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Best Probate Lawyers in Alameda

Dehay and Elliston L.L.P.

Dehay and Elliston LLP is a firm of home arranging lawyers close to Alameda that can follow its set of experiences back to the 1970s. The firm has effectively addressed people and families in every aspect of abundance the executives, safeguarding, and move to main beneficiaries and recipients. Its probate practice manages each phase of the cycle, from supporting agents and gathering the decedent’s home to speaking with leasers and conveying the domain as per the will’s directions.

Donahue Fitzgerald

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Donahue Fitzgerald is a law office close to Alameda that was established in the late nineteenth hundred years. The firm practices numerous areas of regulation and incorporates a homes and trusts division that offers probate organization and prosecution administrations, serving agents, beneficiaries, recipients, and expected beneficiaries. The company’s lawyers have insight in each phase of the probate cycle, for example, esteeming the decedent’s home, dispersing resources as per the will’s directions, and challenging wills in court.

East Bay Probate and Trust Administration

East Bay Probate and Trust Administration is a law office established by Attorney Mike Broad, who has been addressing clients in the Alameda metro region starting around 1986. The company’s administrations incorporate probate, where it can assist agents with settling on decisions that keep away from cases of risk, as well as managing all of the organization errands, like gathering and esteeming the domain. The firm can likewise assist with domain arranging, including arranging homes for LGBTQ clients.

Regulation Office of Alexandra M. Ayoub

The Law Office of Alexandra M. Ayoub is a confidential practice established to address clients needing a probate legal counselor close to Alameda who only practices domain arranging, trust organization, and probate regulation. Lawyer Ayoub has over eight years of legitimate insight, especially in prompting agents and executives and probating wills. The lawyer can assume on the liability of gathering the decedent’s bequest, esteeming it, paying its loan bosses from reserves, and circulating the rest of the decedent’s main beneficiaries.

Regulation Office of Verleana D. Green ESQ

The Law Office of Verleana D. Green Esq. is a performance practice with over 12 years of involvement with bequest arranging, trust organization, and probate. Ms. Green can deal with all phases of the probate cycle, as well as intervening in debates between closely involved individuals. Lawyer Green is a University of San Francisco School of Law graduate, holds a Master of Law in tax collection, and is guaranteed in bequest arranging and intervention.

Regulation Offices of Daniel Leahy

Regulation Offices of Daniel Leahy is a little law office that offers legitimate administrations to clients in Alameda. This firm aides clients in surveying probate cases and issues, like questions among recipients and trustees. Its group of legal counselors investigates different intricacies of a specific case, for example, questions in domain arranging reports, local area property debates, and will and trust challenges. Moreover, this firm checks assuming there’s any will falsification, unnecessary impact on the departed individual, or ill-advised execution of the will.

Regulation Offices of Gary R. Kershner

The Law Offices of Gary R. Kershner is a confidential practice established by Mr. Kershner, a probate lawyer close to Alameda with over 34 years of involvement helping families and people entrusted with probating the desire of a friend or family member. Lawyer Kershner can offer types of assistance like approving the will, informing agents on issues regarding probate regulation, gathering the decedent’s home, and managing claims from leasers. The lawyer additionally rehearses senior regulation and can help with insufficiency arranging.

Mayo and Mayo

Mayo and Mayo serves Alameda clients and its adjoining networks. It rehearses in different regulation regions, including probate, home preparation, land, and trust. Its lawyers additionally give intervention administrations to battling parties like property manager and inhabitant. The law office likewise addresses people or organizations engaged with debates including agreements and genuine property deals and buys. It moreover helps in business rent drafting and exchange. Mayo and Mayo was laid out in 1977.

Nalchajian Whitley Law

Nalchajian Whitley Law serves the Alameda metro region and accomplishes probate work for clients with various necessities. It handles the resource move cycle to ensure that wills and different archives are followed and property is passed down to main beneficiaries. This firm is knowledgeable about will challenges and assists with settling these conflicts when delivered by a main beneficiary or beneficiaries. It additionally handles bookkeeping questions including beneficiaries or outside parties, like banks.

Commander Law Offices

Chief Law Offices is a firm that offers probate and home arranging answers for occupants in Alameda. Its legal advisors help clients in gathering probate resources and settling probate obligations and help survey and set up clients’ resources for assortment. The organization additionally has some expertise in business regulation, licensed innovation, and legal authorities. The organizer behind Sargent Law Offices, Hannah, is a previous military official, organization officer, double cross Iraq war veteran, and AH-64D Apache Helicopter pilot.

T.S. Wrobel and Associates

T.S. Wrobel and Associates is a regulation office that has been serving Alameda and its close by regions beginning around 1997. The law office expects to help people, little to average sized organizations, and philanthropic associations. Practice regions are home preparation, probate and trust organization, business administrations and advising, and non-benefit arrangement and consistence. T.S. Wrobel and Associate constantly goes to legitimate training classes, courses, and studios to guarantee that clients benefit from the most recent turns of events, information, and best practices in the space of the law office.

Talbot Law Group, P.C.

Talbot Law Group, P.C. is a probate regulation and home arranging office that takes special care of clients in Alameda and the adjoining regions. It offers to exhort agents all through different probate errands, for example, dealing with past due installments and documenting state charge desk work. It can likewise help with dispersing trust store records and property resources and relieve any family debates in regards to the will’s legitimacy. The workplace was laid out by Matthew B. Talbot, Esq., a 15-year probate lawyer who has been included on ABC7 News.

The Derieg Law Firm

The Derieg Law Firm is a store practice established by George M. Derieg, a probate lawyer in Alameda who addresses families and people all through the encompassing urban communities. Lawyer Derieg has over 15 years of legitimate insight, with practically every last bit of it being in the fields of home preparation and probate. His probate experience incorporates helping the agent and assisting them with keeping away from cases of obligation, gathering the decedent’s domain, and managing its leasers.

The Law Office of Lauren N. Peebles

The Law Office of Lauren N. Peebles is a confidential practice established by Ms. Peebles, a probate legal counselor in Alameda with huge experience assisting families and people with going through the probate cycle. The lawyer’s regular administrations incorporate gathering the decedent’s bequest, supporting the agent, and managing lenders. Lawyer Peebles is a 2012 alumni of the University of Oregon School of Law and an individual from the California State Bar trusts and homes segment.

Tseng Law Firm

Tseng Law Firm is a little practice situated in Alameda that solely handles all regions connected with overseeing bequests and moving them to main beneficiaries and recipients. The company’s probate benefits commonly incorporate approving the will, exhorting the agent, gathering the home, telling its banks of the beginning of probate, and disseminating the leftover domain in accordance with the will’s guidelines or the choices of the probate court. The firm likewise helps settle debates between closely involved individuals.