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BI2 mods

25. Sam’s Borderlands2 SweetFX

SweetFX Mod for Borderlands2

With the game’s unique craftsmanship style being obviously Borderlands, we wouldn’t actually need to change much with regards to visuals.

That doesn’t mean we can’t make what’s as of now there better!

Furthermore, Sam’s Borderlands2 SweetFX does precisely that.

This mod is essentially a SweetFX preset that basically plans to add clearness and vibrance to the game’s general appearance.

24. More Blood

More Blood Mod for Borderlands 2

One normal objection about Borderlands 2 is the manner by which savagery was recognizably diminished contrasted and the principal game.

Shooting through crowds of scoundrels simply isn’t as fun without detonating heads and dissipating appendages.

What’s more, modder juso40 offers a basic answer for that.

While his More Blood mod doesn’t precisely bring back the demise movements from the past game, it adds blood splatter and molecule impacts upon adversary hits – which is as good as it gets than nothing.

23. Life span Mod

Life span Mod Preview

If you had any desire to take things significantly further, you could look at VAXIS’ Longevity Mod.

This mod means to make the game more vivid by tweaking a portion of the passing boundaries to cause for a more epic to believe to battle.

Dead bodies, blood splatters, projectile homes, and blast impacts currently stay on screen significantly longer causing the fields to feel substantially more influenced during gunfights.

VAXIS cautions that the mod will negatively affect your machine, so be certain your equipment can deal with the extra burden.

22. No Intro

No Intro for Borderlands 2

While Borderlands 2 is gotten commonly sure criticism from gamers, there are still a few little disturbances to a great extent that the local area ventured to make fixes for.

Most games nowadays let you skirt any introduction activitys, or even incorporate a possibility for the game to do as such in the settings menu consequently.

All things considered, we just truly watch the video whenever we first run the game – and going through it again and again is only an irritation.

Mishant’s No Intro mod we should you do precisely that: permitting you to bounce into the game much speedier than previously.

21. Quicker Vehicle Animations

Quicker Vehicle Animations Mod

Vehicle movements are business as usual, as they can get pretty irritating decently fast.

I, when all is said and done, saw this as I was playing through the principal Borderlands game, as getting in and out of vehicles was simply agonizing.

Particularly coming from rushed gunfights where the game will in general get pretty speedy, it seemed like my personality was consuming a huge chunk of time to get into the driver’s seat.

Quicker Vehicle Animations is a basic fix, giving you three speed choices to cover all vehicle movements including mounting, getting off, and seat exchanging.

20. Bank and Backpack Space Enhancer

Bank And Backpack Space Enhancer Mod

The Borderlands series is as much about plundering for all intents and purposes about shooting.

This is particularly valid for the second portion in the series as the trailer brags of incorporating 87 bazillion firearms in the game.

While this is clearly an overstated number, you presumably still will not have adequate space to convey each piece of plunder you find.

This can be out and out excruciating for the hoarders, as keeping something like one rendition of each kind of thing just would not benefit from outside input.

Assuming you wind up dealing with that careful issue, OB4MA’s Bank And Backpack Space Enhancer ought to assist with facilitating things up.

This mod does precisely as the title depicts, in any event, considering limitless capacity so you never need to discard anything.

19. No Level Requirement For Gear

No Level Requirements Mod – Borderlands 2

One more irritating piece of plundering in most any RPG are level prerequisites.

Crushing for good plunder drops is essentially trivial on the off chance that you’re excessively under evened out to utilize the strong stuff you recently got – particularly taking into account you most likely needed to go facing more grounded adversaries to get them.

Well for that we have the No Level Requirement For Gear mod.

Modder OB4MA says all that needs to be said:

“I feel that you ought to have the option to utilize a gun assuming you are level 1, not level 35.”

18. Better Fight For Your Life

Better Fight For Life Mod

The game’s Fight For Your Life technician has been given a few overhauls too, and you should simply introduce this next mod to get them.

FFYL is fundamentally your last opportunity to remain alive when things get downright ugly during battles. What’s more, you will need to get back up each opportunity to try not to need to rehash missions.

This mod allows you to redo various settings connected with FFYL to make it more straightforward or harder, contingent upon what you’re searching for.

Adjustable choices incorporate restoration delay, resuscitate speed, FFYL harm, and development speed among numerous others.

17. More Vehicles

More Vehicles Mod for Borderlands 2

The Borderlands continuation makes enhancements to the open world ongoing interaction also, permitting you to investigate considerably more of Pandora than in the past game.

