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Best dragon type Pokemon


Rayquaza, released in Generation III, is beloved by Pokémon fans. Players loved its beautiful look and legendary status as Pokémon Emerald’s mascot. As the Sky High Pokémon, its elegant, serpentine physique with emerald scales and powerful wings exudes strength and grace.

Rayquaza stands out among dragon-type Pokémon with its high starting stats. Rayquaza has insane attacking power, with base stats of 680 and base Attack and Special Attack values of 150. It can launch deadly physical and special strikes with equal fury, giving it a diverse combat danger.

Rayquaza can outperform many Pokémon with its 95 Speed stat, letting it to attack first and control the battle. Speed and offensive power make it a terrifying sweeper that can destroy teams if left unchecked.

Rayquaza’s main ability, Air Lock, negates weather, solidifying its battlefield domination. This neutralises weather-based teams’ strategy and allows Rayquaza to perform at its best regardless of weather.

Rayquaza’s movepool lets it adapt to different scenarios in addition to its amazing numbers and abilities. Rayquaza has several choices to face varied threats, from devastating STAB moves like Dragon Claw and Draco Meteor to coverage moves like Earthquake, Fire Blast, and Thunderbolt.

Dragon Ascent is Rayquaza’s trademark move. This flying-type move has a startling 120 base power and boosts Rayquaza’s Attack and Special Attack stats, boosting its offensive capabilities. Dragon Ascent symbolises Rayquaza’s aerial dominance and dragon-type might.

Many teams use Rayquaza in competitive fights due to its adaptability and strength. Being a physical and special attacker provides it an advantage over other dragon-type Pokémon, letting it to adapt to diverse team compositions and strategies. Rayquaza may fit into several team archetypes and playstyles as a fast-paced sweeper or wall-breaking monster.

Rayquaza’s Mega Evolution in Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire boosts its power. Mega Rayquaza’s Attack, Defence, Special Attack, Special Defence, and Speed stats increase, making it a stronger fighter. Delta Stream’s Mega form summons strong winds that overcome Flying-type Pokémon’s weaknesses, strengthening its team’s defences.

Rayquaza is important to Pokémon legend beyond its competitive abilities. Rayquaza, the Hoenn region’s defender, keeps nature balanced and protects against Kyogre and Groudon.


Dragons are revered in Pokémon for their power and stature. Dragonite dominates this category with its impressive stats, extensive movepool, and unrivalled fighting potential. The last development of the beloved Dratini, Dragonair, and Dragonite evolutionary line commemorates a voyage of growth and evolution, both literally and symbolically.

Dragonite’s stat distribution, which really defines a versatile powerhouse, is its main draw. Dragonite dominates competitive bouts with its high basic stat total. Its powerful Attack and Special Attack numbers allow it to launch deadly attacks, but its HP and Defence protect it from powerful opponents. Dragonite can also outrun many opponents because to its speed, making it more effective in fight.

Dragonite’s movepool is one of its greatest strengths, with several powerful strikes across types and classifications. Dragonite can easily defeat a variety of opponents with Dragon-type skills like Outrage and Dragon Claw and elemental strikes like Thunderbolt and Fire Blast. It can also adapt to different strategies and outmanoeuvre opponents with to powerful support moves like Dragon Dance and Roost.

Dragonite’s various skills enhance its battlefield powers and attacking capability. Multiscale, its defining ability, halves damage when at full health, allowing Dragonite to survive powerful attacks and return with deadly fury. Inner Focus, its Hidden Ability, keeps it from flinching, assuring unbroken assaults and boosting its dependability in vital situations.

Dragonite’s intriguing design and mythology make it one of the Best Dragon-type Pokémon, beyond its tremendous fighting prowess. Dragonite enchants trainers and onlookers with its majestic wings, imposing size, and tranquil demeanour. In Pokémon lore, its fabled roots and legendary position as the sea guardian add mystique and veneration.

Dragonite’s intriguing design and mythology make it one of the Best Dragon-type Pokémon, beyond its tremendous fighting prowess. Dragonite enchants trainers and onlookers with its majestic wings, imposing size, and tranquil demeanour. In Pokémon lore, its fabled roots and legendary position as the sea guardian add mystique and veneration.


Salamence’s stat spread makes it a top Dragon-type Pokémon. Salamence balances attacking power and durability with 95 HP, 135 Attack, 80 Defence, 110 Special Attack, 80 Special Defence, and 100 Speed. Its strong Attack and Special Attack numbers let it to deal devastating blows with physical or special attacks, while its respectable bulk lets it take a few hits before dying. Its 100 basic Speed puts it in a favourable speed tier, allowing it to outstrip many frequent threats and strike first in combat.

