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Best Restaurants In Ranchi

Widely referred to as the ‘City of Waterfalls’, this beautiful location does not lag behind when it concerns supplying delightful culinary experiences. Whether you’re seeing the well-known Rock Yard or welcoming the calmness of the picturesque Ranchi lake, we present to you some authentic dining establishments where you can attempt a fantastic supply of mouthwatering dishes after sightseeing.

The Great Kebab Factory

The Great Kebab Factory is a hallmark Indian dining establishment in the Radison Blu Resort in Ranchi that specializes in standard Mughlai cuisine. They offer platefuls of kebabs, a mouthwatering meal of meat and also baked vegetables mostly barbequed on a skewer. The dining establishment provides an unique dining experience and it has a compelling design that goes in sync with the dynamic atmosphere of the restaurant. The kebabs are prepared in 7 various styles, so whether you like shallow deep-fried or deep fried, the dining establishment will certainly not dissatisfy you. If that’s inadequate, each dish is served with utmost kindness and also will leave you pleased.

Angithi Restaurant

Advised especially for household dinners and also a well-renowned spot for holding pleasant get-togethers, Angithi has a silent ambiance and conventional decoration and offers a terrific family tree of North-Indian dishes. The dining establishment provides a classy setup and it has an affordable menu as well as friendly personnel. This is a serene spot ideal to take pleasure in an evening of cooking extravagance with your loved ones, and if you intend to example South Indian delicacies with a tint of spicy masala, this is the location to be. Chasm on platefuls of Dehati Chicken, or if you desire a preference of the tandoor, try the delectable Kebab platter that loads the dining establishment with the spicy fragrances of its meat delicacies.

Yellow Sapphire

Located comfortably in the heart of the city, this dining establishment is defined by its welcoming atmosphere. Yellow Sapphire is part of Hotel Capitol Hill as well as attributes contemporary design. The service is remarkable as well as the lunch buffet provides a terrific dining experience, with specializeds like their hot tacky dumplings. The restaurant uses a multi-cuisine food selection that includes Continental delicacies as well as North Indian swigs. You can take a bite of a local favored dish such as Murg Joshina, or if you do not feel like trying out the regional cuisine go with an international treat such as the American Corn.

Jungli Moon Dancing Dining Establishment

This restaurant, situated in Kanka, provides an extremely one-of-a-kind concept with a nature-inspired design– when you tip inside its large rooms it really feels almost as if you were straying with thickets in the wild. The restaurant, with wood chairs as well as open lawn seats, is ideal for meat enthusiasts, including an out-of-the-box menu brimming with scrumptious north as well as south Indian specials. Try the wholesome Moong Dal Halwa, a sweet joy that is prominent amongst visitors, or go into a plateful of ghee rice and also hen tikka masala offered in antique brass utensils for a standard charm.


This restaurant’s motto is ‘Offering Happiness’, and also it seems to make lots of people satisfied because the area is always loaded with clients of every ages and also backgrounds. Be it experts, family members or food aficionados, Flaves brings in a large group with its huge selection of scrumptious treats with influences from North India, South India, China as well as Italy. The place is excellent for private parties, featuring elegant and well supplied insides. The restaurant is specifically vegetarian and also is apt for customers trying to find vegan options. Offering a wonderful array of fresh chaats as well as small meals like Pav Bhaji, among the most effective recipes to order is the vegan thali, which is a filling as well as tasty choice.


This restaurant supplies a rustic setting in among Ranchi’s many visited hotspots, Gandhi Nagar. Although they likewise serve Chinese as well as Continental recipes, they mainly concentrate on North Indian food. They serve hot dishes like the mutton kadai as well as sea food thrills like prawn Malai tikka. If you’re craving for some Chinese delights, try their spicy potato cool, or alternatively gorge on a plateful of American chopsuey, stir fried noodles served with an aromatic tomato covering.


Aroma, situated within the abundant interiors of the Royal Retreat, is a renowned dining establishment which provides a serene atmosphere including contemporary insides and relaxing seating. Providing site visitors a palace-like feeling and also with an ever before courteous staff, Fragrance is the perfect location to dine with the household or company partners. One of the best recipes to order is the hen labadar, which is a Mughlai specialized, or you can get a bite of the delectable Rogan Josh from the main dish section. The food selection is additionally renowned for its Continental delicacies like the creamy Penne Alfredo.

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