Friday, January 27, 2023

German Baby Formula: Is it worth a try? 

When it comes to feeding their baby, parents try to do their best to find the most suitable milk that provides all the necessary nutrients for timely development and well-being. Breast milk is actually the healthiest food overall, but while mothers are not able to breastfeed, organic baby formulas come in handy. If you are a new parent, you’ve definitely noticed how many of them there are on supermarket’s shelves. And you may feel confused while choosing a baby formula for your little one. 

Experts claim that European baby formula is the most popular all over the world. Parents choose them over others as they are high-quality and their composition remains breast milk. Even Americans want to get them because kids usually thrive while consuming them. 

Let’s talk about German baby formulas and find out if they are worth trying.

German baby formulas

You’ve surely heard about those well-known organic baby formula brands such as HiPP, Holle, Löwenzahn Organics and Lebenswert. Whether you know it or not, they are German and most families would be happy to buy them and give this milk to their little ones. 

Their widespread popularity comes from:

  • High quality ingredients that are used in the composition and the way they are grown. German brands stick to strict rules while feeding animals and pay special attention to soil and quality of plants they grow.
  • Their rich content of vitamins, minerals and other healthy nutrients that are beneficial for baby’s growth and development. You’ll find a long list of elements that are good for each system of the organism and that’ll affect your child only positively.
  • The absence of adverse elements. It’s crucial for a baby formula to lack negative ingredients that can harm the baby. At an early age, a baby’s organism is extremely sensitive and even a small amount of antibiotics, preservatives, hormones, GMOs and others can lead to negative consequences and cause some diseases in the long run. That’s why all the organic baby formulas are so valuable. They are free from most of these chemicals that are unhealthy. 
  • Their similarity to breast milk. German baby formulas are considered to be one of the closest to breast milk with their compositions. A lot of mothers worry that they are unable to provide their little one with breast milk, but these formulas are a good choice. They have even similar consistency, smell and taste and it would be easier for a baby to get used to it.
  • Their ability to improve gut work. European baby formulas are usually packed with probiotics and prebiotics, and German ones are no exception. They help little children’s guts and digestive system work better. So they prevent kids from having diarrhea, constipation, gas, spitting, and other sickness. 
  • Their availability. That’s a benefit for many families whose babies have some digestive peculiarities. German baby formulas have lots of options and can deal with different health issues. Moreover, they are more available on the market. So it shouldn’t be a problem to find the one in your city or buy it online, and find the best formula considering your baby’s individual needs.