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Best London Seafood Dining Establishments

The Oystermen

Pals and fellow seafood fanatics Matt Lovell and Rob Hampton established The Oystemen with each other in 2016. What began as a two-man wedding party oyster shucking operation developed into something a whole lot a lot more tangible after the opening of The Oystermen Fish And Shellfish Bar & Cooking Area in Covent Yard in 2017. Daily fresh oysters are an apparent must whenever you make a visit to the oyster boyz, yet we would certainly additionally suggest that those with a cravings for the ocean tackle the entire undressed Devon brown crab. It is a wholly unpleasant, entirely scrumptious, as well as wholly gratifying affair to wheedle out every last tidbit of that crustacean’s wonderful, pleasant meat.

Wright Brothers

There are 5 branches of the Wright Brothers’ outstanding London fish and shellfish restaurants, as well as you’ll be hard-pressed to get a negative meal at any of them. Whether you’re sampling small plates like St Austell Bay mussel escabeche on toast or a fat-off fruits de mer plate stacked high with Morecambe Bay oysters, North Atlantic prawns and also an entire broken Devon dick crab, Wright Brothers strikes that fish and shellfish pleasant spot with all the force of a heavyweight boxer.

The Drop White Wine Bar

There aren’t several higher satisfaction in life than enjoying a good glass of red wine and also slurpy down the briny elegance of a fresh plump oyster. The Decline A Glass Of Wine Bar in Coal Decrease Lawn comprehends that satisfaction, and offers a safe room for you to do just that. Jacket, Carlingford, and also Indigenous oysters are all cosied up on the menu in this intimate arched area, though it’s likewise worth keeping in mind the bivalves aren’t the only party pleasers in the sea department. A plate of the charred squid with puy lentils, tropea onion, chilli and coriander highlights exactly how soft and scrumptious a cephalopod can be while stone bass with saffron potatoes, datterini tomatoes, as well as spinach is a straight-up standard. Come for the oysters, stay for the vibe. And much more oysters, obvs.


Mayfair institution Scott’s is something of an old hand when it pertains to fish and shellfish– originally set up as an oyster warehouse more than a century and also a half back, it’s been offering market-fresh fish and fish and shellfish to the well-off of Mayfair ever since. Now operated by Richard Caring’s Mood Holdings group and with the kitchen area directed by David McCarthy, it’s a go-to location for lengthy lunches, with the menu including sensitively prepared British fish, knockout oysters, a great white wine list and also the strange little bit of meat and veggies for those in your event who “do not actually eat fish”. Heathens.

scotts-restaurant. com.


Loch Ryan Native, Falmouth Natives, Jacket Rock, Rockefeller, Christian Dior, and also Kilpatrick. That alone must clue you up about the kind of restaurant that Wiltons is. The Lincolnshire eel is smoked excellence; the sweet taste of the eel still making itself felt on your taste buds months after its swum through your digestive tract. Developed all the way back in 1742, Wiltons remains one of the absolute best London fish and shellfish restaurants where you’re able to delight in delicacy with buckwheat blinis and sour lotion without bothering with encountering any individual you know who might implicate you of being A) a pretender, or B) a card-carrying Conservative. Because God knows if you face a person you identify here, they will not want you to have actually seen them either. Your fondness for a piece of luxe will certainly remain risk-free below. my friend: Wiltons is the unclean little key of London’s chicest diners.

Randall & Aubin.

Modern British restaurants do have a little a tendency of all blurring into one identical whir of niceness, don’t they? It’s not always simple to tell the starched tablecloths as well as marble respond to tops apart from one another. Randall & Aubin is, thankfully, a modern-day British dining establishment with a propensity for seafood that separates it from the pack. Handpicked Devon crab and an absolutely knock-your-socks off bouillabaisse made with combined West Nation fish lead the fee alongside a fruits de mer platter that still maintains us up at night. R&A’s main fishmonger, Chapman’s, is committed to sustainable angling, delivering fish daily from its preparation center in Kent to make certain the fruit and vegetables has travelled as few miles as possible. Regardless of which method you cut the cod, it’s tough to feel negative after eating a dish at Randall & Aubin.

Bentley’s Oyster as well as Bar.

Bentley’s has actually been offering its fish as well as chips for over 102 years, as well as has actually been under the control of Michelin star cook Richard Corrigan for the past 12 years. So, yeah, it goes without saying there is a solid choice of seafood at this Piccadilly dining establishment, with every little thing from soothing fish pies to newer-school dishes like Dover single with sea kale and also citrus flying out of the kitchen. It’s not all stiff upper lip British takes, either. Dishes such as the Goan spiced mussel as well as sea bass prove Bentley’s is equally as efficient in doing business on other cuisines too.


