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All About Using Corsages for Formals

“I would rather wear flowers in my hand, than diamonds around my neck” says the modern woman. 

Since ages, flowers have been an important part of women’s beauty enhancement across various occasions. Corsages and boutonnieres have been widely accepted for weddings, proms nights, formal events, mother’s day occasion, holidays, semi-formal occasions, memorials, graduation day and any other special events. 

Corsages are a great way to identify people in a group, as it showcases an individual’s convictions, offer honour, and complement the attire as a beauty accessory. Corsages for formals are generally made with different types of flowers, ribbons and ferns. They can be creative and elegant based on the occasion. 

A perfectly designed corsage adds stars to your formal look and gives a special touch. The corsages are often meant to be worn in the wrist; but flowers for formal occasions have gradually shifted to handheld tied bouquets and elegant hairpieces.

Types of Corsages for Formals

Formal corsages are in vogue. Usually, people wear corsages anywhere on the body but ideally it is worn on the left shoulder and the wrist (left arm specifically) for a great formal look. Whatever kind of corsage a woman chooses to wear, it should match her formal attire, shoes, jewellery to give a perfect look.

Significance of Formal Corsages 

The significance of corsages for formals is for easy identification of the team of an official event or celebration. Formal corsages are also worn to honour people, such as those who receive awards, or for other special occasions. Groups often wear formal corsages to symbolise integrity, a memorial, awareness or their convictions to a cause. Based on the occasion symbolic flowers are chosen and beautiful satin ribbons are used to decorate the corsage.

The key considerations for corsages are that it acts as a remembrance of a special occasion. Corsages for formals are made of silk that are durable. The formal corsages are designed not only to match with the clothes you wear but also to match with the personality. Offering a corsage shows that the person is special and important. 

Tip to follow: Put time and effort into finding out what is the favourite flower of the person you are offering the corsage. It will show how much you value the person and truly want to honour her.

Corsages are designed to be worn to many different formal occasions. Gone are the days that they were worn at Greek weddings and for the reason that they believed that the fragrance from the flowers protected them from the evil spirits. But with the changing time it has been included in the semi-formal and formal events or occasions apart from weddings. 

  • The main purpose of corsages for formula is typically to identify the important person. 
  • Such creative designed corsages are preferred for formal dance, such as a prom. 
  • Usually the escort has to buy a corsage for the lady for the formal dance.
  • When choosing a corsage for a formal event or occasion, it is recommended to select the neutral colours to coordinate with the lady’s outfit. (It is better to ask about the color in advance). 
  • It is also better to ask the lady in advance what kind of corsage she would prefer for the formal event – whether a shoulder or a wrist corsage. It will help to choose the right one that will not only please the lady but also complement her attire and over all look for the formal occasion.

Proms are the most common formal events that occur across the globe and wearing a corsage is a tradition that is being followed. Earlier the Greek believed corsages are for  protection from spirits and for good luck. But with time it has become more of a fashion statement for making any event memorable.

Wrist corsages for formal occasions are of great variety. These corsages are specially to be worn in the left wrist but it is not a stone setted rule. Usually most men are right handed and while asking for a dance they ask for the left wrist where the corsage is worn. 

Final thoughts

Hopefully, the above mentioned information on corsages for formal events and occasions will give you an idea about what corsages are, what is the significance and how it should be worn. So the next time you are attending a formal event, add stars to your beauty with the right corsage that complements your attire and personality. 

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