Salamence’s large movepool boosts its combat adaptability. Its Dragon typing and excellent offensive numbers let it to use powerful STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus) techniques like Dragon Claw, Outrage, Dragon Pulse, and Draco Meteor. Additionally, it may learn coverage moves like Earthquake, Fire Blast, Hydro Pump, and Flamethrower to damage Pokémon that might otherwise resist its Dragon-type attacks, offering crucial coverage against many threats. Salamence may also use assistance techniques like Dragon Dance to improve its Attack and Speed stats and easily defeat teams.

Moxie, Salamence’s secret ability, boosts its offence. Moxie boosts Salamence’s Attack stat every time it knocks out an opponent, making it more dangerous as the battle develops. This makes Salamence a powerful sweeper that can destroy teams in competitive play.

Salamence is powerful in combat and has a distinctive look that appeals to series enthusiasts. Its dragon-like look communicates power and elegance, making it a Dragon-type Pokémon emblem. Its jet plane-like wings emphasise its speed and agility, while its scary look shows its fighting might. Salamence is admired by trainers and fans because its design conveys the spirit of a Dragon-type Pokémon.

Salamence is a power in competitive fighting. Its high stats, large movepool, and potent secret ability make it a flexible danger for many teams and strategies. Salamence may thrive as a physical attacker, special sweeper, or setup sweeper. Its existence alone makes opponents reconsider their strategy and game plans, making it an important tool in every conflict.


Garchomp is a top dragon-type Pokémon in competitive Pokémon fights with good cause. With 600 basic stats and excellent Attack, Defence, and Speed numbers, it is a dangerous opponent in both offensive and defensive methods. Sand Veil increases its evasion, letting it to avoid assaults and stay on the battlefield longer amid sandstorms.

Garchomp’s extensive movepool lets it adapt to different battle scenarios and fight a variety of opponents. Garchomp can harm ground and flying opponents with STAB attacks like Earthquake and Dragon Claw. Its movepool also contains coverage moves like Fire Fang, Stone Edge, and Iron Head, which help it defeat Pokémon that withstand its major assaults.

Garchomp’s type also gives it resistances to Electric, Fire, and Poison attacks, making it more durable and versatile in combat. It can also fight Zapdos and Rotom since its Ground typing makes it resistant to Electric-type attacks, one of dragon-type Pokémon’s worst vulnerabilities.

Due to its decent initial Defence stat and access to techniques like Stealth Rock and Roar, which allow it to establish hazards and phaze opponents, Garchomp can also play defence. Garchomp’s versatility makes him a vital team member who can play numerous roles depending on the battle.

Garchomp’s mythology and visual appeal make it one of the greatest dragon-type Pokémon, beyond its fighting skills. A terrifying dragon and a powerful land shark inspired its design, which trainers and fans love for its strength and aggression. Dragon-type fans love it because of its inclusion in Pokémon media including the main series games, anime, and trading card game.

In addition to fighting, Garchomp represents resilience and resolve in the Pokémon universe. Garchomp’s tenacity and tireless quest of success inspire trainers, representing Pokémon’s ideals of perseverance and courage.


Hydreigon’s design evokes fear and might. Hydreigon demands respect on the battlefield with its three heads, each with flashing crimson eyes and vicious teeth. Its sleek, jet-black body and powerful wings make opponents tremble at its sight. In Pokémon, looks frequently indicate strength, and Hydreigon’s does.

Hydreigon is a top Dragon-type Pokémon because of its stats and move repertoire as well as its looks. Hydreigon is a powerful 600-base stat monster with strong Special Attack and Speed ratings. Our offensive skills are unrivalled, allowing us to launch devastating strikes with accuracy and strength. Hydreigon’s Dragon and Dark type gives it resistances and coverage against a broad spectrum of opponents, reinforcing its top-tier reputation.

Hydreigon has many pool-moving options. Hydreigon can easily defeat its opponents with STAB attacks like Dragon Pulse and Dark Pulse and coverage moves like Flamethrower, Earthquake, and Focus Blast. Hydreigon can do huge damage and win battles with Draco Meteor, a powerful Dragon-type move. Levitate also makes Hydreigon immune to Ground-type techniques, reducing its vulnerabilities and improving its durability.

Hydreigon is a powerful sweeper in competitive encounters. Hydreigon can outspeed and KO many Pokémon before they can counterattack because to its high Speed stat and strong attacks. Dark Type makes it immune to Psychic-type techniques, a prevalent competitive danger, making it a strong battlefield menace. Trainers add Hydreigon to their squads to offer offensive pressure and address dangers.

Additionally, Hydreigon’s ability to run physical and special setups offers variability to its playstyle. Hydreigon may use physical attacks like Outrage and Iron Tail to surprise opponents and get key KOs despite its higher Special Attack stat. Hydreigon’s versatility lets trainers customise its moveset to fit their squad and keep opponents guessing, making it an important tool in any competitive roster.