Kaspar’s is called after a cat. It’s not an actual feline though, it’s a sculpture of one. Still with us? Great. It’s a tradition at the Savoy Hotel that dinner celebrations of 13 can request a 14th place for the aforementioned sculpture to fend off rotten luck. Whether you’re superstitious or not, what is foretelled is that the seafood offering below is as amazing as you would certainly anticipate to receive from one of London’s finest resorts. The art deco dining room gives an aptly decadent background for some severe seafood, consisting of the fruits de mer plate, the Royal fruits de mer platter (if you’re gon na do it, may as well do it stylishly), eggs, oysters and all sorts of smoked and healed fish.


This little Endell Road restaurant is one of the most positive London fish and shellfish dining establishments; a restaurant where fragile dishes of fresh fish and also shellfish changes on a daily basis. By watching on sustainability and using unpopular species of fish like huss, bit and ling (no, we really did not make those up), owners Ian Campbell and Will Palmer are attempting their damndest to maintain the seas and your tummies loaded with tasty underwater fruit and vegetables. Parson’s Cornish baked fish stew is as soothing as a plate of food can obtain: a dish that’ll remind you of what it resembles to love and also be loved. There’s powerful stuff brewing at Parsons. Obtain involved quicker rather than later on so you do not misuse precious months (or years) of being a regular.


Led by exec cook, Gary Foulkes, Fishermen and also its Michelin star have actually really established the requirement of what London seafood dining establishments need to be going for. Not just is the room itself magnificent, but the fragile plates of raw Orkney scallop and also Cornish mackerel tartare don’t exactly fails when it pertains to looks, either. No matter all of Fishermen’s niceties, it’s the truth that the food here drips with flavour and accuracy that makes it worthwhile of being on this list. The roast John Dory– dressed in black garlic as well as served with a side of Jerusalem artichokes and a crunchy chicken wing– epitomises precisely how we ‘d like all Michelin-starred food to be offered: with a going along with poultry wing.

Westerns Laundry.

Little plates? Lasting fish and shellfish? An ethically-minded food selection that alters daily? Authorize us up. Authorize us up right goddamn currently. Westerns Washing is one of our much-loved dining establishments in London and also was as a result an absolute shoe-in for this overview to Foodism’s favorite London seafood dining establishments. The truth that the excellent dishes available are regularly swapping in and out is very much the double-edged sword of consuming someplace as sharp and also tasty as Westerns Laundry. Intend to grab that baked crab fideo pasta that you were fawning over two weeks ago? Too bad. It’s gone. Permanently. You’re certainly mosting likely to be outraged at being refuted the best dish you’ve eaten in ages and could also seriously ponder never going back to Westerns Laundry ever once again. But, however, that monkfish with spice cauliflower and almonds does also audio respectable …

The Palomar.

While it’s not strictly a seafood-first kind of dining establishment, The Palomar– with its menu influenced by the rich societies of southerly Spain, North Africa and the Levant– does some of the very best fish and shellfish in London. So we’ve put it on this checklist. That’s just how this works. The ‘Oceans & Rivers’ area of the menu at The Palomar is one for the ages: Tel Aviv mix (fish and shellfish, sluggish prepared onions, Maghreb seasonings); sea trout tartare (raw sea trout jazzed up with chilli, plum, fennel, and herb oil); octo hummus (chickpea m’ sabacha task. aubergine); as well as entire josperised sea bass (barbequed as well as served with herb salad, candied lemons, yearn nuts). Order any one of those with a sufficient variety of hand-made pittas for a dish fit for a king( fish).

Quo Vadis.

Quo Vadis is the thesaurus interpretation of louche; an appropriate rakish restaurant that reduces a striking figure on Dean Road. Its seafood meals are also several of the very best in the location, too, which is really stating something when you take into consideration the company Quo Vadis keeps. Griddled fillets of mackerel have their fat content stabilized by the acid licks of pickled cucumber, mustard and dill sauce. Hake with an abundant mussel and also clam broth confirms the power of a great soup remains in the high quality of the shellfish you use for the supply. And, however certainly, the smoked eel sandwich does exactly what the Quo Vadis smoked eel sandwich does. Quo Vadis is one of the sexiest London seafood dining establishments. Go.

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