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Different types of pacifiers. Which one is right for your baby

Pacifiers are useful tools to deal with fussy little ones. There are a lot of responsibilities for new parents to deal with. Concerned parents wonder if pacifiers are harmful to their infants. According to paediatricians, pacifiers are not harmful instead they lower the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). One of the best and trending products today is teething necklace.

When we were kids there was a pacifier with almost no differences from household to household but with change in time, we can spot different types of pacifiers even in single homes. This has been a difficult task for some parents to choose which pacifier is better. Some different types of pacifiers are listed below.

Open shield pacifier

This type of pacifier has a wide-open shield that prevents the pacifier from drowning in the baby’s mouth. They have excellent airflow when a child is sucking on a pacifier. They also reduce irritation in the mouth. It is better for kids in NICU so that they can leave room for tubes. But they are not all available in every model.

Closed shield pacifier

These are easily available in a lot of varieties. They have holes for breathing. Closed shield pacifiers have more contact with the baby’s face and this can increase the risk of irritation around the baby’s mouth. They are hard to clean.

One piece pacifier

As the name suggests The pacifier is made of one material that is easy to clean. They have a low chance of falling apart. They have a lower risk of joking hazards. They don’t have a wide variety of designs.

Multi-piece pacifier

Again as the name suggests they have three parts that give them a traditional look and shape. They are ideal for older babies. They are available in a lot of design styles and sizes they have rings for toddlers to handle. Their pieces can fall apart over time.

Teething pacifier

When babies start teething they get irritated. Teething pacifiers can help to make teething a comfortable journey by soothing gums. Designs can reach molar areas. They are quite different from standard pacifiers so some children don’t take them easily.

Orthodontic pacifier

Orthodontic pacifiers are specially designed to make sure that the development of teeth is not altered by pacifiers. The help to protect developing teeth. They are available in many sizes and help to improve natural sucking.

Collapsible pacifier

If you are already annoyed with the pacifier’s cap it’s time to turn to a collapsible or foldable pacifier. The nipple in the specified is foldable in its pocket even if it falls on the floor it folds automatically. This will lower the risk of germ accumulation on pacifiers. They have a large variety of colours in them. They are not suitable for a newborn.


The right type of pacifier is an unending era of trial and error. Some pacifiers are easily accepted by some kids and vice versa. So don’t worry if your baby is not taking the pacifier. Choose a pacifier according to their condition.

Cary Grant
Cary Grant
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