Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Exactly How Todoist Kanban Boards Can Enhance Efficiency

Todoist is just one of the most useful online to-do solutions that allows you to be as efficient as feasible with your minimal time.

While we have actually previously discussed utilizing Todoist along with the Obtaining Things Done (GTD) method, many people don’t understand that Todoist allows you lay out your listings utilizing Kanban boards.

In this short article, we’ll show you how to use Kanban boards in Todoist, and also just how it can further improve your time administration and also efficiency.

Exactly How to Make Use Of Kanban Boards in Todoist

If you have actually made use of Trello before, after that you understand just how helpful the Kanban “listings” approach is. It allows you lay out each stage of a job or a procedure in private lists. After that, you can glide things from that workflow across the procedure as each task on the product gets finished.

Each job in Todoist utilizes the design format that you pick when you initially produce the job. The default is the listing layout you’re possibly made use of to if you’ve used Todoist for some time.

To develop your first Kanban board, you’ll require to produce a new project. Next to Projects in the left food selection, pick the plus icon.

In the Include task dialog box, when you set the name and the shade, just change the Sight to Board. Select Include.

This will develop the brand-new project in the left menu. And now, as opposed to making use of the listing style, you’ll see that the job is outlined using the Kanban board layout.


Initially, it won’t appear like a board, due to the fact that you’ll require to develop it by defining “areas”.

Prior to you start doing this, it’s important to put some believed into the process or “actions” in your task.

Just how to Set out Your Task’s Kanban Board

Offer some thought to your project strategy. Or, if you’ve developed this brand-new Kanban board for an at-home project, after that consider the actions you’ll require to undergo from beginning to end of your job.

In this example, we’re going to develop a board for developing a new web site company. Thinking through the bigger stages of that project, we’ll develop sections for each and every of those phases.

Preparing accounts and resources for developing the web site

The entire website style procedure

Getting business funds and also online shop established

Preparing marketing and advertising

Introducing the site


With these major stages of your project in mind, name each of the areas something detailed.

Complete the title area under each section and also pick Include section.

Continue this for each action or major location of your task. These do not require to be the real steps in the project. However they must have all of the significant emphasis areas in some sensible manner in which makes sense to you.

As soon as you’re done, your vacant Kanban board in Todoist must appear like below.


Now it’s time to fill out your board with the smaller things in your job plan. Consider these as the sub-projects that package up major turning points.

To add this under an area, just pick Include task to include that sub-project card.

You don’t need to include any type of information yet. Today, you’re simply laying out the job and major actions. You’ll be able to add extra products later on as they show up. You’ll also be able to add sublists and schedules later on for each of these as well.

Simply pick Add task as you’re finished calling every one. When you’re done you ought to have an initial board which contains your entire preliminary project plan.

When you have every one of these sub-projects set up, you’re ready to study each of those and damage them down further right into even more details tasks.

Collaborating With Todoist Kanban Board Cards

If you choose each of these sub-project cards, you’ll see everything you can set up to intend these out.

Most importantly, you can plan these out into sub-tasks. To do this, pick Include sub-task.

Draw up the task in the summary field. Select Arrange if you’re ready to place the task on your calendar, or you can leave it to plan out later on.


Select the remark icon on the right of the job to add any kind of comments or notes that’ll help you once you begin working on that job.

As soon as you’re done setting up the task, just pick Add job.

As soon as you’re through establishing all of the tasks, you should have your sub-project pretty well planned.

Select the Remarks tab to include any task-related notes or remarks you want to include. These relate to the entire subproject as a whole and not any of the subtasks.

If you’re dealing with a group, the Activity tab is available in handy due to the fact that you can see that’s dealing with what, as well as when.

As you can see, the Todoist Kanban strategy allows you plan and also arrange an entire job making use of much less room as well as in a more logical format.

Making Use Of Kanban for GTD

One last point to discuss is making use of the Kanban design for the GTD technique to time monitoring.

Using Todoist Kanban boards for this is tailor-made for GTD operations. This is because preferably in GTD you’ll have a job set up for the adhering to timeframes:

  • Objectives
  • Routines
  • Long-term/ On Hold
  • Following Month
  • This Month
  • Following Week
  • Today


You can set up a Kanban board in Todoist with This Week on the furthest left, and then all of the other time frames streaming right into it. This would look something like this.

Currently, include the tasks under the proper time frame checklist, relocating them from right to left as they obtain closer to when you’re going to assign them to on your own.

You can then just appoint a due date as you include them right into This Week, and also add that thing to your timetable during weekly preparation.

As you can see, Todoist Kanban boards work for numerous points, and they provide you a much more holistic sight of your entire plan or schedule. Despite exactly how you want to utilize it, GTD time planning, or project preparation, Kanban boards deserve trying.