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Afghani Chicken Recipe

Known for lip-smacking and flavorful dishes, Afghani cooking generally makes them need for more. This recipe of Afghani chicken is the same. Chicken coated with particular fixings and barbecued. Cooked in around 30 minutes, this chicken recipe is an extraordinary choice to have as a starter or hors d’oeuvre at an evening gathering or any exceptional occasion. Ingredients in Chicken Afghani Recipe: Goodness of cream blended in with rich cashews, poppy seeds and melon seeds alongside pepper mixed in chicken and barbecued to perfection. How to serve Afghani Chicken Recipe: This chicken recipe is somewhat hot and best delighted in with some mint chutney and onion rings as an afterthought with coriander leaves and lemon crushed over liberally.

Elements of Chicken Afghani

Chicken (cut into pieces)1 tbsp

 Magaz (melon seed)1 cup

 Cashew nuts1 tbsp

 Khus (poppy seeds), soaked1 cup

Cream2 tbsp

 Butter2 tsp

Black Pepper, powdered5-6

Chhoti Elaichito taste Salt

Instructions to Make Chicken Afghani
1.Grind together the magaz, kaju, khus, pepper and elaichi.

2.Prick the chicken pieces in 2-3 places.

3.Mix with the other fixings and marinate for 5-6 hours.

4.Grill in an oven or electric barbecue till brilliant and serve hot.

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