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Best Personal Injury Lawyers in Alameda

Day in and day out Legal

day in and day out Legal works with people searching for an individual physical issue lawyer. Utilizing its association with north of 20,000 specialist organizations, the organization can find the right supplier for the clients in light of their neighborhood. It joins clients with individual injury lawyers who address the two respondents and offended parties. These legal advisors work with people who experienced mental and actual wounds because of the carelessness of others. Car accident or birth wounds are a portion of the cases they handle. They explore clients in chasing after the pay they merit.

Casper, Meadows, Schwartz and Cook

Casper, Meadows, Schwartz and Cook is a full-administration individual injury firm that has served Alameda inhabitants and the encompassing regions starting around 1979. With more than $375 million recuperated for its clients, it addresses casualties of engine vehicle mishaps, development mishaps, flawed items, and canine chomps. It additionally helps with cases including social equality infringement and improper demise. The firm can serve clients in various dialects, including English, Spanish, and Portuguese. Different lawyers on its staff are board-confirmed in common preliminary support.

J&Y Law Firm

J&Y Law Firm is an individual physical issue regulation organization close to Alameda. Lawyers at this organization handle cases including illegitimate passing, slips and falls, clinical negligence, and fender benders. They try to determine injury claims through discussions with protection offices or court appearances if vital. They additionally give counsels to direct clients in the lawful cycle. Besides, they intend to get fair pay and guarantee clients get suitable clinical consideration. J&Y Law Firm likewise manages matters concerning Juul claims.

Kazan, McClain, Satterley and Greenwood

Kazan, McClain, Satterley and Greenwood has been serving the inhabitants of Alameda beginning around 1974. The firm addresses clients in private injury asserts that include items and premises obligation. It likewise centers around prosecuting claims for the benefit of asbestos-related ailment casualties. It has gotten millions in preliminary decisions, including $117 million for a body of evidence against Johnson and Johnson Consumer, Inc. Steven Kazan, the association’s overseeing accomplice with north of 55 years of involvement. He is an individual from the Trial Lawyers for Public Justice.

Regulation Offices of Andrew Wolff, P.C.

The Law Offices of Andrew Wolff, P.C., serves people across the Alameda metro and the encompassing urban areas. It handles individual injury cases including clinical negligence, development mishaps, item imperfections, bike and bike mishaps, and property manager provocation. Notwithstanding private injury, the law office’s group settle landowner occupant questions. Establishing lawyer Andrew Wolff likewise fills in as an establishing individual from the Just Cause Eviction Protection Initiative, a development zeroing in on safeguarding occupants all through the neighborhood networks.

Regulation Offices of Leonard S. Becker, APC

The Law Offices of Leonard S. Becker, APC, offers portrayal to people in Alameda who have supported wounds because of others’ carelessness. Its own physical issue legal advisors acquire compensatory harms for different injury types, including head and cerebrum injury, delicate tissue wounds, and broken bones and breaks. It additionally helps the families and wards of casualties in illegitimate passing cases. Establishing lawyer Leonard S. Becker has been in lawful practice for over 30 years and has filled in as a master tem judge.

Regulation Offices of Lyle C. Cavin, Jr. and Associates

Regulation Offices of Lyle C. Cavin, Jr. and Associates is a sea and individual injury law office that has been taking care of clients in Alameda and the encompassing regions starting around 1970. The strong handles various sorts of individual injury cases, including car crashes, passerby and bike mishaps, and sporting boat and watercraft mishaps. Lyle C. Cavin, Jr. has been rehearsing his lawful profession for a long time. He has distributed numerous articles on sea regulation and has been counsel in a few milestone choices for oceanic laborers.

Levin Simes Abrams

Levin Simes Abrams is a ladies driven regulation office that battles to safeguard the privileges of harmed offended parties all through the Greater Alameda region. It offers suit administrations for cases including premises obligation, improper passing, battery blast, vehicle, and rideshare mishaps. Levin Simes Abrams has won $500 million for the benefit of its clients and has been highlighted on a few media channels like ABC, CNN, and Vice. One of the company’s establishing accomplices, Laurel L. Simes, is an individual from the American Association for Justice.Maidenberg Law Group

Maidenberg Law Group is available to the requests and worries of Alameda clients. It addresses people who were harmed in vehicular mishaps, creature assaults, slips and falls, and building site disasters, as well as groups of unjust passing casualties. Until now, it has taken special care of in excess of 2,500 clients and recuperated no less than $30 million in settlements. Its establishing lawyer, Ron Maidenberg, worked under the McGuinn, Hillsman and Palefsky regulation gathering before beginning his own training in 1990.

Mercado and Sacramento, PC

Mercado and Sacramento, PC is a law office serving Alameda and its encompassing networks. It prosecutes various kinds of individual injury circumstances, for example, item responsibility, canine nibbles, illegitimate demise, clinical negligence, and fender benders. Its lawful group arranges settlements to assist clients with getting remuneration for doctor’s visit expenses, lost compensation, property harm, and agony and languishing. One of the association’s professionals, Michael C. Mercado, has over 10 years of suit insight and volunteers as a legal counselor in neighborhood free centers.

Characteristic Reed LLP.

Established in 2012, Quirk Reed LLP is a two-office law office that has dealt with many fruitful common prosecution cases and sought after careless gatherings of all sizes, from people to huge organizations. It furnishes California-based clients with an individual physical issue legal counselor close to Alameda that assists them with recuperating greatest monetary remuneration and equity for their enduring through a repayment or court decision. Practice regions incorporate canine nibbles, horrendous cerebrum injury, nursing home disregard, and unfair passing as well as common, truck, cruiser, slip-and-fall, Uber, Lyft, and auto collisions. Establishing lawyer Logan Quirk is an individual from the Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles.

Susan Kang Gordon, Attorney at Law

Susan Kang Gordon, Attorney at Law centers solely around taking care of individual injury cases for clients in the Alameda metro region. Gordon addresses clients harmed in engine vehicle and passerby mishaps as well as those with claims emerging from senior maltreatment or disregard, utilization of over the top power by policing, and clinical negligence. As well as assisting clients with recuperating clinical costs and lost compensation, this individual injury lawyer in Alameda likewise searches client pay for personal costs and torment and languishing. Kang is an individual from the San Francisco Trial Lawyers Association.

The Law Offices of Andrew Dósa

The Law Offices of Andrew Dósa offers legitimate types of assistance to people and families in the Alameda metro and the encompassing networks. It offers legitimate counsel and portrayal in various sorts of individual injury cases, including ones that include fender benders, canine chomps, clinical misbehavior, and slips and falls. It helps people in the meantime, remembering for settlement and discussion, prosecution, guarantee examination, intervention, and preliminary. Andrew Dósa, the association’s lawyer, has been specializing in legal matters for over 36 years.

The Veen Firm, PC

The Veen Firm, PC has been addressing injury casualties in and around Alameda starting around 1975. Its group of preliminary lawyers safeguards the privileges of people who have been enduring wounds in light of mishaps out and about, taking care of cases that include sporting vehicles, cruisers, and bikes. They likewise take on food tainting claims and address harmed laborers. The Veen Firm was laid out by William L. Veen, who behaviors addresses for the San Francisco Trial Lawyers Association and the Consumer Attorneys of California.

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