a website blocker. with it, you don’t have to force yourself to rely on willpower to keep focused. There are plenty of website blocker apps on the market which aims to help you block distracting website and stay focused. Cisdem AppCrypt is one such app that allows you to easily block websites for any period of time. it helps you remove distractions, block adult content, block websites on safari, chrome, firefox, etc., and finish the work in time. 

This app is very easy to use. You tell it which apps and sites you need to block, and which time you want them to be blocked and it blocks them accordingly. For example, you could limit yourself to 30 minutes a day on youtube, or one hour a day on games. Below are the steps.

1. Download and install Cisdem AppCrypt.

The first time you use it, it will ask you to set a password. 


2. Then in the main window, choose Web Block,  enter the website you need to block in the URL field and click Add.


By default, the websites will always be blocked but if you only want to block a website on a certain time, you can select the site and then click the clock icon that appears to set the block time.


Block websites on a computer through settings

Websites can be blocked on your own computer, on your phone, or on the entire web, and there are several ways to do this. Manually you can go through the device settings to block a website or use downloadable software/apps, and even you can use browser extensions. These all are particular and working ways to cancel the access to disturbing websites.

The majority time people would like to block specific websites to get rid of explicit, addictive, violent, drug, or other unnecessary websites, but unfortunately, sometimes it is not that enough. Rather than these still there are thousands of useless websites on the internet that can affect badly on your child’s mind or any other person at an immature age.

What is VPN?

A Virtual Private Network, or VPN, is a network that is constructed using public wires — usually the Internet — to connect remote sites or users together. VPNs are often used by large corporations to connect remote offices and their employees together (known as telecommuting). VPNs are also used by an individual to protect their privacy while browsing the web. 

 How to block websites by VPN virtual private network?

As (VPNs) virtual private networks grow continuously while many companies and enterprises are trying to block them effortlessly. It has a lot of fair uses as well – for supposed to protect your online privacy and using region-blocked content.

VPNs can be harmful to certain laws and it is the reason a few governments and companies blocked VPNs. With the help of VPNs, anyone can access blocked websites and restrictions. It’s possible to hide IP addresses to avoid government limitations in certain ways – one is VPN and the other can be tor software that allows you to access the website namelessly.

Indeed it is too much risky and not always flawless in use.

Block websites on a computer through ad blocker

If you’re not a rough computer user and don’t like some websites then why not to block them?

For this purpose this entire BlogSpot is written – if still, you’re not satisfied with all the above methods then try an ad blocker. Some people block websites due to annoying pop-ups and ads and useless notifications might also irritate them. In order to get rid of all these using ad blocker software can help you better.

There is a wide range of adlocker/adblocker extensions that you can use for this blocking purpose. Otherwise relying on anti tracker can give you an amazing experience alone.   

Whether you want ads or desire to keep all browsing private you have to give it a try.

Some websites try to block ad blockers by requiring you to disable them before visiting their website. However, you don’t have to disable ad blockers completely.

With (Opera’s) free built-in ad blocker for mobile and desktop – users can easily unblock ads from a site which is fine while operating a PC. 

Just click the guard icon to the right of the address bar and select (Disable this website). In this way, you’ll add the website address to the exclusion list and restrict ads.


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