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Best Chromebooks for Kids

In 2015, the need for online discovery escalated throughout the pandemic lockdowns around the world. The unclear scenarios around education led to an increase sought-after for laptop computers or mobile phones for kids that make e-learning a simple and pleasurable experience.

Chromebooks are popular with trainees and teachers alike due to the fact that they’re very easy to use and handle, making them a suitable remote understanding tool. For moms and dads or guardians, Chromebooks are economical, secure, and make optimal play friends for children of all ages.

Best Chromebooks for Kids

If you’re looking for the very best Chromebooks for kids, you will not go wrong with our top choices below.

1. Lenovo Chromebook Duet

Lenovo’s Chromebook Duet is fantastic for youngsters for 2 major factors: it’s streamlined for usage with a Google account and also is designed for light computing demands.

The 2-in-1 device doubles as a laptop as well as tablet computer so you won’t have to share your computer system with your youngsters any longer. Some of its kid-friendly features consist of a complete but removable keyboard with kid-sized secrets, touch-sensitive display, and a folding kickstand for propping it up in laptop computer mode.

The Duet features 4GB of memory as well as 64GB of onboard storage, which ought to suffice for media streaming as well as schoolwork, plus a 1 year free trial of Google One for added storage.

Like many 2-in-1 tools, the Duet’s display is small yet impressively sharp for the tool’s rate range. On top of that, the speakers are loud enough so your kid can hear clearly without utilizing headphones.

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Combined with virtually 13 hours of battery life, decent cams, automated safety and security updates, and also Android phone assimilation, the Duet is a great double-duty performer. The main disadvantages with this Chromebook are its tv, restricted storage, and also minimal port alternatives.

2. Acer Chromebook Rotate 11 Exchangeable Laptop Computer

Adaptability fulfills enjoyable in this exchangeable, 2-in-1 Acer Chromebook Spin 11. If your child is at elementary level and also needs a laptop largely for communication and also remote knowing, this Chromebook for kids is an excellent choice.

Several of its kid-friendly attributes consist of a stylus so your kid can obtain creative with layout or art and also handwrite on the screen to show their job. Dual video cameras make the Acer Chromebook Spin 11 a fantastic option for simple video clip conversations and also Zoom meetings.

The tough laptop flaunts a super solid develop that can take care of declines, water spills, as well as misuse, which is common with younger youngsters.

Battery life depends on 10 hours, and it packs an unexpected number of port options consisting of DisplayPort, two USB-C ports, and also 2 USB 3.0 ports. The laptop runs the Google Chrome operating system as well as Google apps, which really feel acquainted for many children at elementary level, as well as you can install Android apps for included performance.

The major disadvantages with this Chromebook are that it does not have integrated storage space for the stylus, low battery life, and low quality audio speakers.

3. ASUS Chromebook Flip C214

Asus developed the Chromebook C214 as a laptop computer for institutions, that makes it suitable for children going to remote courses or doing their schoolwork.

The laptop has a rugged layout, kid-friendly user interface, spill-resistant keyboard, a drop-proof body, as well as lay-flat style to safeguard versus damage. And also, it has a number of port alternatives including HDMI, 2 USB 3.0 ports, an SD card visitor and headphone jack.

Inside, there’s 4GB of memory as well as 32GB of storage space, which may not suffice for your youngster’s documents, yet you can depend on Google One and Google Drive cloud storage space applications.

The Chromebook Flip C214 is little and also extra portable than other models of similar size making it the very best light-weight Chromebook for youngsters. Your youngster can utilize the laptop computer outdoors many thanks to its 11.6 inch touchscreen display, which is bright enough to see in direct sunshine.

If your child is a novice typist, the Chromebook Flip C214 provides a comfy keyboard with bigger letters as well as quick key travel. If you desire, you can add a dockable stylus for drawing at an additional price.

4. Google Pixelbook Go

The Google Pixelbook Go is a sturdy, stylish as well as lightweight Chromebook with a ribbed underside base that makes it very easy to grip and difficult for kids to go down.

