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Five most common issues in nursing homes

As you grow old, the strength and agility of your body eventually start declining. While your loved ones will help you daily with tasks, it becomes hectic for them at some point. 

When you cannot work efficiently, you become cautious about your well-being and, most significantly, about your long-term health. 

However, to overcome the fear of not being able to do anything, care facilities or the commonly used term ‘nursing homes’ ensure that the advanced years of your life pass as smoothly as the early ones. 

Nursing homes play a critical role in the lives of elders incapable of looking after themselves. These care facilities are the road to providing quality of life for aging individuals. 

Although nursing homes are a viable option in helping older adults look after themselves, the decision is not an easy one to make. 

Your loved ones want to ensure that you receive the best possible care, but unfortunately, things sometimes are not how they seem. 

Though long-term care facilities are a haven for elders, many problems occur, which to some extent, lead to dire consequences for your loved one. 

The family members must carry out thorough research before sending their loved ones off to a care facility. 

Emotional or physical abuse, malnourishment, and bedsores in nursing homes indicate that your loved one needs immediate help. 

Here is a guideline on the most common issues in nursing homes to help you avoid making the wrong decision.  

  1. Physical abuse

Elders in the nursing home commonly face physical abuse compared to other forms of abuse, resulting in life-threatening injuries. 

The hands of caregivers often cause physical abuse in nursing homes. The most common reasons for physical harm are either because nursing homes are understaffed or lack of staff’s sufficient training. 

In most cases, residents are directly at the receiving end of the abuse, such as slapping, punching, pushing, and kicking. 

Restraints in nursing homes are only used for medical reasons; however, they also inflict pain or discomfort when misused. 

Besides inflicting pain, restraints also cause patients to suffer from muscle disorders when used for a long duration. 

In nursing homes, constraints are also used to discipline patients, which causes severe injuries when the residents try to get out of them. 

Unexplained or recurring injuries and abrasions are telltale signs that your loved one has been subjected to abuse. 

  1. Food Quality

With age, our eating habits and diet significantly change, making it necessary to ensure that the nutrition of the aging member of your family is up to the mark. 

It becomes critical if your loved one is in a nursing home because the likelihood of getting quality food is not high. 

Older people need nutritious meals to stay healthy; however, this is not the case in nursing homes. Due to the limited budget nursing homes have, the residents are either served bland or unappealing food. 

Quality of food is one of the biggest concerns for elders because it is essential for good health in nursing homes. 

Long-term care facilities need to ensure that residents have good quality food; otherwise, they will stop eating, leading to malnourishment. 

Nursing homes must keep a close eye for signs of malnutrition or dehydration to avoid health problems. 

  1. Boredom

Although nursing homes strive to ensure that the residents are as comfortable as possible, your loved ones might still not be enjoying their time living there. 

Older adults get bored or isolate themselves in the room because they cannot do things they enjoy doing before moving to the nursing facility. 

While several age-appropriate activities are introduced to keep the aging individuals entertained at nursing homes, they might not be the ones your loved ones would like or enjoy. 

This makes it even harder for them to adjust to the new environment. 

The new living environment and the inability to adjust to the environment make older adults feel depressed or bored. 

Feeling overwhelmed or depressed impacts mental health, which is difficult to cope with, especially in nursing homes. 

  1. Loss of Control 

No adult wants to feel they have lost control over their life; however, these feelings do catch up in old age. 

It is due to a lack of inability to live life or carry out day-to-day tasks independently. While nursing homes ensure they provide every individual quality care, there is a sense of losing control among the residents. 

It is among the most common issues in nursing homes. The feeling usually stems from how nursing homes have a strict schedule to avoid disruptions. It is frustrating for older individuals with the habit of doing things in their own time. 

Nursing homes have a fixed time for everything from bath to bedtime, unlike a normal routine at home. 

A sense of control is what people crave as they age, which is hard to find while living in a nursing home, making it difficult for elders to adjust to the controlling new environment. 

  1. Cost

Before sending your loved one off to a care facility, you should think twice because, irrespective of the services offered, nursing homes can be costly

While Medicare or private insurance does help in covering a few expenses, paying monthly fees is challenging. So, what makes nursing homes expensive? 

The round-the-clock supervision from licensed medical professionals and nursing care like wound care and injections are costly and not offered in independent or assisted living communities. 

In some cases, seniors have to sacrifice their homes or spend their hard-earned money to afford the nursing home fee. 

Although nursing homes exist to safeguard the health of your loved one, you should consider them only if your bank balance allows it. 

However, if you still want your loved ones to receive a high level of care, several options can help you pay the monthly fee.

A few options include long-term insurance, attendance benefits, or a federal insurance program. Nursing homes are undoubtedly costly but only choose them if you are willing to afford them. 


Unlike any other aspect of life, aging makes one dependent on someone, one way or the other. 

Although your loved one will leave no stone unturned to ensure that you receive quality care or that your needs are looked after, the job undoubtedly becomes tiresome. 

Nursing homes in such circumstances are the beacon of hope for those wanting to spend their days as comfortable as possible. 

Nursing homes have all the facilities and the quality care that older people crave. However, these homes can become a nuisance considering the number of issues residents face. 

These issues range from poor quality of food to abuse which makes every family question whether nursing homes are safe or not. 

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