Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Can I Perform Hajj Individually or Is It Necessary To Perform It With A Group?

Hajj is the fifth pillar of Islam and is practiced in the month of Dhul Hajj in the Holy City of Makkah every year. Hajj is obligatory for every Muslim who is financially stable once in a lifetime.

Hajj is a remarkable religious practice of Muslims where people all around the world of various cultures stand should to shoulder and submit in front of Allah. It is a great example of equality and brotherhood. Muslims perform Hajj as it is compulsory and also to seek forgiveness from Allah.

People go to Hajj through different agencies with a group. This is a common practice nowadays as people find it more convenient and safe. However, some people tend to think that individual Hajj in 2023 is possible or not. People have several questions like, can I perform Hajj in 2023 as an individual or do I need to join a group?

Therefore, in this write up we will discuss whether one can perform Hajj individually or if is it necessary to join a group.

Solo Hajj Pilgrimage:

Hajj is a memorable journey in the life of a Muslim. Fortunate people get an opportunity to visit the house of Allah. However, some people wish to go on a solo Hajj pilgrimage, which is possible but it might be difficult to organize. Because with groups you get everything already organized and you don’t need to worry about the buses, accommodation, etc.

Performing Hajj without a group is easier when you are able to communicate in English and Arabic.

Look at these points if performing Hajj without a group is your choice:

Flight and visa:

When planning an individual Hajj 2023, first of all, apply for a visa before the month of Dhul Hajj. You can get a visa through an agency and get your flight booked.

Book a hotel:

It is recommended to book your hotel room before, otherwise, you’ll have a lot of problems while searching for rooms.


You won’t be able to pre-book yourself transportation for traveling during Hajj. You will need to travel in a lot of buses while performing the rites of Hajj. To visit Madinah, Mina, Muzdalfa, etc.

However, getting transportation might be a little difficult for you during the Hajj days as there are millions of people during this time.


You will have to look after your diet and get yourself regular meals to stay fit during this Holy pilgrimage.

Group vs. individual hajj 2023

There are numerous benefits of traveling with a group instead of traveling alone. In a journey like Hajj, in my point of view traveling with a group is better as they look after everything and you can concentrate on your worship.

  • All the paperwork is handled by the agency and you are completely dependent on them. While you are an individual somewhere or the other you’ll have to be careful about your documents and the procedure.
  • Your accommodation is handled by the agency and you don’t have to worry about the rooms and hotels. Mostly, rooms are shared if you go with a group. You can demand a separate room if you’re uncomfortable by paying more.
  • Throughout the Hajj, all the transportation is provided by the agency which is very convenient. They take you to different spots and you get to visit multiple Islamic locations. This is a hassle when you have to manage it all alone.
  • Most importantly,  you get guidance throughout the Hajj from experienced people. They guide you on how to perform the different rituals of Hajj. They give you instructions and hence become a source of knowledge for you. On the other hand, as an individual, you’ll have to prepare yourself very well on how to perform Hajj. In need of guidance, you’ll have to ask strangers for help.
  • Lastly, in a Hajj group, you meet new people, make new friends, and new memories. Along with the group of people you enjoy a lot and even learn many new things.

Hajj is a great opportunity to wipe off your sins and start a new journey of life. However, be very careful with whatever decision you make regarding joining a Hajj group for 2023 pilgrimage or performing it individual. In either way, do your research thoroughly and make a wise plan.

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