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9 Ideal Xbox One/Xbox One X Devices

If you only play Xbox delicately, you may enjoy with the equipment you obtain straight out of package. However, if you play video games on your Xbox One or Xbox One X regularly, you might favor to up your video game by selecting a broader range of higher quality devices.

This listing contains 9 of the most effective Xbox One devices offered online– some accessories will change your existing devices with better variants, while other devices will add new capability to your video gaming experience.

The price of these accessories ranges rather substantially– there are less expensive things for adding convenience to your experience as well as a lot more pricey devices that can provide you an one-upmanship or improve your gameplay in brand-new methods.

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Xbox One Elite Controller.

Paying extra for a controller when you already have a completely good one working at residence might seem like an odd option, yet the Xbox One Elite isn’t simply your typical controller.

Readily available for $149.99, the Xbox One Elite Controller adds extra capability, offers far better accuracy and also control, as well as gives you a broader range of customization alternatives.

New hair trigger locks allow you to push the trigger much faster than ever, while the thumbsticks as well as D-Pad have actually been redesigned to offer you higher control and precision. Customization choices are available to ensure that you can transform button formats, designate controls, as well as extra paddles offer you more inputs.

Xbox One Elite Controller– $149.99.

Turtle Beach Ear Pressure Recon 50X.

Allow’s be genuine, the official conversation headset you get with the Xbox isn’t terrific. The Turtle Beach Ear Pressure Spy 50X stands to be an economical upgrade that can totally transform your gameplay experience.

All video game sound is played via your Turtle Beach headset so you’ll have the ability to hear gunfire and also footsteps less complicated. You’ll likewise have the ability to hear better top quality audio when speaking to your friends. The Turtle Beach Ear Pressure Recon 50X also provides better microphone quality to ensure that your close friends will be able to hear you a lot more clearly as well.

You aren’t going to obtain HiFi quality audio with these headsets, however they bring a distinct advantage over utilizing the default headset and also listening to audio via your TV. For simply $39.99, you can’t actually go wrong.

Turtle Beach Ear Force Spy 50X– $39.99.

Razer Wolverine Ultimate Chroma.

The Razr Wolverine Ultimate Chroma is a completely adjustable custom controller that includes new capability, unbelievable construct style, and also expensive programmable LED lights. The Wolverine Ultimate Chroma uses similar benefits to the Xbox One Elite controller, yet there are a variety of distinctive differences.

Firstly, the Wolverine Ultimate Chroma supplies users with even more buttons than ever before. This consists of 2 even more trigger switches and also a total of 4 paddle switches. Each button is programmable. A quick control panel allows you to promptly switch over in between control designs. You can pick default designs or develop and also save your very own.

The Razer Wolverine Ultimate Chroma also adds upon the original Xbox One Elite layout without removing from the ergonomic feeling that the initial controllers supply.

Razer Wolverine Ultimate Chroma– $155.

KontrolFreek FPS Freek Vortex Efficiency Thumbstick.

If you can’t afford to toss over $100 for a brand-new controller, you can still up your game by getting a pair of efficiency thumbsticks. KontrolFreek is one of the best firms servicing custom thumbsticks and their Vortex Efficiency set will guarantee you obtain an one-upmanship over the ordinary player.

These thumbsticks can be connected to your common controller sticks and will certainly give you added grip. These thumbsticks are also easier to utilize for extended periods of time. On the left, you have an extra grippy stay with make it much easier to control your motion. On the right, the thumbstick is climbed so that you obtain a higher level of accuracy for controlling your objective.

KontrolFreek FPS Freek Vortex Performance Thumbstick– $16.99.

Nyko Modular Power Station.

Among the largest problems with playing Xbox on a regular basis is that you need to frequently bill up your Xbox controller and have actually additional charged batteries on standby for when your current battery life obtains drained pipes.

The Nyko Modular Power plant solutions this trouble by making it much easier to go on top of your battery billing.

This power plant connects straight right into your Xbox One console and also draws power from the power pack to bill two additional batteries. LED lights are consisted of to make sure that you can see exactly how your batteries are charging, and you’ll have the ability to proceed charging your batteries with this power station also while your Xbox One is switched off. If you have an Xbox One X, you won’t be able to attach this straight to the console, but it can still be made use of to charge the batteries.

Nyko Modular Power Station– $17.

Xbox One Chatpad.

If you ‘d rather send messages through message as opposed to making use of a microphone, the Xbox One Chatpad will certainly conserve you a great deal of inconvenience.

While you can make use of the on-screen key-board, this method takes a very long time. Simply sending a couple of words can take a minute or more. The Xbox One Chatpad eliminates this trouble by giving you a keypad that can connect straight into your Xbox controller.

Utilizing the Xbox One Chatpad makes it much easier to rapidly send messages in between games, and even in the center of a video game. You can get the official chatpad as well as conversation headset for $58.88, or you can buy third party chatpads for much less.

Xbox One Chatpad– $58.

Elgato Game Capture HD60 S

If you wish to stream or videotape your gameplay, you might need to pick up a capture card. The Elgato Video Game Capture HD60 S is one of the most effective capture cards available. With this, you can communicate your Xbox One gameplay straight to your PC.

The stream quality is incredible– you get 1080p with a remarkable 60 frames per 2nd, as well as it doesn’t impact the efficiency of your video game. The Elgato Game Capture HD60 S likewise features a variety of functions that make it easier to stream directly to platforms like Twitch and YouTube.

Elgato Game Capture HD60 S– $159.95.

4TB Seagate Game Drive

With the file dimension of Xbox games just getting bigger, it’s becoming far also simple to fill out the standard 500GB or 1TB you manage default. With the 4TB Seagate Game Drive, you’re given access to 4,000 GBs of extra storage.

This video game drive is external which suggests it’s feasible to download and also accumulate a library that can be carried with you as well as used on multiple Xbox systems. The efficiency for this video game drive is also excellent and it will certainly obtain you into games equally as rapidly as utilizing the default hard disk would.

4TB Seagate Game Drive– $115.

Samsung T5 Portable SSD

If you care more about video game speed however would like a bit of added storage space, you might wish to take into consideration the Samsung T5 Portable SSD.

This drive only has 500GB of storage space, yet it’s far faster than the Seagate Game Drive. This suggests you’ll fill into video games quicker, game packing screens will certainly be much shorter, as well as you’ll have less lag in many cases.

Samsung T5 Portable SSD– $159.99.


What are your ideas on the accessories on this list? Will you be purchasing any one of the Xbox One or Xbox One X accessories on this listing or do you have your eyes on another thing totally? Delight in!


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