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6 Do’s And Don’ts You Must Know To Overcome Hiring Challenges

If you’re a recruiter, you might have faced issues while hiring employees— after they’re hired, you realize that they’re not a good fit for the position. Why? They might have lowered the overall productivity affecting your existing employees or simply didn’t match your company’s work culture. Anything might have happened due to hiring the wrong person or moving too quickly with your recruitment process. As a result of this, you have to hire and train a whole new set of candidates all over again, as well as repair the damage caused to the existing employees. 

So, how will you know that your next hire is not going to cause the same damage to you and your existing employees? Follow these do’s and don’ts to fill in the gaps and build a strong recruitment process. But wait! before you begin with a permanent or temporary hiring process, consider these factors:

  • Effective job description
  • Employee interviewing 
  • Offer Letter
  • Registration, induction, and orientation
  • Employee Training 

DO conduct thorough competitive research 

At times, some organizations change their policies and recruitment strategies based on the new competition. That’s why recruiters must analyze and research well before implementing any process. Researching the salary, terms, benefits, and work culture can get you valuable data to decide on what to change in the hiring policy in order to measure the competitors. 

DO verify employee’s backgrounds & references

Your candidate might mail a fake resume to you with no evidence to prove the work samples in it. That’s why employers take written consent from their candidates to perform a background check and verify all their details. 

When you’re conducting a background verification of the chosen candidate, it authenticates the credentials along with their experience and skill sets. Above all, with this method, you can also understand their work samples, legal history, and educational qualifications. 

DO use recruiting software 

If you’re having issues in getting reports and analyses after/during your hiring process then consider using recruiting software. It will fill the gaps of the missing transparency, giving you positive turnovers. Selecting a good recruiting software streamlines your entire recruitment process and helps you reach your targets. So, choose wisely!

DON’T be too personal 

Recruiters are forbidden to ask personal questions like religion, gender, nationality, etc, to their candidates. Keeping the hiring process formal without going out of the way and asking too personal questions will save you time and make the process legal.

Try to skip questions that are not related to the job like “Are you engaged/married”? as this may cause legal troubles to the one recruiting. Likewise, the question “Are you disabled” might be insulting to your candidates, as you’re talking to them for the first time. So, always maintain a formal process; this also shows the standard of your company. 

DON’T skip the telephone interview round

Many recruiters do not miss out on the initial telephonic interview which has saved them time. Some candidates fail to mention important details like their expected salary on their resumes. And because of this, a quick call is important for you to sort out doubts about your candidate’s expectations.

Well, if you’re already using recruitment software it makes it easy for you to schedule video interviews. Apart from that, you can also use software like Skype to connect with your candidates (even if you’re hiring from abroad) and schedule an initial call for transparency.  

DON’T forget former employees’ interview details

To find the loopholes of your organization in the hiring process, review the past calls conducted while hiring former employees. Digging into past interview calls can make you understand where you went wrong and fix that issue for future hiring. This will bring in potential workers and also retain the existing ones.

The Ending Note

Instead of thinking deeply about how you can hire an experienced candidate with a comfortable recruitment process, just hire self-motivated and adaptable candidates who are open to grasping new circumstances. Candidates who are self-learners and can work both in a team and by themselves. 

Is it still sounding difficult? Well, let’s simplify it further for you. 

Remember one of the “Do’s” about using recruitment software? Yes, that’s where you need to make a change that will clear all existing troubles. We recommend Workable and Pypa Hire to empower you in facing hiring challenges. 

The AI-powered tools of Workable scale up the decision-making abilities of candidates and give them a streamlined process through automation, which is suitable for small and large businesses. Whereas, Pypa Hire, a candidate management software, offers built-in collaboration, reports and insights, application tracking, and many more to manage your business and acquire quality talent. 

So, whether you’re hiring 5 employees in a start-up or 500 employees in a small to medium scaled business, this tool will make your work done faster than now!

Cary Grant
Cary Grant
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