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Amazon Fire Television Stick 4K vs Amazon Fire Television Dice: What’s the Distinction?

There are thousands of various streaming choices offered today, and is house to two of one of the most preferred: the Fire Television Stick 4K as well as Fire Television Cube. Though their names may be comparable, each device has various toughness as well as weaknesses that can influence which one is the much better option for you.

With such similar names, it can be tough to tell the differences in between what every one does. Amazon’s bad naming system apart, this short article will take a look at the distinctions between the Fire TV Stick 4K as well as the Fire TV Dice and aid you make a decision which device to acquire.


  • Design, Price, as well as Specs
  • Material And Resolution
  • Voice Controls
  • Why Choose One Over the Various other?

Design, Cost, and Specs

The Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K is one of the most cost effective alternative if you get on a budget plan. At simply $50, this gadget is simple: you plug an HDMI dongle right into your tv and manage it through a remote or via voice commands. You access web content by changing your tv to the best input.

See? Easy. For the most part, you will never ever see the Fire television Stick 4K. Its style suggests it stays concealed behind your television, removing unsightly cables.

The Fire Television Cube, on the various other hand, is a bigger device. It resembles an Alexa smart audio speaker, with four switches atop the dice as well as built-in speakers as well as microphones for the Alexa capability. It is also one of the most costly streaming option at $100, yet one of the most effective too.

The Fire Television Cube has 16 GB of internal storage as well as 2 GB of memory as well as supports both far-field and also near-field voice assistance many thanks to its internal audio speakers. You can likewise speak directly into the remote to control it, or to any kind of connected Alexa speaker in your house.

The Cube sustains Dolby Atmos sound as well as 7.1 border noise, HDMI sound passthrough, and 2 network stereo. Package consists of an IR extender wire, as well, if you wished to make use of the Cube to regulate something like an audio bar.

The specs for the Fire Television Stick 4K are a lot more limited, however still excellent for such a little device. It has 8 GB of inner storage as well as is compatible with a wide range of different IR devices, yet does not have a dedicated IR port like the Cube. It additionally requires the remote for voice control, although a linked Echo speaker can additionally release commands to the Fire Television Stick 4K.

Material And Also Resolution

Both the Fire Television Stick 4K and also the Fire TV Dice provide accessibility to 4K web content, in addition to HDR, HDR10+, as well as more.

Both supply accessibility to all major streaming solutions, consisting of Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video (certainly), Disney And also, as well as many more. According to, that adds up to greater than 500,000 shows as well as motion pictures. They aren’t limited entirely to those tools though. You can additionally use your Fire television Stick 4Kor Fire television Cube to present connected Alexa-compatible cameras.

For instance, state you have an infant display with a cam. You can ask Alexa to reveal you the baby room, as well as a live stream of your child will appear on-screen. This feature, in addition to the capacity to stream pictures as well as video clip conserved to your account, provide both of these devices much more functionality than just streaming material.

Voice Controls

The Fire television Stick 4K permits you to browse as well as play material, control volume degrees, as well as a lot more via the remote. Simply press and hold the voice button and provide the command to Alexa. While very easy to make use of, it’s not rather as simple as if it offered simpler voice controls.

The Fire TV Dice, on the other hand, doesn’t need a switch. You can speak to it from anywhere in the area. The microphones constantly listen for the wake word, which allows you to manage it without looking for the remote. Many thanks to the Fire TV Cube’s various ports, you can manage more tools via voice control than you can with the Fire Stick.

That said, both tools include a remote, that makes them a little bit easier to utilize for individuals that are not fairly as tech savvy. It also offers an alternative control plan if you aren’t comfortable with the suggestion of an always-listening device in your house.

Why Pick One Over the Other?

Both the Fire TV Stick 4K and also the Fire Cube offer comparable functions, so you might question why one is any kind of much better than the various other. It basically comes down to your intended usage for every.

The typical Fire TV Stick 4K is the best option for those with 4K tvs that want to maintain their expenses down. It permits access to streaming services at a lower price than the various other alternatives offers while still maintaining the exact same hassle-free controls.

If spending plan isn’t a problem and also you desire one of the most effective Amazon-based streaming box with expandability for various other devices, the Fire Television Cube is the most effective choice. It’s just $50 more than the Fire TV Stick 4K, uses much more performance, and also is one of the most effective option in general.

If you do not have a 4K TELEVISION, there may not seem to be much factor in getting either of these devices. 4K is the method of the future, as well as ultimately all web content will certainly be streamed at that resolution. Also if you do not yet very own one, purchasing either of these gadgets can be thought of as future-proofing your home entertainment.

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