Investigating the bigger guide additionally implies that goals will be dispersed all through the world, making vehicles your fastest means to of getting around.

While the rundown of accessible vehicles has been significantly extended starting from the principal game too, Catch-A-Rides are still restricting.

More Vehicles mod changes that, making every vehicle type accessible in any of the Catch-A-Rides around the guide. What’s more, making it conceivable to choose basically any vehicle you need from whichever Catch-A-Ride area is nearest to you.

16. Discretionary Objectives Plus

Discretionary Objectives Plus Mod

While crushing side missions is many times an extraordinary method for procuring some XP in many RPGs, it’s scarcely as compensating in Borderlands 2.

The manner in which discretionary missions work in the game is that you get a limited measure of XP for finishing each no matter what the mission’s trouble.

This simply doesn’t check out seeing as the game classifies journeys into various trouble levels, as you’d expect that prizes increment as the missions get harder.

Discretionary Objectives Plus fixes that, permitting XP procured from missions to scale with their trouble level – making them substantially more advantageous.

15. ARPG Style Loot Beams – Drop Sounds – Particle Effects

ARPG Style Mod for Borderlands 2

Up next is one more helpful mod from OB4MA, this time pointed toward ensuring you never miss those high-level plunder drops.

The journey for better stuff goes on forever in Borderlands.

What’s more, it doesn’t actually deteriorate than figuring out that you missed something en route.

ARPG Style Loot Beams makes drops difficult to miss, adding brilliant variety coded light pillars to the ground and making it a lot simpler to place where every thing is.

That, yet this mod adds adaptable sounds and molecule impacts for plunder drops too – giving you both visual and sound prompts to support your plundering.

14. Trouble Mod

Trouble Mod for Borderlands 2

Over the course of your experience with Borderlands 2, you’re definitely going to arrive where your personality has quite recently become excessively strong for any adversary in Pandora.

This can either occur assuming that you’ve finished the principal storyline and are as yet crushing for gear, or on the other hand in the event that you’ve basically stepped up an excessive lot and have become OP.

One way or the other, you could wind up shifting focus over to up the trouble a little. Also, this Difficulty Mod allows you to do precisely that.

It does as such by essentially fooling the game into feeling that there are a bigger number of players than there really are, so you can play through a trouble level of 4 player coop despite the fact that you’re truly playing solo.

13. Robeth’s Unlimited COOP Mod

Robeth’s Unlimited COOP Mod – Borderlands 2

Assuming you truly do have a few companions to play with however, it would suck for anybody to need to pass up the good times.

Borderlands 2 backings 4 player coop, yet can’t go any higher than that.

Robeth’s Unlimited COOP Mod fixes that however, considering multiple players to in a similar game without a moment’s delay.

As the colloquialism goes – more is always better.

12. FFYLands

FFYLands Mod for Borderlands 2

On the off chance that you’re searching for a more complicated method for making up the game’s trouble level, FFYLands is one more choice worth investigating.

While the mod is fundamentally an upgrade that addresses essentially every part of the game, its principal objective is to make the game more testing however more remunerating simultaneously.

FFYLands influences everything including firearms, foes, and, surprisingly, the vault trackers themselves.

With this mod introduced you’ll find that vault trackers have new abilities to investigate, managers will be a lot harder than previously, and new plunder to find.

11. Borderlands 2 Third Person Mod

Borderlands 2 Third Person Mod Preview

While this next mod probably won’t be close to as large as the past section, it’s as yet an incredible method for stirring things up a lot.

We as a whole realize the Borderlands games to be speedy first-individual shooters, so envisioning playing as an outsider looking in instead is quite hard.

Well this next mod allows you to do precisely that, and you wouldn’t believe the amount it changes the vibe of the whole game.

10. New Accessories Plus

New Accessories Plus Mod – Borderlands 2

Borderlands fans know that assuming the game was around a certain something – it would be plunder.

There’s now insane measures of weapons and assistants to find in the game, however who will express no to more?

The mod adds 11 totally new weapon assistants to brighten up firearm customization.

What’s far superior about this mod is that none of the new increments supplant highlights from the base game. So you’ll get every one of them on top of what’s as of now in vanilla.

9. Aaron’s Arms-porium

Aaron’s Arms-porium Mod

Assuming that you’re hoping to switch things around with regards to the actual weapons, you can’t turn out badly with Aaron’s Arms-porium.

