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Best Architects in Birmingham

Adams Design Associates

Adams Design Associates is an architecture, interior design, planning, and consulting firm based in Birmingham, Alabama. The company was formerly known as Cobb/Adams/Benton and Adams Design Associates was formed in 1960. Their consulting services include condition assessment, improving pavement traction, making more efficient use of existing indoor and outdoor spaces, and much more. In 2009 Adams Design Associates received an Honorary Director Award from the American Institute of Architects in Birmingham.

Birmingham, AL 35203

Barrett Architecture Studio

Barrett Architecture Studio is a full-service company based in Birmingham, Alabama. Founded in 1980, the company strives to bring beauty and order to the customer’s world through its designs. For Barrett Architecture Studio, recognition is very important. But more important to them is the personal connection and personal engagement they share with their customers. The studio was named AIA Colorado Company of the Year and David Barrett, the company’s founder, was named AIA Colorado Architect of the Year. He is also the winner of the Circle of Excellence Award from Colorado Homes & Lifestyles.

Birmingham, AL 35233

bDot Architecture, Inc.

bDot Architecture, Inc. from Birmingham, Alabama offers a holistic approach to design and space. The studio offers diverse and creative designs for commercial and residential buildings, product and furniture design, art, lighting, and photography. In 2016, bDot Architecture, Inc. received the Honorary Award for Year of the Year from Interior Design Magazine.

Birmingham, AL 35203

Birchfield Penuel & Associates

Birchfield Penuel & Associates is an architectural firm specializing in architecture, interior design, and planning. Based in Birmingham, the studio has been in the industry for over 25 years, designing projects for commercial and corporate facilities, healthcare facilities, institutional structures, public spaces, and senior facilities. The company claims that the quality of customer relationships and service is its top priority.

Birmingham, AL 35209

Blackmon Rogers Architects, LLC

Blackmon Rogers Architects, LLC specializes in commercial and residential construction in Birmingham, Alabama. The studio believes that design perfection is not achieved by adding complexity, but by striving for simplicity. The team strives to demonstrate the authenticity, elegance, and grace of their projects and clients. Blackmon Rogers Architects, LLC won the 2015 Houzz Best Service Award.

Birmingham, AL 35253

CCR Architecture & Interiors

CCR Architecture & Interior Design has been providing services in the Birmingham area for over two decades. The company employs LEED-accredited architects, interior designers, and professionals with registrations from across the United States. The company’s range of services includes architecture, interior design, planning and graphic design. The company is a less profitable business and a business for women. Previous projects have included historic renovations, a complex downtown building, retail space, and lively office space for startups.

2920 1st Ave S
Birmingham, AL 35233

Christopher Architecture & Interiors

Christopher Architecture & Interiors is a studio based in Homewood, Alabama and works on a wide range of commercial and residential projects and provides interior design services based on client needs. Christopher Architecture & Interiors believes that every space designed has a story, so in every project, they always work with clients to tell that story and create designs that directly meet the needs of the people they serve.

Homewood, AL 35209

Design Initiative, LLC

Design Initiative, LLC of Birmingham, Alabama provides residential, commercial, and entertainment projects and community planning. Companies offer innovative and unique spaces that match the location, context, and needs of their valued customers. Design Initiative, LLC is an award-winning architectural firm.

Birmingham, AL 35233

Golightly Landscape Architecture

Golightly Landscape Architecture is based in Birmingham, Alabama, and was founded in 2004. The company provides expert landscaping services to both residential and commercial clients. Its founder, John Golightly Wilson, is a LEED accredited professional with more than 20 years of experience.

Birmingham, AL 35203

Hendon + Huckestein Architects, PC

Hendon + Huckestein Architects PC is a full-service architectural firm based in Birmingham, Alabama. The company’s architects are licensed in 17 states, including Alabama, Ohio, New York, and Texas. It has been operating for more than 20 years and offers a wide range of services by designing large projects including apartment buildings, health, and education facilities, restaurants, hotels, banks, government offices, and shopping centers. Hendon + Huckestein Architects PC also offers interior design and planning.

2126 Morris Ave
Birmingham, AL 35203

Cary Grant
Cary Grant
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