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Few things to remember when designing a logo

Your brand will stand out and be instantly recognizable if you have a good logo. Your logo is a crucial component in gaining the attention you require in this modern digital era of increasing business competition.

The most important aspects of logo design to think about as you go from hand drawing your logo printed on billboards.

Put your pen to the paper

There’s a lot to be said for writing down your ideas and design concepts on paper the old-fashioned way. Although it is one of the most time-consuming aspects of designing a business logo design Perth, rushing the process will compromise the final product. Your draughts will branch out into improved variations of your original idea as you start with preliminary sketches.

Put yourself out there

Your logo’s colors, shape, and typography should immediately convey who you are or what your company is all about. Consider the arrow in the FedEx logo or Amazon’s A to Z.

Your Target Market

Whether you go with a wordmark logo or one that includes an image, it should appeal to your target market. When marketing a product or service to children, for example, you would use playful and fun imagery.

Make a Proposition

Get noticed with a well-designed logo that speaks for itself. Visually captivate your audience with a striking and appealing image that sells your product or service while leaving a lasting first impression.

Imaginative Paraphrase

Dare to be unique. Take a look at Apple’s logo as an example; it’s distinct and memorable, and they went with a symbol that is completely different and unrelated to computers.


A simple, bold logo design will be pleasing to the eye and legible in all sizes. Avoid cluttered designs and begin by scaling down your logo to the size it will appear on your business cards and letterheads. It will be less effective if it loses definition.


A logo in vector format can be enlarged and printed on larger forms of media, such as storefronts and billboards, without sacrificing image quality.


You might want to experiment with a few different font styles before deciding on the one that best fits your logo or tagline. Use no more than two different fonts for a professional image, and avoid common ones like Comic Sans, which will make your picture look amateurish.


If you wanted to design a Moroccan restaurant, for example, you could look at some of the cuisine as well as the types of pots and utensils that are commonly used in that region and then incorporate those elements into your design.

If you decide to have a professional graphic designer create your logo, remembering these key points will be beneficial. A skillful graphic designer will be able to create a logo that can be used on a variety of platforms, from your website to shop signs and posters.

Cary Grant
Cary Grant
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