Inside is 8GB of RAM and also 64GB of storage coupled with a low-wattage, fast and receptive 8th generation Intel Core processor that’s fast enough for the majority of your child’s job.

Pixelbook Go has a backlit key-board with murmur peaceful tricks and a sizable touchpad. Its brilliant HD touchscreen display, 1080p webcam and also twin stereo speakers provide excellent image as well as audio outcome for media streaming and video clip chatting.

The laptop is peaceful, comfy, as well as offers safety for your data and also passwords via the built-in antivirus software, Titan C protection chip, and also automatic ChromeOS updates.

You’ll rise to 12 hrs on a solitary charge, as well as approximately 2 hours battery usage with a fast 20-minute recharge. However, the Chromebook costs somewhat more than various other Chromebooks, as well as it doesn’t offer electronic stylus pen support.

5. HP Chromebook 14

The HP Chromebook 14 is a clamshell-style laptop computer that can get most of your child’s standard needs done without costing a fortune.

The laptop computer has lots of kid-friendly functions consisting of a 14-inch WLED-backlit display screen whose resolution is sharp sufficient for a decent browsing experience. Its AMD A4 processor provides sensible performance for internet usage, informal gaming, and flicks.

The 4GB system memory is enough to run several browser tabs and apps all at once, and the 32GB of storage is the bare anticipated minimum for a Chromebook. Luckily, you can broaden the storage space by means of the microSD card port or conveniently save your data to Google Drive for safe and very easy access whether your kid goes to house or school.

The Chromebook likewise has lots of ports consisting of 2 full-sized USB-A ports and 2 USB-C ports as well as evaluates 3.4 pounds, making it ultralight for optimum transportability.

6. Samsung Chromebook 4

The Samsung Chromebook 4 is an uncomplicated, kid-friendly Chromebook for basic institution work and remote understanding.

The laptop has a spill-resistant keyboard, decent develop high quality many thanks to its sturdy light weight aluminum build that’s ranked for hardiness against declines, severe temperatures, as well as dust. You likewise obtain 4GB or memory and 32GB of flash storage with an alternative of up to 6GB RAM as well as 64GB blink storage.

Unlike other Chromebooks in its price point, this tool uses a solid battery life of up to 12.5 hours, and also ultrafast connectivity with Gigabit WiFi to stream or download data quickly.

For peace of mind, the safe ChromeOS atmosphere provides several layers of built-in virus protection and also adult controls to assist you watch on your kid’s task.

The Samsung Chromebook 4 lacks touchscreen capability. While its processor isn’t extremely fast, it’s still moderately priced, which is one more marketing point for parents of more youthful or school-going kids.

7. Lenovo Chromebook 100e

If you want a great, strong performer that can make it via the academic year with your child, Lenovo’s Chromebook 100e is an excellent selection.

The portable, tough as well as efficient Chromebook benefits elementary school youngsters due to its drop-resistant design, touchpad with rubberized sides, and waterproof key-board.

Under the hood is a four-core ARM SoC (system on chip) MediaTek cpu, with adequate storage of 4GB RAM and 32GB SSD expanding with a microSD card.

And also, it has a kid-friendly layout 11.6 inch screen with anti glare modern technology, front-facing HD camera, and battery life of up to 10 hrs so your child can find out throughout the day on a single fee. Nonetheless, the Lenovo Chromebook 100e is short on ports.

While the Lenovo Chromebook 100e is a budget-friendly laptop computer, it’s still strong and quick enough for schoolwork or light browsing– simply do not attempt to run anything also expensive on it.

Obtain the Right Chromebook for Your Child

Like most laptop computers, there’s massive demand for Chromebooks nowadays. You as well as your child might never ever have made use of a Chromebook before, however if you’ve used the Chrome web browser, you’re almost certainly accustomed to just how one jobs.

The very best part concerning utilizing a Chromebook for children is that you can mount and also run more knowing apps to show your kid mathematics, music, composing, as well as analysis. If you have an older youngster and also want more than a pared down Chromebook, look into our guide on just how to select the appropriate MacBook for you.


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