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Best Breakfast Spots In San Francisco

Breakfast, we’re told, is the main dinner of the day. What’s more, no place does that expression ring more genuine than in San Francisco. So whether you’re faking a day off, finding a companion who’s visiting the area, or only searching for something speedy to eat prior to beginning a Wednesday morning, utilize this aide. Here are the best early-morning spots serving incredible food all over the city. For our early lunch guide, head here.

Espresso and A LIGHT BITE

Like Meryl Streep’s scope of looks, Automat is incredibly flexible. The entire day bistro/pastry kitchen and eatery in NoPa is great for everything from speedy loaf races to easygoing suppers with unfussy servings of mixed greens, porkchops, and yam pavé. Our strategy for decision is to head here early in the day, and post up with a coffee drink and a very straightforward yet wanton breakfast sandwich with hotdog, egg, pimento cheddar, and rich bread that snaps noisily when you chomp into it. Automat’s other morning contributions (and different motivations to arrive) incorporate a very feathery horchata doughnut, a maple-y block toast, and baked goods like cinnamon rolls.


There’s continuously a new thing to attempt at Breadbelly, the pastry kitchen and bistro in the Richmond with Asian-enlivened baked goods and sandwiches that change regularly. From behind the glass case, sweet and exquisite baked goods will shout to you, similar to the delicate milk bun detonating with satiny coconut pandan cream, and a macadamia nut croissant tart with caramelized edges. You can pick anything here and never turn out badly. One non-negotionable is the kaya toast — a cut of milk bread with a squiggle of green coconut pandan jam got done with ocean salt drops.

Newkirk’s imageoverride picture

The New York-style seared egg sandwiches from this counter-administration spot in the Mission are what lies under the surface for dreams — assuming those fantasies incorporated the BEC. The hand-held invention accompanies American cheddar, bacon, and broiled egg on a poppy seed roll. Words that ring a bell: gooey, mind boggling, request this. The other eight broiled egg sandwiches on the menu are likewise beneficial, similar to the one with hash earthy colors and smoked bacon on a toasted French roll.

Kate’s Kitchen imageoverride picture

Kate’s serves good cafe food in the Lower Haight. And keeping in mind that we have no clue about why they named their dishes things like the Flanched Flarney Garney or the French Toast Orgy, we really do realize everything means “damn great breakfast.” The Flanched Flarney Garney is a morning meal sandwich presented with a side of home fries and tasty hand crafted hotdog patties that is misleading straightforward in spite of the odd name. The Mindy’s Hash Browns — a gigantic serving of hash browns folded over fried eggs, bacon, and cheddar — is sufficiently enormous to think twice about suspension in your vehicle. What’s more, their cornmeal buttermilk hotcakes are inconceivably fleecy without losing their cornmeal surface.

Furrow audit picture

On the off chance that you’re not at Plow when they open (7am on non-weekend days and 8am on ends of the week), you’ll be sitting tight in line for some time. However, the line merits holding up in assuming you have time, since this is perhaps of the best breakfast around. The menu is breakfast works of art, so think things that accompany sides of maple syrup, bacon, and potoates. Go for the Plow Plate, which incorporates two eggs, their astonishing lemon ricotta flapjacks, breakfast potatoes, and an expected rest a short time later.

Kantine audit picture

Kantine is a Scandinavian-style bistro on Market Street that makes extraordinary baked goods like cinnamon hitches, porridges, soups, and sandwiches. This spot is sufficiently bright and breezy, and will presumably make you need to take a seat, get a latte, and totally overlook all the other things you have continuing today — or, in any event, at last beginning the clever that has been perched on your end table for a really long time. However lengthy you wind up remaining at this relaxed spot, don’t pass on the astounding smørrebrød (open-confronted sandwich). Every one is perfectly layered with things like curried herring with apples and escapades, and smoked chicken plate of mixed greens with fresh chicken skin on top

Everyday Driver

Everyday Driver in the Dogpatch is one of our number one spots to pull up a chair and intellectually plan out the remainder of our morning. This bagel spot is immense, with two levels and lots of seating, which makes it simple to partake in some espresso and one of their hard, wood-terminated bagels — they’re probably the most incredible in the city. Get them with their housemade gravlax.

Cinderella Bakery and Café

Cinderella Bakery has well known Russian and Polish breakfast things like french toast and egg plates, however you’re hanging around for the syrniki — sweet, thick cheddar hotcakes that are seared and firm outwardly. On the off chance that you’re more in the state of mind for exquisite, potato vareniki dumplings as far as possible. Furthermore, on decent mornings, the walkway deck is a decent spot to unwind — on the off chance that you can track down a seat. This spot pulls a group.

Only For You Cafe

Within Just For You is covered including old ads to rare band banners to a marlin balancing behind the counter, all of which add to the mixed, comfortable feel of this spot. The menu here has a great deal of New Orleans-enlivened things on it, similar to chicory espresso and beignets, as well as standard breakfast things like egg plates and omelets — get the one with carnitas.

Aunt April’s Chicken, Waffles, and Soul Food Restaurant audit picture

On the off chance that you’re searching for an early in the day spot to snatch breakfast (they open at 11am), go to Auntie April’s. The southern fare café is a Bayview foundation, thanks by and large to the eponymous dish. Housemade plain, cinnamon, or red velvet waffles are the best base for the two bits of brilliant broiled chicken fingers, (leg, thigh, or bosom) that is very much prepared and succulent. Slather everything with thick maple syrup and you’re good to go.

Fiend’s Teeth Baking Company imageoverride picture

One thing that is ensured to make us lose the covers and leap up: The Special Breakfast sandwich from Devil’s Teeth. It comes on a bread roll, it’s lovely, it’s finished off with delicately fried eggs and a strong measure of avocado pounded on top. Be that as it may, don’t carelessly trust us, and simply get to this Outer Sunset spot. There’s likewise a second area in the Richmond.

Coffee shop

There are a few justifications for why this small takeout-just bread kitchen in Chinatown generally has a line out the entryway — there is restricted standing room, and the vast majority of the in and out faint total choices are fantastic, from scorch siu bao to turnip cakes to tacky rice enclosed by lotus leaf. All that here is takeout just (there are no seats), however Portsmouth Square is only a couple of blocks away.


can tweak everything from the cheddar to proteins to spreads, directly down to the warm and flaky bread roll itself (buttermilk, cheddar bacon, or dill swiss). This spot is additionally fast, and has other astounding morning choices like baked goods and quiches.


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