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Exactly How to Adjustment Google Drive Back-up and Sync Folder Area

If you’re pushed for storage area on your computer or Mac, after that syncing Google Drive using Backup and Sync can just wind up worsening the circumstance. Fortunately, you can move the Google Drive folder to a various location within your computer system’s interior storage space or an external drive whenever you desire.

Listed below, you’ll locate 3 approaches that you can use to transform the default Google Drive Back-up and also Sync folder place in Windows and also macOS.

The very first technique demonstrates how to specify a different folder place while establishing Backup and also Sync on your PC or Mac. The second as well as third techniques will certainly demonstrate how to transform the Google Drive folder if you’ve currently started to sync your Google Drive components in your area.

Method 1: Adjustment Google Drive Folder Place During Setup

When you set up Google Drive Backup as well as Sync for the very first time, it will try to set your Google Drive folder under the customer account of your computer or Mac by default.

To transform that, merely choose the Adjustment choice (listed beside Folder location) when you get to the Google Drive display. Then, choose a different folder on your computer system. Ideally, the folder must not have anything in it.

After that, either pick to sync everything in Google Drive locally or select Sync only these folders and also pick the items from Google Drive that you want to sync. Finally, select Start.

Method 2: Quit Backup as well as Sync and also Relocate Google Drive Folder

The Back-up as well as Sync customer does not enable you to alter the Google Drive folder location after you have actually begun to sync your Google Drive materials locally.

Nonetheless, you can use a workaround that entails quitting the Back-up as well as Sync customer, moving the Google Drive folder to a brand-new area, and then re-opening the sync customer as well as mentioning the brand-new place.

Not just is it easy to perform, however you likewise do not need to lose at any time or bandwidth by needing to re-sync your data or folders from the very start.

1. Select the Back-up as well as Sync from Google icon on the system tray or food selection bar. After that, open the Setups food selection.

2. Select Quit Backup & Sync and also wait for the Back-up as well as Sync customer to shut down totally.

3. Copy the Google Drive folder to the brand-new location.

<h1>If you have trouble situating the Google Drive folder, right here’s just how to reach it promptly:</h1>

Windows: Press Windows+ R to open up the Run box. Then, kind %userprofile% and pick alright.

Mac: Open Finder and also select Go &gt; Most likely to Folder. After that, type ~/ and also choose Go.

4. When you’re done copying, erase the Google Drive folder from its original place.

5. Re-open the Back-up as well as Sync client. It needs to ask you to find the missing out on folder. Select Locate.

6. Choose the Google Drive folder from the new location as well as choose okay.

7. Select Confirm.

The Backup and also Sync customer will then contrast the documents within the directory site to guarantee that there’s absolutely nothing wrong. That normally takes a few mins. You can after that begin using Google Drive normally.

Technique 3: Disconnect From Google Account and also Reconnect

If you’ve already begun syncing your Google Drive materials to your computer but intend to start throughout from the ground up with a various folder, you must disconnect your Google account, indicator back right into the Backup and Sync customer, and also re-configure your sync choices.

You can additionally select to relocate any type of in your area synced Google Drive materials to the new area and also merge with them later. But if that’s the only thing that you wish to do, after that the method above is far more hassle-free.

1. Select the Back-up and also Sync from Google symbol on the system tray or food selection bar. Then, open up the Settings food selection.

2. Select Preferences.

3. Switch to the Settings side-tab as well as pick Disconnect Account.

4. Select Disconnect to validate. Backup as well as Sync will certainly authorize you out of your Google Account. It won’t erase any of your locally synced files and folders, nonetheless.

5. Relocate the contents within the Google Drive folder into a new folder within the place that you want to change to. Miss this action if you intend to sync every little thing from the ground up.

6. Select Back-up and Sync from Google from the system tray or food selection bar again and select Check in.

7. Enter your Google Account qualifications and established your sync preferences. Once you get to the Google Drive tab, select Change, as well as pick the new area.

8. Determine what you want to sync from Google Drive and also choose Start to start syncing.

9. If you duplicated any previously synced files and also folders into the new location, select Continue to merge them with the remainder of the materials.

Note: Feel free to delete the Google Drive folder from its initial location.

Switched to External Drive? Keep This in Mind

As you just found out, it’s unbelievably easy to move the Google Drive folder to a different area. If you ended up changing to an exterior drive, nonetheless, simply remember to keep it connected to your computer or Mac to avoid any kind of sync concerns. If you do want to remove it, make certain to leave the Back-up and Sync client first. When you reconnect it again, simply re-open the sync client to proceed syncing customarily.

If you encounter any type of sync concerns later, here’s just how to repair Google Drive Backup as well as Sync. It may likewise be a great time to maximize your Google Drive storage space.

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