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8 Questions to Ask When Hiring an Injury Lawyer

Personal injury claims give victims a legal avenue to gain compensation for injuries and financial losses. When they are ready to file a claim, victims need an attorney who understands their case, and they need to know what to expect at all turns. With this in mind, following are 8 questions to ask when hiring an injury lawyer.  

1. What Percentage Do You Require If We Win?

On average, personal injury lawyers receive around 25% of the total monetary awards. Claimants need to inquire about this percentage before they hire an attorney. If the attorney asks for an outrageous percentage, it might be time to find someone else. Your quest for finding a good lawyer should lead you to someone who has your interest at the forefront instead of a higher payout for themselves. 

2. What Are Your Fees?

Clients need to know how much the attorney fees are before getting started. Typically, personal injury attorneys don’t charge any fees until they win the case, but the fees accumulate during these cases. Inquiring about the fees earlier gives clients an idea of how much they pay overall. 

3. How Long Will the Case Take?

The duration of the personal injury claim depends on several factors. If the attorney can get the defendant to settle out of court, this could shorten the length of the case, but there isn’t any guarantee that this will happen. Getting an estimated duration tells claimants how long it could take to get their monetary award. 

4. What Is Your Rate of Success?

The ratio of wins to losses determines how well the attorney manages personal injury cases. Claimants do not want to invest their time and money into an attorney without a proven track record. The details about their cases are available through public records. However, if the attorney is forthcoming with this information, it will save a lot of time. 

5. Have You Managed Cases Like Mine?

It’s beneficial if the attorney has managed cases like yours. Clients do not want to hire an attorney for a medical malpractice case that hasn’t managed these cases previously. Claimants want to find an attorney that is familiar with these proceedings and what to expect throughout the case. 

6. Can I Speak to Your Past Clients About Your Services?

Referrals are beneficial and give clients peace of mind. If they can find out more about someone else’s experiences with the attorney, the client feels more comfortable hiring the attorney. Many individuals have questions that only previous clients can answer. 

7. What Are the Projected Damages I Could Receive?

The clients want to know how much they could get if they win their case. Personal injury cases do not have the exact same monetary damages available to clients. For example, medical malpractice cases could lead to punitive damages to punish the doctor. These monetary damages aren’t available in an auto accident claim. Clients need to know what they can get to decide if it is even worth it to file a lawsuit. 

8. What Can I Expect Moving Forward?

Claimants who have never filed a lawsuit previously need to know what to expect during these cases. They want to know what the attorney does for their case, and the claimants need to know what to expect from the defendant.  

Personal injury cases are an effective way to collect compensation after an accident. The lawsuits help the victims demand payment for all financial losses caused by their injuries. Learn more about what personal injury attorneys do and how to find an effective attorney for your case.  


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