Hydreigon is famous in Pokémon lore and culture as well as battle. Its presence in Pokémon games, anime, and movies have made it a beloved monster. Hydreigon is constantly there, whether fighting legendary Pokémon to preserve the world or taking on epic adventures with trainers. Fans of all ages are left with a lasting impression.


Dragon-type Pokémon are expected to be powerful and ferocious, and Dragapult delivers. Its jet-like velocity and ghostly dragon look make this Galar pseudo-legendary Pokémon terrifying. Its Dragon and Ghost type makes it powerful and mysterious.

Due to its high Speed stat, Dragapult can outrun many opponents in combat. Its mobility and attacking power make it a threat. Clear Body, its distinctive ability, protects its stats against opponent techniques and abilities, allowing it to retain offensive momentum throughout a battle.

However, Dragapult’s distinctive movepool gives several offensive and supporting options, making it stand out. Dragapult may hurt several opponents with STAB moves like Dragon Darts and Phantom Force. Its movepool also features covering techniques like Fire Blast, Thunderbolt, and U-turn to target common threats for super-effective damage or escape bad matchups.

Dragapult’s ability to learn Dragon Dance boosts its Attack and Speed numbers, making it more dangerous. This lets Dragapult easily defeat rival teams and alter the course of a battle. Setup skills like Dragon Dance add to its outstanding repertoire, offering it a flexible choice for aggressive and balanced teams.

Due to its availability to Will-O-Wisp, Thunder Wave, and Light Screen, Dragapult can support as well as attack. Dragapult may cripple opponents, interrupt their strategy, and give important team assistance with these techniques. Ghost typing makes it immune to Normal and Fighting-type attacks, making it a useful support Pokémon.

Beyond its movepool, Dragapult’s flexibility includes team duties. In addition to being a powerful sweeper, it can also play pivot, scout, or vengeance killer depending on the team’s requirements. Its speed, power, and usefulness make it a vital tool in any combat.

Dragapult has routinely ranked well in singles and doubles competitions. Many successful teams use it because of its speed, strength, and adaptability, which may easily destroy opposing strategy. Dragapult excels on the battlefield, shattering walls, supporting allies, and crushing opponents.


First, what makes Dragon-type Pokémon special. These gorgeous beasts have powerful HP, defences, Attack, and Special Attack stats. They also use strong attacks like Dragon Claw, Dragon Pulse, and Draco Meteor. Top-tier Dragon-type Pokémon are distinguished by their versatility, adaptability, and ability to fit into many team compositions and combat strategies, not only their stats and techniques.

All of these qualities make Goodra a top Dragon-type Pokémon. Its foundation numbers, especially Special Defence and HP, make it a formidable wall that can survive even the fiercest opponents. Its Attack and Special Attack numbers allow it to do substantial physical and special damage.

Goodra’s type and movepool are what distinguish it. Its extensive range of techniques, including powerful Dragon-type assaults like Outrage and Dragon Pulse, gives it a great fighting foundation. However, Goodra’s secondary typing of Dragon/Poison or Dragon/Water (depending on its ability) protects it from Dragon-type weaknesses like Fairy and Water-type techniques. Goodra’s adaptability lets her counter many threats.

Goodra’s movepool goes beyond Dragon-type moves. It can learn several different moves like Fire Blast, Thunderbolt, and Sludge Bomb to defend against many enemies. Goodra’s movepool variety lets trainers tailor it to team needs and counter enemy Pokémon.

Diverse talents help Goodra become one of the best Dragon-type Pokémon. Trainers can select among Sap Sipper, Hydration, and Gooey to match their team’s tactics. Sap Sipper, for instance, protects Goodra from Grass-type techniques and boosts its Attack stat when hit, giving it a good counter to Ferrothorn and Venusaur. Hydration lets Goodra swiftly recover from status circumstances in rain, making it useful in weather-based tactics. However, Gooey reduces the Speed of any Pokémon that touches Goodra, allowing it to outspeed and counterattack against quicker opponents.

Flexibility and agility emerge in competitive contests for Goodra. A tank, it can absorb strikes and wear out opponents with its extensive variety of attacks. It can also sweep opponents with its excellent offensive stats and broad movepool. It can check Fairy- and Water-types and pose a large offensive threat, making it a vital addition to any squad.


Kommo-o, introduced in Pokémon Sun and Moon, rapidly caught players’ attention with its distinctive look and outstanding stats. As a Dragon/Fighting-type Pokémon, its broad movepool and talents make it a formidable opponent.

Kommo-o’s attacking qualities make it a top dragon-type Pokémon. Kommo-o can launch deadly physical and special assaults with 110 basic Attack and 100 Special Attack stats. Clanging Scales, its characteristic Dragon-type move, causes heavy damage and decreases the user’s Defence. Kommo-o has an edge in fight since he can attack hard and damage the opponent’s defences.

