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8 Cheaper Alternatives to Geek Team to Fix Your Computer

Nowadays, computer systems rarely fail, yet when they do, it can be pricey to obtain professional help from companies like Nerd Team or your neighborhood matching. If your computer system is on the fritz and also you do not intend to rack up those per hour prices, there are a couple of methods you can deal with the issue for much less money.

1. Be Your Own Detective

Computers are made complex devices, yet they all submit to a sensible medical diagnosis procedure. The trick is to function your method down the list of opportunities until you are confident that you recognize where the problem is.

This can take experience and some knowledge of just how hardware and also software application work, yet any person can comply with a couple of fundamental rules of thumb to have a great shot at finding out the problem:

  • Turn around the last thing that took place (e.g., system update, driver setup, software application adjustments, and so on).
  • Run a system file stability check.
  • Make certain vehicle drivers depend on date.
  • Remove just recently installed hardware.
  • Unplug all peripherals that aren’t necessary for diagnostics.
  • Get rid of possibilities (e.g. swap out a mouse to identify if it or the computer or the mouse is at fault).

This isn’t an exhaustive checklist, but the concept is to be organized and also job from wide opportunities to certain ones through a procedure of removal.

2. You Might Have Free Technology Assistance Currently.

Before you whip out your credit card, consider that you may currently have free technology support included with certain equipment or software program you’ve bought. This is an excellent option to using Nerd Team. For instance, you can obtain tech assistance for Windows from Microsoft if you’re a qualified customer.

If you’re having driver or software program problems with your hardware, such as your GPU, you can normally email assistance. If your equipment is still under guarantee, after that you definitely must let the supplier or agent handle any kind of problems as opposed to trying to fix it yourself.

Often when you buy a brand-new gadget or computer, it additionally features a year or more of technology support, so it’s worth inspecting if you had this offer consisted of in the purchase rate.

3. Google It.

We’re going to allow you in on a little a secret. When you take your computer system in to be examined, Geek Squad professionals are possibly hitting up Google for answers unless it’s a routine issue they currently recognize. While a good computer system service technician can determine a trouble without the help of the internet, it’s normally the fastest method to reach the option. Besides, if they can take care of an issue promptly, it indicates they can obtain more paid job done.

You require to precisely describe the signs and symptoms and after that type those into an online search engine to make this efficient. If you make use of the ideal search phrases as well as summary, you’re most likely to discover a repair.

4. Hit Up the Discussion forums.

Net online forums have been around almost as long as the web itself, and much of the neighborhoods are a gold mine of expertise and also recommendations. If you can not discover the specific answer to your trouble on a forum, you can always (politely) help and also describe your details problem.

While there’s no guarantee that anybody will certainly have the response for you, we normally discover that somebody with the proper knowledge will help. Just keep in mind that nobody is being paid to provide tech assistance below, so conduct on your own appropriately!

5. Ask a Buddy.

There’s a likelihood that of your good friends (or one of their close friends) is an achieved tech-head. You can attempt requesting help using your links, and this can exercise more affordable than going to an official fixing or Nerd Team tech assistance shop.


While you can’t constantly anticipate your friends to help you for free, you might not need to pay cash. An IOU for a future support or settlement in an additional form (like a home-cooked dish) could be all they ask. If cash does transform hands, it’s most likely for less than a formal computer repair outfit would certainly charge. Simply bear in mind that if a close friend deals with your computer system, there are no assurances, and also if something goes wrong, you will not have any choice.

6. Get Comfy With a Screwdriver.

If your computer system difficulties entail rooting around inside a computer, eliminating components, inspecting parts like heatsinks as well as followers for damages, as well as otherwise working with “frightening” electronics, it might be time to obtain used to it.

While gadgets like mobile phones and also tablet computers are very much not user-serviceable, desktop Computers are. Also most laptops aren’t too hard to open up and also have a poke around only if you have an excellent reason, obviously.

The means computer system components are designed, it’s more challenging to place them together improperly than appropriately. Points have changed rather a great deal over the years, and any individual that can check out as well as adhere to instructions with a bit of persistence as well as treatment must have no concern. Even better, this is the age of internet video, so you can seek out a limitless number of demonstrations revealing you just how to execute upkeep, repairs, and diagnostics on your computer. This brings us neatly to the next idea!

7. Inspect YouTube.

There’s so much excellent modern technology material on YouTube that you’ll almost certainly discover beginner-friendly explainers as well as guide video clips to help you solve your concerns. This is possibly a good time to tell you about our own Online Tech Tips Youtube Network. You’ll locate a lot of fast and simple solutions, along with easy tech explainers.

For technical PC structure suggestions, for example, you may wish to check out Player’s Nexus. If you’re mosting likely to simply learn about computer innovation, you need to additionally read 5 YouTube Networks Every Significant Tech Follower Must Subscribe To.

8. Search for the Most affordable Geeks.

If you have actually worn down every one of the choices over and also are now in a position where you need to pay a person to fix your computer system, you still do not need to pay the rates that mainstream computer system fixing franchise business like Geek Squad cost.

You can utilize tools such as Google Maps (as well as without a doubt Google itself) to do some relative buying. Why not telephone your neighborhood shops and ask what their hourly rates are? There might also be a special rate or promo at one of the smaller mom-and-pop PC repair electrical outlets given that they need to compete with the big box stores.


Make certain to consider up the low cost you see versus testimonials from customers that have actually had their computers repaired by an offered store. You eventually obtain what you spend for, so locating the appropriate equilibrium of service as well as cost is essential. Usually computer fixing electrical outlets like Geek Team in prime spots such as shopping center are costly since they have large rent expenses as well as running expenses, so trying to find technicians who have actually set up shop where lease is less costly may be a superb way to get reduced prices.

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