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8 Best Games like Overwatch

Blizzard Entertainment’s 2016 first-person shooter Overwatch became a hit. Millions of players worldwide loved its hero-based gameplay, diversified characters, and team-focused goals. However, if you want something similar but different or are ready for a change, there are many great games with comparable gameplay. This article covers eight of the finest team-based FPS games like Overwatch, each with its own twist.

Team Fortress 2

Valve Corporation’s Team Fortress 2 is credited with pioneering the hero-based shooter genre. Despite being published in 2007, it is comparable to Overwatch. In TF2, players may pick from nine classes with different skills and weaponry.

Colorful, cartoony graphics makes the game fun. With game types like Capture the Flag and Payload, Team Fortress 2 stresses collaboration and objectives. It enables casual and competitive play and has a big community like Overwatch. Team Fortress 2 remains popular among team-based shooter aficionados due to its many maps and Valve updates.


Hi-Rez Studios’ Paladins is called the “free-to-play Overwatch.” It has distinct characters and a card-based personalization system, but it also has hero-based gameplay and a bright graphic style like Overwatch.

Players select Champions with unique skills and ultimate moves in Paladins. Using cards to tailor your Champion’s playstyle makes Paladins unique and allows for more personalized strategies. Paladins offers casual and competitive action with Siege and Onslaught modes.

Apex Legends

Titanfall-themed battle royale Apex Legends is created by Respawn Entertainment and released by Electronic Arts. Hero-like characters and skills are comparable to Overwatch, but team-based objectives are not.

Apex Legends players build teams of three and choose from a list of Legends with distinct powers and ultimate moves. The game stresses teamwork, communication, and strategy, like Overwatch. The fast-paced action and dynamic gameplay make Apex Legends a fascinating character-based shooter alternative.


Valorant, created and released by Riot Games, blends Counter-Strike tactical gameplay with Overwatch-like hero characters. Esports and competitive shooter lovers flocked to it after its 2020 release.

Valorant has many Agents that can deploy barriers, heal allies, or disclose enemy positions. Players play 5v5 to plant or defuse a Spike bomb. Valorant’s precision gunplay and clever use of agent skills appeal to tactical and hero-based FPS players.


Gearbox Software’s Battleborn combines FPS and MOBA components. In 2016, it introduced leveling up and advancement to the hero-based Overwatch genre.

Battleborn players choose from distinct characters with unique powers and final moves. Players may level up their avatars in a match and earn new powers and augmentations in cooperative and competitive modes. MOBA-style gameplay and character advancement make Battleborn a unique hero shooter for those seeking new experiences.

Dirty Bomb

Splash Damage’s fast-paced, objective-based FPS Dirty Bomb. It emphasizes collaboration, character skills, and varied playstyles like Overwatch but doesn’t feature a hero system.

Dirty Bomb lets players choose mercenaries with distinct weapons and skills. Objective-based variants require players to set bombs or escort payloads. Dirty Bomb is a good choice for team-based gamers since it requires strategy and teamwork.


The brief hero-based shooter LawBreakers, developed by Boss Key Productions and released by Nexon, was a novel take on the genre. Its creative gameplay features make it worth highlighting despite its demise.

LawBreakers have jetpacks and special powers for gravity-defying warfare. Fast-paced vertical combat was available across levels and modes. Its distinctive approach on hero-based shooters made an imprint on the genre, even though its servers remain down.


Ubisoft’s futuristic battle royale Hyper Scape emphasizes fast-paced action and unique skills. It uses special powers like Overwatch but has a different game format.

Battle royale battles in Hyper Scape allow players to take up “Hacks.” These Hacks give invisibility or protection. The fundamental gameplay is battle royale, but additional skills offer strategic and hero-like features.


Overwatch is a beloved hero-based shooter, but fans looking for a new experience have several options. This directory offers a variety of games with distinct characters, team-based objectives, or both. Hero shooters provide something for every FPS fan, from Team Fortress 2’s cartoony pandemonium to Valorant’s tactical gunplay. So choose your characters, form a team, and play these amazing games like Overwatch.

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Cary Grant
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