Kommo-o’s attacking capabilities are enhanced by its extensive range of covering movements. Kommo-o can use Close Combat, Drain Punch, Dragon Claw, and Outrage to defeat different opponents. It can attack in many scenarios, making it a vital tool to any squad.

Kommo-o is Bulletproof, making it immune to Shadow Ball and Focus Blast. Kommo-o can transform into possible countermeasures more safely and shield itself from common dangers with this ability. Bulletproof enhances Kommo-o’s battlefield power by negating important moves.

Kommo-o has strong defence stats that allow it to resist attacks from opponents. Kommo-o can block physical and special attacks with 125 basic Defence and 105 Special Defence. This resistance and offensive power make Kommo-o a versatile Pokémon that can deal and take harm.

Kommo-o may also use Autotomize to enhance its Speed and reduce its weight. This makes Kommo-o faster than many Pokémon after one usage, boosting its sweeping capability. Kommo-o can easily win battles by raising its Speed to outstrip threats and outmanoeuvre opponents.

Kommo-o is a powerful Pokémon player who has played on numerous winning teams. Both singles and doubles players benefit from its versatility as an aggressor, tank, and sweeper. Kommo-o proves why it’s one of the finest dragon-type Pokémon by shattering walls with its strong attacks and setting up sweeps with its enhanced Speed.


Haxorus rules Pokémon with its special abilities. As a Dragon-type Pokémon, its power, speed, and resilience make it a formidable opponent in any battle.

Haxorus’ height and menacing characteristics make it terrifying at first impression. This powerful Pokémon’s axe-like tusks show its aggression and resolve. Sharp, piercing eyes indicate knowledge and cunning, suggesting war strategy.

Physical strength is one of Haxorus’s greatest assets. With its powerful Attack stat, it may stun opponents. Dragon Claw, Haxorus’ hallmark move, cuts through defences with unmatched accuracy and intensity. Having a variety of strong Dragon-type attacks like Outrage and Dragon Dance makes it a deadly adversary on the battlefield.

Haxorus’s strength goes beyond offence. What makes it one of the finest Dragon-type Pokémon is its combat flexibility and adaptability. Haxorus’ quickness lets it outmanoeuvre opponents and attack with perfect accuracy despite its intimidating look. Its speed and power make it a deadly opponent that can control combat flow.

Haxorus may also be a powerful physical attacker or a tank that can withstand the fiercest attacks thanks to its broad movepool. Its coverage moves like Earthquake, Brick Break, and Poison Jab let it to tackle many threats. Haxorus is a tremendous addition to any squad, whether it’s fighting other Dragon-types or Pokémon with powerful coverage techniques.

Haxorus can take strikes and retaliate thanks to its strong defence. Haxorus can pivot to absorb attacks and execute deadly counterattacks with precise strategic preparation and team assistance.

Haxorus’s secret ability, Mould Breaker, allows it to bypass Levitate and Sturdy, giving it more versatility against difficult opponents. Haxorus’ unique ability to pressure and disrupt enemy teams’ strategy turns the battle in its favour.


Zygarde may not look like a “Dragon-type powerhouse” at first. Its serpentine body and green colour make it look more reptilian than other Pokémon in its category. Zygarde’s power and flexibility make up for its lack of dragon-like traits.

Aura Break distinguishes Zygarde from other Dragon-type Pokémon. This ability reverses Fairy and Dark Aura, weakening enemy Pokémon’s Fairy and Dark moves. This ability offers Zygarde an edge against certain kinds and shows its position as a legendary Pokémon that can change the battlefield.

Zygarde has great stats overall. With 600 basic stats, Zygarde is a versatile Pokémon that can deal and take damage. Its Attack and Defence numbers help it fight a range of opponents. Zygarde’s Dragon type gives it access to strong abilities like Dragon Pulse, Outrage, Earthquake, and Stone Edge, improving its fighting adaptability.

Zygarde’s ability to change forms based on HP is one of its most remarkable qualities. Zygarde appears in its regular form with full health, but when its HP lowers, it can morph into its 10% or 50% versions, each with strengths and drawbacks. Zygarde’s ability to adapt mid-battle adds strategy to employing it properly, letting trainers to adjust their plan.

Thousand Arrows, Zygarde’s hallmark attack, often changes fights. Thousand Arrows hits Flying-type Pokémon, unlike other Ground-type moves, making it useful for hard-to-reach opponents. This move, together with Zygarde’s stats and movepool, makes it one of the greatest Dragon-type Pokémon in competitive play.

Zygarde is important to Pokémon legend beyond its fighting prowess. Zygarde symbolises stability and guardianship in Pokémon X and Y since it keeps Kalos in order. This link to the Pokémon series’ world-building gives Zygarde depth and makes it a popular favourite among fans who enjoy the games’ complex storyline.

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