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What Is Salesforce Ecommerce Cloud And How It Helps Companies In Winning A Good Consumer Base?

This is the era of online shopping. Billions of people shop online to buy goods and services. COVID-19 pandemic is a great cause of e-shopping as people are restricted in their homes. So, they feel more comfortable buying their favorite products while sitting in their homes. According to a rough estimate, in 2021, it is expected that over 2.14 billion people are likely to shop online and digital sales will rise drastically. With the rising interest of people in online shopping, many eCommerce businesses have integrated Salesforce Commerce Cloud in their businesses to run their e-stores productivity and generate more sales. Now, mobile commerce also known as m-commerce has become so dominating that every sale or purchase is conducted through mobile devices through modern payment options. Also, eCommerce businesses experience AI strategies to generate more sales.

By adopting new AI technologies, and mCommerce, you can take your business to the next level. These are such innovative strategies that can boost the sales processes and scale your business by presenting it on the world market. If you’re also running an online business, and striving to increase your sales, then this is the right time to learn how to utilize Salesforce eCommerce for your business success. Let’s dive into Salesforce Commerce Cloud and bring to light Salesforce Commerce Cloud features and benefits for your e-business growth. 

What Is Salesforce Commerce Cloud?

Back in 2016, Salesforce acquired Demandware, a company that provides eCommerce cloud services to the companies. This blending of the two software companies was a big step forward for transforming the eCommerce business. Combining Demandware and Salesforce was a big step in transforming eCommerce companies to build a good customer base.  By integrating the Demandware technology,  Salesforce developed its Commerce Cloud. 

Salesforce Commerce Cloud is a cloud computing software that comes up with outstanding features and functionalities, tools, and portals for helping e-commerce companies boost their sales and grow their business online. It enables you to customize your buying experience and provide a mobile-friendly shopping experience.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud provides a variety of useful features that are necessary for managing your eCommerce businesses and also provides powerful customer support. Salesforce Commerce Cloud is incorporated into the Salesforce Digital 360 that lets you build relationships with customers and engage with them across digital platforms. 

Let’s get into the nittly gritty of Salesforce Commerce Cloud features, and learn how it helps in boosting your sales. 

Productive Features Of Salesforce Commerce Cloud

1. Salesforce Commerce Cloud Digital

For your e-commerce website, it is very important that you make your website fully responsive so that it can engage your audience in your business. By leveraging Commerce Cloud tools in your business,  you can create a responsive website. With Commerce Cloud Digital, you can boost your audience by posting ads on social media platforms. You can also optimize mobile payment methods and improve the customer mobile experience by building a user-friendly mobile app with Commerce Cloud Digital. 

2. Salesforce Commerce Cloud Endless Aisle

 A user-friendly e-commerce website successfully wins a higher customer base by integrating shopping channels. When a customer experiences good shopping on your website, he visits your website again for sure. That’s why it is very important to design a website in such a way that it makes the purchasing process very easy for its customers. This feature delivers good customer experiences that meet the needs of customers and also enables your team members to access customer data with Endless Aisle easily. Salesforce forms would be helpful in managing the customer data and accessing them easily whenever needed. 

Endless Aisle is the marketing strategy that allows customers to save their favorite products on their wishlist. Businesses that use the Endless Aisle technique enhance customer experience and win a good customer base by presenting them out-of-stock products to engage them on their website. When a customer searches for a product, he stays on the website and engages himself in sold-out products, and adds them to the wishlist. The company sees the wishlist and brings those products for its customers.  Imagine, if you’re a customer and you don’t find your favorite product on the website, you will not stick to the website and leave it. That’s why this method reduces the risk of losing customers.

3. Salesforce Commerce Portals

 WIth Commerce Portals, you can establish strong relationships with your customers by sending them discount coupon cards or offering rewards to attract them to buy more products. Commerce portals help e-commerce businesses to boost their customer base by sending them loyalty programs. Of course, every company wants its customers to stick to their websites, for this purpose Salesforce Commerce Portal delivers relevant news or offers to the customers via social groups or platforms. You have surely come across such advertising posts or loyalty programs that businesses deliver to their audience. It’s a good strategy to guide your customers on every step of their shopping experience.

4. Salesforce Order FulFillment

Remember that if customers experience late order deliveries, they will not shop again from your store. A good eCommerce business not only prioritizes product quality but also focuses on the best delivery options. Customers always want the best delivery options. A company would require customer data to deliver orders. Customer data can be placed in the Salesforce forms. A company should also enter the details of customers in Salesforce forms to access them later. Order Fulfillment feature enables businesses to deliver orders to customers worldwide. The order fulfillment process starts from pacing orders to delivering them to the customers. And if any cancellation occurs, or customers demand returns, then the Salesforce order management will handle them. The Salesforce Order Management software automates the payment process, and effectively manages returns and cancellations. 

5. Salesforce Commerce Platform

The commerce platform helps developers to develop websites by using its various tools such as templates, developer tools, and commerce APIs without the requirement of any programming language. Commerce Platform enables the process of buying and selling throughout the internet. It includes the search feature that the customers use to search for any product that they want to buy. Similarly, it incorporates the cart feature in the website to allow the customers to save your products on the card for buying them later. 

Should I Use Salesforce Commerce Cloud In My Business?

Large brands that need an innovative one-stop solution should utilize Salesforce Commerce Cloud in their business. Integrating Salesforce Commerce Cloud in the business is the best option for Business-to-customer e-commerce companies.

Cloud Commerce provides its services to both B2C and B2B companies. Both B2C and B2B businesses want to take their business to the next level by providing a good eCommerce shopping experience to the customers.  B2B Commerce aims at providing large sales to other businesses. Both B2B and B2C have different needs and requirements. But both aim to provide the best shopping experience to the buyers. That’s why they can use Salesforce Commerce Cloud in their business to get a good consumer base. 


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