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Best Equipment Elements to Use in a Plex Media Server

When you prepare to ditch your streaming solutions as well as develop your own at-home multimedia web server, you have a lot of alternatives. Buying prebuilt equipment is a good option if you aren’t tech-savvy, however, for a comparable cost, you can construct your very own Plex media web server that places any pre-built choice to pity.

If you intend to purchase the individual components and develop a Plex media server on your own, you simply need the best parts. Remember that this development is developed for performance, not price. The development may be a little bit pricey, yet it will certainly execute very well.

Table of Contents

  • CPU (AMD Ryzen 5 3600).
  • RAM (Corsair Vengeance 8GB).
  • Storage Space (HP S700|WD Black SN750).
  • PSU (EVGA 600W 80 Plus).
  • Disc Drive (LG Super Multi Blu-Ray Disc Rewriter).
  • Case (Thermaltake Versa H22).
  • Other Parts.

CPU (AMD Ryzen 5 3600).

Plex is a lot more extreme on the CPU than any other element. Your CPU requirements will differ depending upon the type of material you intend to stream, the number of customers, the specific variation of Plex, and also various other variables.

Plex suggests a minimum of an Intel Core i3 or faster, yet if numerous individuals will stream at the same time, search for a CPU with solid multi-core performance.

We suggest the AMD Ryzen 5 3600. At just over $170, it has 6 or 12 cores, a base regularity of 3.8 GHz, and an increase speed of 4.4 GHz– all for a thermal layout point, or TDP, of 65W. Plex can make use of every core, however if you are only transcoding one video clip at a time, it can use all of the cores to finish the procedure much quicker.

RAM (Corsair Vengeance 8GB).

Plex doesn’t utilize much RAM in all. For the ordinary customer, 2GB is more than enough. Naturally, in the modern-day globe, 2GB of RAM is just pathetic. As opposed to leaving it at 2GB, buy 8GB of RAM. Make certain the RAM you pick works with your CPU, however.

For that, we advise Corsair Vengeance. A single 8GB stick can be purchased for simply $40 and will deal with no compatibility issues with the Ryzen 5 3600.

Storage Space (HP S700|WD Black SN750).

Despite the fact that it can be tempting to lean toward an HDD because of the affordable of storage space, Plex runs finest on an SSD. Your whole library doesn’t need to be accessible at one time. You can always make use of an outside drive to access some media, provided you have a USB 3.0 port.

Without an SSD, you encounter lag while attempting to navigate food selections within the Plex software program. However, you can’t skimp on SSDs, either. When it pertains to storage space, you want a trustworthy brand that will not stop working or corrupt your information.

The HP S700 is a solid selection if you want a SATA connected drive, with 512GB capabilities offered from $78. Remember that its SATA link means it won’t be as fast as more modern connection kinds, nevertheless.

If you desire an NVMe SSD, after that the Western Digital Black SN750 is your best bet. It’s pricier, with 250GB drives starting at $64, however it ties in straight to the motherboard and also offers you much faster accessibility to all of your preferred movies as well as TV shows.

PSU (EVGA 600W 80 And Also).

Just like with storage, you do not wish to skimp on your power supply. A cheap power supply turns your media server right into a time bomb. You will also intend to buy a modular power supply. Although it is mainly a matter of personal choice, modular power products are simpler to work with to allow for even more adaptability in your construct.

We advise the EVGA 600W 80 And Also Power Supply. For just $60, you obtain a PSU that is both ATX 12V and EPS 12V compliant as well as has an intelligent automobile fan to keep your temperatures cool down without compromising efficiency. It has ample power to keep a Plex media web server going.

Disc Drive (LG Super Multi Blu-Ray Disc Rewriter).

Wait a minute, you might claim. It’s 2020– is a disc drive essential? If you’re going to move physical media to digital, it absolutely is. Considering that many individuals have substantial physical libraries, especially if you are simply getting in the Plex world, a disc drive is required.

We suggest the LG Super Multi Blu-Ray Disc Rewriter. It’s $66 and also fits in the likely-empty bay on top of your PC case. You can utilize it to tear Blu-Ray discs and also DVDs to a digital format.

Situation (Thermaltake Versa H22).

The Thermtake Versa is a “pc gaming” chassis, however all that implies is that it has a great deal of air flow– excellent for a server you may have competing hrs on end. There are up to six 2.5″ bays for stuffing drives right into and also a lot of room to work in.

If you’re new to computer structure, you will value the area. If you’re an expert at building a COMPUTER, then you’ll value the flexibility this instance provides. It’s not one of the most appealing alternative out there (as well as not a fantastic choice if you intend to RGB-up your Plex media server.).

There are multiple I/O ports along the case and a single, pre-installed 120mm fan. Integrated with the CPU fan, this need to be more than enough to keep your parts cool.

Various other Parts.

These are the major parts to remember while you construct your Plex media web server, yet others are not so essential. As an example, the motherboard. While important, as long as it is compatible with your CPU and RAM, it’s difficult to fail. The very same chooses any other interior fans you wish to invest in.

In general, Plex works best with Windows running systems, although it has a wide variety of compatibility with various other systems including macOS and also Linux.

The complete expense of this build will certainly run you around $400, however it will certainly do much better than any prebuilt of the exact same rate. If you intend to attempt constructing your own Plex media server, utilize this write-up as a guide. You don’t need to match it part for part, but maintain the demands in mind as you select your very own parts.


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