As an ongoing source of both pain and joy for the Borderlands 2 modding scene, Aaron0000 gathered all his weapon mods in one helpful bundle for everybody to appreciate.

There’s heaps of new happy in here including entertainments from different Borderlands games, reskins, extras, and, surprisingly, totally unique weapons he made himself.

As though you’ve proactively found every single weapon from the base game, this will clearly add one more poo ton of hours to toss into Borderlands 2.

8. The Campin’ Dutchpack

The Campin’ Dutchpack Mod

Aaron0000 clearly wasn’t finished, as he even ported one of his famous Borderlands 1 weapon packs so you can appreciate them in the spin-off also.

The Campin’ Dutchpack offers “practically every kind of annihilation under the sun” as Aaron0000 puts it himself, giving you admittance to 54 new weapons, 13 safeguards, 1 new explosive sort, and 2 new relics to mess with.

7. Roland

Roland Mod for Borderlands 2

Other than weapons, character mods are one more extraordinary method for keeping things fascinating in Borderlands 2.

While the spin-off provides you with a totally new cast of vault trackers to play as, a few of us can’t move past our connection to the team of the past games.

Well modder 55tumbl has an answer for that – why not make the characters from the first game playable in Borderlands 2?

His most memorable mod brings back our number one officer Roland.

6. Lilith

Lilith Mod for Borderlands 2

Presently I realize that the first Borderlands cast aren’t totally missing from the second portion in the series.

It’s simply that I need to play them rather than having them around as Npc’s.

This next one makes The Siren Lilith accessible in Borderlands 2 too, giving you one more choice with regards to character constructs.

The mod comes total with her unique abilities and mods too, so it’ll be very much like playing as Lilith in the first game.

5. Basic Banshee Maya

Basic Banshee Maya – Borderlands 2 Mod

Assuming you’ve played through a portion of the fresher characters and feel like there’s something else to investigate, you could attempt a portion of the class upgrade mods accessible for Borderlands 2 to keep things invigorating.

55tumbl didn’t simply add a portion of the more established characters to the game, he presents his own interpretation of Maya with this next mod too.

His Elemental Banshee Maya changes her abilities and class mods to make for more accentuation on essential and skirmish harm.

Substitution abilities and mods were painstakingly chosen to make for a few fascinating mixes, so it ought to take another couple of playthroughs for you to find this new Maya’s actual potential.

4. Latent Life Tap

Latent Life Tap Modded

It seems like Maya is very famous among Borderlands 2 fans, as this next mod spotlights on working on her abilities also.

However the Passive Life Tap mod probably won’t be as large a change as the past, it most certainly makes Maya considerably more impressive than she is in vanilla.

This mod makes Life Tap an inactive expertise rather than a kill expertise, giving her a long-lasting life take reward.

To adjust things, the existence take rate has been brought down to 0.6% from the first 6%.

3. Vivid Melee Attacks

Vivid Melee Attacks Mod for Borderlands 2

There aren’t numerous things more fulfilling in that frame of mind than mercilessly killing foes with scuffle assaults.

It’s substantially more testing. In any case, pulling it off frequently causes you to feel like you’ve gotten much better at the game.

This Immersive Melee Attacks mod makes skirmish centered forms significantly really fulfilling, tweaking the game’s scuffle assault values to make them considerably more achievable.

The mod covers skirmish assaults for Maya and Zer0 as well as Krieg and Gaige from the DLC.

2. Borderlands 2 Unofficial Community Patch

Borderlands 2 Unofficial Community Patch Screenshot

Local area patches are dependably smart. Particularly since tthey’re generally a gathering of ideas from the most dynamic local area individuals themselves on how a game can be improved.

Fortunately, the Borderlands 2 local area has their own fix. Furthermore, it’s most certainly worth looking at.

It contains more than 450 changes and bugfixes pointed toward working on your general insight, so there’s lots of new satisfied to investigate here.

Large numbers of the names from the past mods are appended to the venture also, including Aaron000 and 55tumbl.

1. Borderlands 2 Exodus

Borderlands 2 Exodus Mods

In the event that you’re searching for a more exceptional change, there could be no greater approach to totally redo this game than with a total redesign.

Borderlands 2 Exodus is by a wide margin perhaps the greatest mod you can get, adding more than 130 totally new bits of stuff, new interactivity mechanics, and, surprisingly, little supervisors.

What will truly cause the game to feel different is how much is rebalanced.

Characters, weapons, abilities, and even extras will have adjusted harm and extra qualities – so you must relearn the majority of what you know from your vanilla play through.

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