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Free and Paid Proxies: Arguments For and Against

Think of a proxy as a connection between you and the website on the internet. A proxy allows you a faster, safer, and better connection. It helps you protect your privacy by hiding your IP address and automatically disregards malicious and unsafe websites you might accidentally stumble upon.

Your internet search experience should be at its highest with a good proxy. However, how do you choose the right proxy? There are both free and paid proxies, and some inexperienced users might not know which one to go for. Fortunately, we have prepared a perfect guide for you, so make sure to read it thoroughly.

Basics of proxies

When it comes to their basic functions, proxies help the users connect to the internet better. They allow for safer and faster search since the proxies communicate with the website and send data back and forth. Thus, the user doesn’t use their computer or mobile device to access the internet directly – everything is done via a proxy.

One of the things that proxies handle for the users is geo-restricted content as well. Geo-restricted content cannot be accessed from anywhere in the world – only from specific locations. Some types of proxies (for instance, residential proxies) allow you to choose your city/location/IP address, so you can access any geo-restricted content with the right specifications.

How they work

What proxies do, for instance, is that they allow for faster connection via tunneling. Tunneling is a process where a “direct” connection between the user and the website is established via a proxy server. Thus, there is no loss of data, no ping, jitter, or latency whatsoever.

Even more, proxies allow for a more stable connection, especially for private or residential proxies, which are dedicated to one user only. 

There won’t be any lag or delays, and your internet browsing experience will be at its peak. That’s why most people who work on the internet use such proxies to achieve the best results.

Choosing the right proxy provider is important

Not everything is up to the proxy – something is up to the hosting/proxy providers as well. There are good and reliable providers who will do their best to help you out on a professional level, and there are fraudulent providers who only want to scam or rob you. 

First and foremost, choosing the right proxy provider is crucial, and you’ll need one you can trust. If you cannot trust a provider, we highly recommend that you don’t agree on their terms and conditions and find a new provider you don’t have a bad feeling about.

Free proxies

Free proxies are, as the name suggests, proxy services that are free for everyone. The users aren’t expected to pay to use them, but they might be malicious. You never know who the exact provider is, and you never know if you’ll accidentally or without knowledge install malware on your device if you use them.

We are not saying that all free proxies are suspicious, but they could be, and, worst of all, you wouldn’t be aware of that. If you require a proxy, you should check with a reliable proxy provider.

Paid proxies

On the other hand, Paid proxies require a small amount of money, typically on a monthly level. However, reliable proxy providers charge for their services but also guarantee safety. Such proxies will always get the job done, and you’ll know for sure that they’ll keep your private info a secret. If you are interested to know more, these residential proxies are some of the best on the market.

Even more, paid proxies will function better than private proxies for several reasons:

  • Maximum data usage – Paid proxies will, typically, be maxed out when it comes to bandwidth and speed.
  • Secure IP address – Paid proxies have a unique IP address that cannot be connected with your device by any means, allowing for additional privacy.
  • Faster connection – You know that you’ll be the only user of a paid proxy, which ensures the fastest connection and browsing speed.

Consider getting a paid proxy for work but also casual internet browsing.

Pros and cons of paid vs free proxies

What free proxies offer cannot be compared with paid proxies. Usually, they are of lower quality, slower speed, less secure connection, and so on. The only “pro”, so to say, is that they are free and that you won’t need to pay for the service.


All in all, free proxies are a lackluster alternative to paid and legitimate proxy providers. Their use is, typically, short-term, and you shouldn’t be relying on them for anything long-run. On the other hand, paid proxies can help you out with everything you’d ever want when it comes to connecting to the internet, and we highly recommend them for both serious and casual internet use.

Cary Grant
Cary Grant
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