Saturday, October 1, 2022

Doratoon Review: No.1 Character Builder for Freelancers

The advancement in technology is growing rapidly and many people are taking an interest in digital art. Today, many freelancers are getting paid handsomely for creating cartoons and animations for brands and businesses.

Are you a new or experienced freelancer looking for an easy way to build characters for your animations? Let us introduce the number one character builder that many freelancers use for creating animation and custom cartoon characters seamlessly – Doratoon. Let’s get right into the details.

Is Doratoon the Best Character Builder for Freelancer?

The simple answer is yes. In the era where illustrative and digital skills are crucial for artists, Doratoon offers the best character builder tools for freelancers. Featuring thousands of templates and animated designs, you can create your videos without issues.

The software also offers you easy-to-use tools that you can use to build animation and cartoon characters from scratch. Doratoon comes with a simple and intuitive interface that makes it possible to make animated characters without skills or experience.

What Makes Doratoon the Best?

The exceptional features available on Doratoon make this tool the best option for creating cartoon characters. Let us look at these features in detail.

  • Thousands of Premade Characters

You don’t have to sweat it out to achieve results. What if you can explore premade characters to find the perfect fit for the cartoon or animation you’re creating? You really don’t have to build one from scratch.

Doratoon offers thousands of pre-made characters covering a huge collection of facial expressions and actions. You can browse through the large library to find the perfect fit for your creation.

Of course, you can also make your own cartoon character using the extensive intuitive tools available on the platform. Without a doubt, there is no other character builder like Doratoon.

  •  Animation Effects

So, when you have chosen a premade character, you can customize it to become your own by using animation effects. You can make changes to the actions of the character and also alter the moving line of the character.

Doratoon makes it seamless to create advanced animation and motion graphics using premade or newly created cartoon characters. You can easily add customized features and transition to your character creation and then preview it.

Another unique feature is the ability to add a path for new objects that the character will follow in your animation. All these come together to help you to design a cartoon character that fits perfectly into the character profile you are looking for.

  • AI Dubbing

So, after you make a cartoon character, what next? You’ll surely want to fit it into your animation and create a whole concept that tells a story. When you are done with the visual aspect, you need to introduce voice(s) to perfect your creation.

That is where the AI Dubbing feature comes in. The AI Dubbing is a text-to-speech feature that lets you add plain text to your content and it will convert it to speech. You can explore the huge library of voice characters to choose the one that fits your cartoon character’s profile.

  • AI Intelligence Drawing

So, if you want to build your cartoon character from scratch, the AI Intelligence Drawing tool will be of immense help. This tool anticipates what you will draw and predicts the shapes and lines that are perfect for your creation.

You can also customize the tool preference by setting the right thickness of the pencil tool or choosing different colors. Simply draw a rough sketch of what you want with the pencil tool and AI Drawing will predict the shapes and you can add it to your canvas.

These are only a few of the features that make Doratoon the best character builder for freelancers. 

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How to Use Doratoon to Make Animated Character

Step 1: Go to the Doratoon website to create a free account

Step 2: Choose your preferred animation template and select “Character” from the toolbox. Select your preferred character to add it to the canvas

Step 3: Click the “Edit” button to edit and animate your selected character. You can alter the facial expression and action using the Action and Expression galleries in the toolbox.

Step 4: Preview your character and download it. You can also make adjustments after previewing it if you want to change anything. 

Is it worth it to Use Doratoon to Make an Animation Video?

Yes, using Doratoon to make animation videos is worth your time and any investment you make in the project. The video maker offers an efficient and easy-to-use tool that lets you create an engaging animation video.

Here are more reasons why we think that using Doratoon to make animated characters and animation videos is a smart choice.

  • Impressive Asset Library

Doratoon has an extensive built-in library of backgrounds, themes, stock images, templates, animations, and a whole lot more. With this, you don’t have to create your animation video from scratch.

Simply browse through the asset library to find the perfect template, animation, or background for your project. You can then proceed to use the editing tools to customize the template.

  •  Advanced Built-in Character Maker

Doratoon also offers a built-in character maker that lets you use your animated personas created from scratch. You can create interactions and poses using a broad range of qualities, attires, and appearances available in the toolbox.

  • Highly Intuitive and User-friendly Interface

With Doratoon, you don’t need any special skills or experience. The platform is intuitive and user-friendly, which means you can easily drag and drop elements, use features, and change effects. Within minutes, you can create an animation video and download it to your system.


The bottom line is that you don’t have to waste time and resources on difficult applications just to design a cartoon character. Doratoon is an easy-to-use software tool that lets you create animated characters and animation videos easily using the intuitive tools available on the site.