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Best Sea shores on the Amalfi Coast

Marina Grande

Marina Grande is essentially the focal point of the Amalfi Coast and is the fundamental ocean side on the shoreline. Found right opposite the Piazza Duomo, this ocean side is before the focal point of town and runs 184 meters in length and 40 meters wide. It’s conspicuous for the splendidly shaded ocean side umbrellas and sunbeds situated before the sparkling coastline. These are for lease, as are towels, shower regions and different conveniences. Assuming you walk further down the ocean side, you’ll see different travelers relaxing on their ocean side towels on the rough sand to try not to need to lease umbrellas and seats. As this is the most well known ocean side, it can become very busy. Yet, there is adequate space, and on the off chance that you go sufficiently early, you can certainly catch a spot.

Gavitella Ocean side

This delightful ocean side is one of only a handful of exceptional on the Amalfi Coast pointing toward the west, and that implies it remains washed in daylight longer than the vast majority of different sea shores in the locale. It’s the ideal decision for slowing down before a genuinely exquisite dusk, following some serious time touring. It’s a touch of stroll down to the ocean side, however – around 400 steep advances, settling on it an unsatisfactory decision for guests who can’t make the plunge. All things being equal, the ocean side is additionally open by lift from adjacent retreats. Assuming that you arrive ahead of schedule, there are typically sunbeds and umbrellas accessible. What makes this ocean side novel and a famous decision among the more youthful sightseers is the enthusiastic air. The visitors of Gavitella appreciate unrecorded music and customary fun watermelon cutting (utilizing sabers) on the shore.

Marina di Vietri

Only 5 minutes from Solerno, this youthful ocean side was made during the 1950s by a flood, which lowered the coast and made a stretch of sandy, pebbled seabed. Today, the ocean side offers all encompassing perspectives on the staggering Amalfi Coast and brilliant pastel-shaded slope town above. A famous getaway destination for families partake in the pleasant environmental factors and clear waters.

Lido Delle Sirene

Lido Delle Sirene or Mermaid Ocean side is near the harbor and Marina Grande ocean side. Not ordinarily as swarmed as the Marina Grande, this ocean side actually has dazzling sea perspectives and ocean side administrations with evolving rooms, showers and food promptly accessible. All things considered, this ocean side’s coastline is rockier than the Marina Grande, so appropriate footwear is prompted for walking around the shore and swimming. A bistro ignores the ocean side serving sandwiches, pasta, bruschetta and other Italian dishes.

Marina Cantone

This famous ocean side is found right at the edge of where the Amalfi Coast meets the Inlet of Sorrento. The Marina Cantone used to be an old fishing borgo. Presently it invites travelers routinely to partake free and clean waters of the inlet. The ocean side is open via vehicle with a parking structure strategically placed close to the entry. Notwithstanding, the ocean side is rough too, so make certain to bring water shoes.

La Marinella

This little ocean in the middle of between the Marina Grande and Mermaid Ocean side is situated close to a café of similar name and offers a little ocean side region and deck with umbrellas, sunbeds, and snacks and drinks.The water is surprisingly clear, and the ocean side is a famous spot for families as the deck offers adequate shade for beachgoers. The water is additionally shallower and more settled, making it ideal for youngsters.

Fornillo Inlet

Fornillo Bay is a little rock stone ocean side in Positano with a bistro and eateries close by offering plates of mixed greens, lager and light Italian passage. With the fundamental ocean side of Positano, Spiaggia Grande, in every case full to spilling over in the mid year, the Fornillo Bay is a calmer option for guests searching for a loosening up evening. The ocean side has 3 confidential ocean side clubs and an inlet that beachgoers can appreciate for nothing.


You can appreciate Duoglio ocean side on the off chance that you wouldn’t fret strolling. This ocean side is just open by boat from Amalfi or through a scary series of steps – more than 200 stages, to give you a thought. However, numerous vacationers say that the long walk is worth the effort when they show up at the 170-meter long ocean side with glasslike waters and delightful ocean side retreats. While the coastline and seabed are rough and require legitimate footwear, the ocean side is as yet a most loved spot among guests who wish to swim as the reasonable waters offer extraordinary perceivability. You can likewise appreciate delightful and remarkable Italian toll, as newly made pasta and octopus salad, at the close by eateries.

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