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Alu Vadi Recipe

Alu vadi is a bite that is well known in Maharashtra and Gujarat. Colocasia or Alu leaves are full and rolled. These are steamed and afterward shallow or rotisserie to make delightful tidbit. Do attempt this recipe at home and remember to like and remark.


10 tbsp Besan/Chick pea flour
2 tbsp Rice flour
1 tsp Red stew powder
1/4 tsp Turmeric powder
Salt to taste
5~6 tbsp Tamarind Jaggery Pulp
2 Bunches of Alu/Colocasia leaves
Oil for broiling
1 tbsp While sesame seeds
1/2 tsp Oil


1. Take besan in a bowl.
2. Add rice flour, red stew powder, turmeric powder, and salt.
3. Blend dry fixings well.
4. Take tamarind and jaggery in a similar extent.
5. Absorb water or bubble together.
6. At the point when it chills off, crush and take tamarind jaggery mash.
7. Add tamarind jaggary mash. Blend well.
8. Add a little water at a time and make a little thick glue.
9. The consistency of the player should neither too thick nor excessively slim. It ought to be handily spread.
10. Beat the player great until it turns out to be light. The hitter is as of now.
11. Wash and dry the alu leaves.
12. Take a leaf and slice its tail as near leaf as could be expected.
13. Flip it over and roll with a moving pin. This decreases the shallowness of the leaf and helps in making the leaves somewhat level.
14. Take the greatest as the base leaf.
15.Take the player and spread it equally all around the leaf.
16. Spread the player with hands. You can utilize a spoon as well.
17. Take a more modest leaf and put it over the main leaf.
18. Spread the hitter again ready to move on and not look back.
19. You can use however many leaves as you need.
20. Overlay the base piece of the leaves first and spread the hitter on it once more.
21.Overlay the sides and spread the player once more.
22. Begin making the roll. Spread hitter over each crease.
23. Try not to make a too close roll.
24. Heat up 1″ water in the cooker. You can utilize an inactively cooker as well.
25. Take a pot and add 1/2″ water in it. Place the pot in the cooker.
26. Oil a dish great with oil and put it on the pot.
27. Put the rolls with a fixed side overcoming on the dish.
28. Eliminate the whistle of the cooker. Try not to eliminate the ring.
29. Close the cover and steam on medium intensity for 15 minutes.
30. Allow it to chill off and cut into around 1/2″ wide pieces.
31. The more slender is the vadi, the crispier it will be.
32. Heat up oil. Drop the vadi in oil and broil until it diverts decent rosy from the two sides.
33. Remove alu vadi from oil, channel overabundance oil, and move them into a plate.
34. Take sesame seeds in a tadka container and add oil in it.
35. Sear it pleasantly and add on broiled alu vadi.
36. Alu vadi is as of now.
37. You can make a roll and keep them in a zip lock sack. You can store these sacks in the cooler for around 2-3 months.
38. You likewise can store the pack in the freeze for about seven days.
39. Take it out 1 hour prior to making, carry it to room temperature, sear it, and eat.


1. For making alu vadi, utilize 1 tbsp besan for 1 alu leaf.
2. Attempt to utilize leaves that have a dark tail.
3. You can add coriander powder and cumin powder in the event that you need.
4. Tamarind jiggery diminishes the irritation of alu leaves.
5. In the event that you make roll excessively close, it might stay crude from inside while broiling.

6. Make a little free roll in particular.
7. Broil vadi on low to medium intensity. Try not to broil on high intensity.
8. You can profound fry or shallow fry alu vadi as you like. You can have these without broiling as well.


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