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8 Things You Must Do When Travelling To Sevierville 

Sevierville has garnered attention because of its proximity to the Smoky Mountains, museums, nature parks, and homey appeal. If you want a short vacation and have everything from thrilling adventure rides to nature and interacting with wildlife, Sevierville is the perfect place.

The town is home to country music icon Dolly Parton and beautiful natural landscapes like the Forbidden Caverns. There are petting zoos and many other activities that will take your mind away from the hustle of city life. Here are all the places you should visit to make the most of your trip to Sevierville.

Explore the Forbidden Caverns

The Forbidden Caverns are one of the most beautiful sites in the US. The caverns are naturally formed and were used by natives for centuries to optimize their hunting. In some caverns, you aren’t allowed to take photographs. However, you have the opportunity to take amazing pictures here. The Forbidden Caverns have colorful lights set up in different locations, and the sight when the light refracts off the cavern’s crystals and rock formations is too picturesque to describe in words. You’ll have to experience it for yourself.

A guided tour would be best to enrich your experience. You’ll get to learn about geology and the natural formation of stalactites, stalagmites, and crystals in the Forbidden Caverns.

Check out the Great Smoky Mountains

Sevierville is located at the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains. You can find diverse wildlife like black bears, exotic flora, and fauna, and even visit the deer farm and petting zoo. There are goats, camels, and kangaroos, and you can also get a ride on a horse. The trip is guaranteed to be enjoyable for people of all ages.

You can search ‘cabin Sevierville TN‘ on Google to book a nice place to stay so that you can spend a few days exploring and enjoying the natural scenery. Additionally, you can hike and set up camp to completely immerse yourself in the environment. You’ll see waterfalls, old-growth forests, and starry nights. If it’s your first time hiking and camping, don’t fret because there are many campsites in the area equipped with good bathrooms and fire grates.

Go to the Rainforest Adventures Discovery Zoo

The Rainforest Adventures Zoo is an excellent choice for an interactive and educational experience with wildlife. There are mammals, reptiles, birds, and amphibians from different parts of the world, so plan and ask the staff about mealtimes and which animals you’re allowed to feed. There’s a gift shop with animal plushies and souvenirs made by skilled craftspeople to remind you of your trip.  

Give a go at the Foxfire Mountain Swinging Bridge

The Foxfire Mountain Adventure Park’s zipline is famous for being one of the longest and fastest in the US. You can do whitewater rafting and go on hiking trails in the park, but don’t miss out on its most famous attraction, the swinging bridge. The bridge is 335 feet long and provides you with a view 70 feet above the ground. The bridge is above a gorge and Little Pigeon River, be sure not to miss this breathtaking view. And you can leave your mark here like other tourists by tying a ribbon on the bridge.

Check out Dolly Parton’s Statue

Getting a chance to take a picture with the legendary music sensation Dolly Parton is slim. However, if you’re going to Sevierville, you can take a picture with her life-sized bronze statue in the Sevier County Courthouse garden. Millions adore Dolly for her altruism, humanitarian effort, and being the queen of country music. So even if you aren’t a big fan of country music, pay a visit to her statue and learn about her efforts. You’ll surely come to adore her too.

Put the pedal to the metal at NASCAR SpeedPark

Check out all the wild rides and activities at NASCAR SpeedPark. The park is most famous for Go-kart racing. Go-karting in the park mimics the real-life experience of stock car racing for children. There are eight tracks, and half of them have two-seater cars so that you can join your kid on the asphalt. Go on rides together on ten amusement rides like The Pro-Tow, The Scrambler, Blaster Boats, etc.

The SpeedDome Arcade has over fifty different games. You’ll find probability-based games like Lady Luck, video games like Mario Kart, and classics like NBA Hoops, Monster Drop and SKee Ball. Hologate VR provides high-quality virtual reality games and fresh meals at NASCAR SpeedPark’s Pitstop Grill.

Have an adventure at Smokies Waterpark Resort and Family Adventure Center

Take your family and friends on a fun-filled trip to beat the heat. Nothing is more refreshing than diving into a pool of water. You need to pay the entrance fee for the center only, and then you can enjoy the three water parks within this facility.

The Wild Waterdome is an indoor park, but it has a glass ceiling, so be sure to apply sunscreen anyway. It has many rides like wave pools, tubing tunnels, and splash zones.

Salamander Springs is an outdoor waterpark with a massive pool for children, multiple levels of splash areas, and jumbo slides. The third water park is also outdoors. Lake Wilderness has unique thrill rides like the Cyclone Racer and Wild Vortex. Try your hand at The Wall and other hair-raising rides if you’re into the extreme side of life.

Splash around in the Soaky Mountain Waterpark

There are plenty of choices when it comes to waterparks in Sevierville. Soaky Mountain is an enormous waterpark with nineteen exciting rides for people of all ages. The rides here employ technology to enhance the customer experience. For example, there are visual effects in the tunnels used for tubing to make you feel like you’re going at breakneck speeds.

More rides with names like Copperhead Clash and Black Bear Rapids should tell you what to expect. The children get to ride smaller and safer versions of all these rides. And when you’ve worn yourselves out, head to the lounge area and eat your fill from the eight food establishments in the park.


To enrich your vacation and make the most of Sevierville, you need to go to the Smoky Mountains and explore nature and wildlife. You can do strenuous activities like camping and go on hiking trails, and then you can unwind at water parks and resorts. You can check out Dolly Parton’s bronze statue and go racing at NASCAR’s very own theme park. Be sure to list all the activities you’d like to do and rent a cabin for your stay, so you won’t need to rush through any part of your itinerary.

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