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Cobots in Manufacturing Facilities

Adding collaborative robotic arms or cobots in manufacturing facilities has helped companies in remarkable ways.

There’s a visible change in quality and productivity. The operational costs have gone down. Safe to say the robotic arm will only grow more in importance in future.

These collaborative robots are made to work along human operations in these facilities so there’s a mix of human expertise and automation.

Traditional industrial robots work inside of safety cages, but cobots have advanced sensors and safety features that let them work close to people, making collaboration easy.

We go through the main applications in these settings.

Machine Tending and Material Handling

These are repetitive tasks that are physically demanding for humans causing fatigue and injuries. Automation can put an end to this.

CNC machines, injection molding machines, and other production equipment can load and unload parts automatically with cobots. This keeps materials moving and reduces downtime.

They can also handle tasks such as picking and placing components, packaging, palletizing, etc.

Assembly and Quality Inspection

Cobots are high in precision and consistency. This makes them suitable for assembling small electronic components or inspecting products for defects.

Automating these tasks, manufacturers reduce human errors and improve product quality.

Cobots can also be easily reprogrammed to do different tasks, which lets them adapt to changing production needs.

Welding and Material Removal

Cobots can work in close proximity to human operators for collaborative welding processes. In this case, the cobot does the repetitive and possibly dangerous welding work while humans watch over the process and do other complex tasks.

In the same way, cobots can be fitted with special end-effectors for removing material in ways like deburring, grinding, or polishing. This makes sure that the finish is consistent and of high quality and lowers the risk of injuries that come with these tasks.

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