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Data Recovery from a Broken Disk

In the digital age, people store more and more data on disks. Unfortunately, disks are prone to physical damage. They can be broken or even get corrupted. When this happens, it can be very frustrating as all your precious data is gone forever if you don’t have a backup of it somewhere else. Luckily, today we live in an era of technology where there are ways to recover your lost data from your broken disk. Let’s take a look at how you can get data back from a broken disk and what options you have for recovering your files.

Depending on the type of damage your disk has suffered, you can recover your data in different ways.

Why are disks prone to physical damage?

There are quite a few reasons why disks get damaged. Here are the most common ones:

– A crack or break in the disk

If the disk has a crack or breaks in it, then data might get corrupted. Even if the disk still works, you might not be able to read data from it.

– Dust or dirt

If you have a disk that is not in a dust-free environment, then there is a chance that the surface of your disk will get scratched. This can also cause the disk to get corrupted.

– Overheating

If you run your computer for a long time, there is a chance that the disk inside it will get overheated. This can cause the disk to break.

– Head crash

If you have a disk that spins, then there is a chance that the disk will get damaged if the head crashes.

– Bad sector

In some cases, the disk can get a bad sector. This is a section of the disk where the data is corrupted.

What should you do if your disk is broken?

If you have a broken disk and want to know how to recover data, then the first thing you should do is stop using the disk immediately. If you keep using the disk, there is a chance that the data will get corrupted even further. If the disk is broken and you want to get data from a broken hard drive, you have a few options. The first thing that you can do is take the disk to a data recovery specialist. There are companies that specialize in data recovery and can help you get your data back like iTop. The second option is to use automated data recovery software.

USB recovery stick

If you have a USB recovery stick, then it is a good idea to remove the data from it and store it in a safe place. This way, you will make sure that the data is safe and you will know how to recover data from a broken USB flash drive in case the USB gets corrupted. If the USB flash drive gets corrupted, you can unplug it and plug it into another computer. This way, you will be able to access the data from it and download it to your computer.


If you want to know how to recover data from a broken hard drive, then you have a few options. You can take it to a data recovery specialist or use automated data recovery software like iTop Data Recovery. You can also use a cloud-based data recovery service. These services are very useful in situations where the disk is physically damaged.

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