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15 Ways to Enjoy Summer Festivals to the Fullest

Here, we will go over 15 ways to enjoy summer festivals to the fullest. 

Once summer rolls around, festivals start popping up in every direction. You have film festivals, renaissance festivals, chili cook-offs, county fairs, and more. If you are like most people, you waited all year for these events to come back to town and want to make the most of the day. 

Keep reading for tips on how you can enjoy each summer festival to the fullest this year.

1) Purchase Tickets in Advance

Before you get deep into planning the details of your trip to the festival, purchase your tickets. If you wait too long, you may be stuck paying an arm and a leg or left trusting scalpers.

2) Bring Enough Money

We have all gone to a festival and been completely shocked by $6 bottles of water and $15 french fries. Unfortunately, prices continue to go up, so if you plan to eat, drink and purchase souvenirs at the festival, make sure to bring plenty of cash. 

3) Dress For The Weather

Most festivals are outside, and since the weather can be unpredictable, you should prepare by dressing for all weather. This can be as simple as wearing a short sleeve shirt and thin pants and tying a hooded sweater around your waist.

4) Don’t Go Alone

There are two reasons why you should never go to a festival alone. The first reason is that it’s not safe. You never know who you can and can not trust, so use the buddy system to back you up. Second, festivals are much more fun when you have a loved one experiencing them with you. 

5) Go Stress-Free

If you go to a festival filled with anxiety about unimportant things like finding parking, work you didn’t get finished, or seeing everything on the schedule, you probably won’t have the best time. Instead, make sure you go stress-free by eating an edible, meditating, having a glass of wine, or anything else that calms you down. 

6) Go On a Theme Day

Some festivals have a different theme each day of the week. To enjoy the festival to the fullest, look up the themes and go on the day that sounds the most fun. 

7) Dress For the Theme

If you go on a theme day, you can’t forget to dress the part. If you aren’t sure how to dress, go online and look at pictures posted from similar events or the year prior. There, you are sure to find a ton of inspiration.

8) Pack a Bag

When you go to a festival, you will need to bring a ton of stuff like snacks, drinks, a portable charger, a first aid kit, and your wallet. Having all of these items in your hands or pockets is not ideal. So, bring a hands-free bag to the festival with you. A cross-body bag, fanny pack, or backpack is perfect. Try to leave purses and totes behind since carrying them around gets tiring and limits what you can do while there.

9) Stay Hydrated

Speaking from experience, nothing is worse than going to a festival and having your day interrupted by a trip to the hospital because you weren’t drinking enough water. Becoming dangerously dehydrated is easier than you may think. At a festival, you are sweating in the sun, dancing, and walking all day. To stay hydrated, drink a few cups of water before you go and at least one cup of water each hour while there. 

10) Look at The Schedule

Most festivals have a full schedule of events, shows, and activities that will take place each day. To avoid missing out on something fun, take a look at the festival’s schedule before going. If you do, you will know exactly when and where to be throughout the day.

11) Try the Foods

Festivals have foods that can’t be found anywhere else and depending on the type of festival, you may have the opportunity to taste some of the best authentic dishes. Some common festival foods are funnel cake, fries, burgers, and ice cream. However, some themed festival foods are turkey legs, bratwurst, chili, tacos, and fish and chips. To make the most of your day, don’t skip the festival foods. 

12) Go on The Rides

Some festivals have carnival rides, and if the one you are attending has some, you should ride them. Nothing makes you feel like a kid again like sitting in an ill-buckled seat and being sent into the air. Besides, the surge of adrenaline from the rides will give you an energy boost to power the rest of your day.

13) Take Pictures

A great way to enjoy festivals to the fullest is by taking plenty of pictures. Photos are a gift that keeps on giving because any time you want to remember your festival experience, you can pull out some photos and be brought right back to the event.  

14) Don’t Forget Sunscreen

Common sense tells you to apply sunscreen, but excitement makes you forget to actually put it on. Sunburns are not the ideal souvenir to bring back, so while you’re planning your trip, put sunscreen on your checklist or put it directly in your bag.

15) Take Breaks

Some festivals last for hours or even days. Unfortunately, if you don’t pace yourself and take breaks between shows or activities, you may find yourself wanting to end the day early. When you start to get tired, sit down in some shade and relax.

Cary Grant
Cary Grant
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