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Achar Gosht Recipe

Achar gosht recipe can be made with any sort of meat like hamburger, lamb or chicken. Achaar gosht has an extremely hot and sharp taste. It is arranged when meat is cooked with tomatoes, yogurt and all pickle flavors like fennel seeds, cumin seeds, and fenugreek seeds. Green bean stew.


Mutton(small pieces): 1 kg

Yogurt: 1/2 kg

Tomato Paste: 1 cup

Garlic Ginger Paste: 1 tablespoon

Red Chili Powder: As required

Salt: according as you would prefer

Green Chili: 50 grams

Cooking Oil: 3/4 cup

Achar Masala/SpIce: As required

Kalunji: As required

Saunf: As required

Zeera(Cumin): 1 Teaspoon

Fenugreek Seeds (Methi ke beej): As required


1. First make the combination of ginger, bean stew powder, salt, garlic and yogurt.

2. Presently absorb the meat the blend for 2 hours.

3. Heat the oil, put the flavored meat and broil until flavors are isolated.

4. Add water and cook on low fire until the meat is delicate.

5. Grind the achaar flavor and add 1 teaspoon salt to it.

6. Cut green chilies in an upward direction from one side and take its seeds out.

7. Presently fill green chilies with ground achaar flavor.

8. At the point when the water dries out from meat, pour tomato glue, embellish cooked meat with stuffed chilies and put the excess achaar flavor.

9. Presently lower the intensity and leave it for dam until chilies are delicate.

10. Achar Gosht is prepared to eat!

Pakistani achar gosht recipe is one more delectable meat dish made with lamb and pickle flavors (achaar masala). This is a customary dish from the east, famous as well as extremely well known in Pakistan and India. The dish is generally cooked with the lamb meat; the meat is kept drenched for several hours in flavors thus it becomes delicate and extremely delicate for cooking.

Since it is absorbed the zest blend for a really long time, it ingests the kinds of flavors, preparing to satisfy your tongue with the novel preferences of meat with pickle masala.

How does Achar Mutton Taste?

Achar gosht has a harsh saltish taste. It utilizes achari flavors which make it an alternate substantial dish that we as a whole love to eat. Cooking this recipe is a piece different with different recipes. First all flavors are accumulated and blended and afterward meat is put inside the combination so the masala sticks by and large around the meat. Then flavored meat is cooked at low fire until it is delicate. Achar flavor is then ground and filled inside green chilies and these stuffed chilies are added to the meat and further cooked. This way you get a zesty and sharp substantial dish to eat called “Achar Gosht (Pickle Meat Curry)”.

Regardless of whether you live in western nations like UK or USA, and if a desi family lives in your neighbor, without a doubt, you would have smelled a lovely cooking fragrance coming from the container of achar gosht masala.

Meat Recipes Varieties at KFoods is home of a wide range of recipes including desi salan, gosht and rice dishes. Here we have given a pleasing recipe to you to figure out how to make achar gosht at home.

This recipe is exceptionally straightforward that a new-to-cooking individual can likewise make it without any problem. Young men who are by and large not used-to with cooking presently don’t have to demand mother and sisters; bring the frill and fixings required and go through a day in kitchen and emerge with a sizzling achaar gosht container in your grasp.

Presently there ought to not be anything which can prevent you from partaking in the inclinations of this delectable meat curry. Feel free to be the cook of your most loved gosht dish!

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