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How Often Automatic Doors Should Be Serviced?

In addition to being a great addition to any business because they are often required by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) code, automatic doors also make a statement of professionalism and ease of access. They are operated by automatic door operators. But in order to have those advantages, your doors must be in good condition. All of it begins with routine maintenance. The American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers (AAADM) recommends that automatic doors be professionally inspected at least once a year, but more frequently if necessary, based on how often they are used. Heavier the use, more frequently the maintenance and inspections should be carried out.

This article will discuss the need for routine maintenance on automatic door operators, and how to maintain automatic doors. 

Why do automatic doors need servicing?

Even though maintaining your automatic door may not seem like a top priority, regular maintenance on your doors and other parts of your property can help avoid accidents and the need for more costly repairs or replacements. If you have automatic door operators in your building or facility, you should prioritize automatic door maintenance. 

How Can You Maintain Automatic Doors?

AAADM advises the daily safety inspection of your automated doors. This entails checking that there are no obvious problems and that your automatic doors are functioning properly by testing them yourself. These safety precautions include using the appropriate door operator, paying attention to safety signs, doing daily safety inspections, and checking the weather. These are all effective means of monitoring your doors and identifying issues before they become more serious. However in extreme cases you can schedule a professional visit by locksmith Leeds. There are a few things you can do to make sure your automatic doors are in good condition. 

Get the correct door operator:  Prior to opening, make sure the automatic doors are capable of handling the volume of traffic. Prior to selecting the brand and model of automatic door operator, take into account how frequently your automatic door will be used. Whether you have a high volume of foot traffic or few users will dictate the type of operator you need. 

View safety markings: Make sure your automatic doors are appropriately labeled with the necessary safety signage. Improperly labeled doors may result in liability concerns. With “stop” markings on both sides of the door’s swing path, the signage makes it very evident that this is an automatic door. 

Conduct safety checks

  • Check the safety of your automated doors every day. The automatic door will be checked for proper operation every day.
  • Make sure the automatic door is opening correctly by turning on the actuator or motion sensor. When the door is fully open, it should open smoothly and stay open for at least five seconds before beginning to close. Make sure it shuts steadily, smoothly, and slowly.
  • Look for any debris or obstacles along the path that leads to and around the door. Do this several times a day if there is a lot of foot traffic to make sure there are no obstacles that could cause the auto operator to behave strangely.
  •  Examine the door itself for any obvious flaws or loose parts at the same time that you examine the path leading to it.

Weather checks

It’s crucial to check your automatic operators, especially in the aftermath of storms, in extremely hot or cold weather. Check for and remove any ice or salt buildup on your door’s components when it’s outside during the winter. Any accumulation could harm  the door itself or impair its ability to operate. During summer swelling of the door may result in rubbing against the threshold or frame. Therefore, make sure the door is not getting stuck on anything to avoid overusing the automatic operator and the possibility of burning out the motor. 

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