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Best Employment Lawyers in Alameda

24/7 Legal

day in and day out Legal serves people searching for business attorneys in their space. It keeps an association with more than 20,000 specialist organizations. This association permits the firm to find a legal counselor who takes care of representatives with business related concerns, like badgering, separation, break of agreement, unfair end, and pay and hour infringement. They likewise safeguard organizations that are confronting the specific issues. every minute of every day Legal speaks with the client during the interaction to decide whether they are connected to a lawyer that can address the legitimate worries.

Bogatin, Corman and Gold

Clients who need a work and work lawyer close to Alameda can focus on Bogatin, Corman, and Gold. The strong handles lawful advising and prosecution for clients, incorporating people engaged with work debates, business people, imaginative specialists, and organizations. It can likewise offer legitimate help in circumstances where various areas of regulation impact, for example, when a solitary client has both work agreement and licensed innovation questions. The firm is focused on leftover little so it can give an involved methodology.

California Civil Rights Law Group

The California Civil Rights Law Group is a work law office that serves clients in San Francisco and its encompassing regions, including Alameda. It is driven by Lawrence Organ, a preliminary lawyer who has attempted more than 35 cases. He and his group have taken care of north of 750 cases including business and social liberties matters like lewd behavior, segregation, and informant reprisal, as well as work environment harassing. Lawrence is likewise an individual from the Racial Equity Ad Hoc Committee.

Coyle Browne Law

Coyle Browne Law is a law office that handles work worries across the Alameda metro. The firm addresses clients managing inappropriate behavior, race segregation, informant counter, and age separation. It similarly arranges severance concurrences with bosses, other than offering lawful types of assistance to clients with unfair end concerns. Clients encountering clinical leave counter and handicap separation can likewise acquire legitimate help. One of the association’s pioneers, David Browne, laid out his law office, Browne Labor Law, before helping to establish Coyle Browne Law.

Kitchin Legal

Kitchin Legal is a law office in Oakland that offers legitimate arrangements and portrayal administrations to clients in the close by Alameda metro. The firm was established in 2000 by Patrick Kitchin, a legal counselor with more than 25 years of involvement with work regulation suit in the retail and salon enterprises. He and his group handle cases, for example, segregation and provocation, fair business practices, pay and hour debates, misclassification of worker status, as well as agreement privileges.

Regulation Office of Ellen A. Mendelson

The Law Office of Ellen A. Mendelson has been safeguarding workers’ lawful freedoms all through Alameda starting around 1988. Its lawyer can deal with disciplinary hearings for people holding proficient licenses as well as disagreements regarding severance arrangements and illegitimate end cases for state, government, and metropolitan representatives. The Law Office of Ellen A. Mendelson likewise covers legitimate issues including absent or lacking retirement, incapacity, and benefits installments as well as non-business related individual injury and lewd behavior claims.

Regulation Offices of Felicia C. Curran

The Law Offices of Felicia C. Curran is a regulation practice that serves the Alameda metro region. Establishing lawyer Curran has over 20 years of involvement battling to get fair pay for laborers hurt by work segregation. The firm has effectively won harms for clients in lewd behavior, strict badgering, and pregnancy segregation cases, among others. The association’s different areas of training incorporate nursing home disregard and senior maltreatment.

Regulation Offices Of Jeremy Pasternak

The Law Offices of Jeremy Pasternak is a confidential regulation practice that offers legitimate counsel and answers for clients in the Alameda metro. The firm was laid out in 2005 by its key Jeremy Pasternak, a business and social equality lawyer who began his legitimate profession in 1995. His lawful group chips away at cases like self employed entity misclassification, unreasonable wages and remuneration, illegitimate terminations, informant securities, and working environment segregation. The firm additionally has workplaces in both San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Regulation Offices of Traci M. Hinden

Regulation Offices of Traci M. Hinden takes care of the lawful necessities of clients in the Alameda metro. It gives portrayal in cases including work and business regulation matters, for example, provocation, separation, reprisal, disavowal of clinical leave or pass on to deal with family, inability to give rest or dinner break, and inability to compensate double time. Furthermore, the strong handles a grouping of other practice regions like individual injury and laborers’ remuneration. Its legal counselor, Traci M. Hinden, is likewise a guaranteed middle person.

Freedom Law Group, P.C.

Based close to Alameda, Liberation Law Group PC addresses representatives who have been dealt with unjustifiably by their bosses. It handles cases including unlawful terminations, lewd behavior, and the inability to give sensible handicap facilities. Furthermore, the firm addresses representatives confronting reprisal for whistleblowing and declaring their privileges. Freedom Law Group additionally helps clients who have been dealt with unjustifiably with regards to hours and wages, including the people who have been misclassified or have confronted ill-advised keeping of wages and tips.

Freedom Law

Freedom Law helps clients requiring work lawyers close to Alameda. Established in 2005, the strong handles cases including separation, lewd behavior, unjust end, pay and hour infringement, and work counter. It likewise helps with excursion pay and debilitated leave infringement, threatening work environment climate, and business arrangements and agreements. Freedom Law safeguards representatives’ privileges against abuse from businesses and looks for remuneration for laborers. Extra areas of training incorporate individual injury, clinical misbehavior, and police wrongdoing or severity.


RTGR Law LLP is based close to Alameda and addresses clients in issues connected with business regulation. It attempts to restrict responsibility for businesses through representative preparation, remedial activity, and examinations, among different measures, and it assists bosses with exploring regions in which various sorts of regulation clash. The firm likewise has experience guarding self-safeguarded businesses, public elements, philanthropic associations, and back up plans. Moreover, it can help clients in circumstances including handicap claims and return-to-work issues.

Spencer Young Law PC

Spencer Young Law PC is a business legal counselor close to Alameda who helps representatives in work environment questions. The firm, which has safeguarded people’s privileges in the work environment beginning around 2006, gives forceful promotion to clients with issues like handicap separation, reprisal, illegitimate end, and wages. Solo specialist Young likewise rehearses individual injury and social liberties regulation. He has been a board lawyer and asset for AIDS Legal Referral Panel beginning around 2005.

Venardi Zurada

“Venardi Zurada assists workers that with having been dealt with unjustifiably by their bosses. We help representatives from documenting their cases the whole way through preliminary in lewd behavior, separation (in light of race, public beginning, orientation, age, handicap, religion, sexual direction), illegitimate end, reprisal, informant, pay and hour (inability to compensate double time, feast and rest breaks, and the lowest pay permitted by law), and inconsistent compensation for ladies. We likewise assist our clients with recuperating fair pay for individual wounds