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Сity building browser games SuperCity

Building strategy SimCity 2013 sample – long-awaited game, a full-fledged sequel to which we had to wait for a little over a decade. Those who like this city building simulator should pay attention to city building browser games. A good candidate is a SuperCity.

SuperCity is a building planning simulation game in which the user is encouraged to turn a small farming settlement into a beautiful and economically prosperous metropolis. Super City is playable on Android and iOS. The game is sold on the App Store and Google Play. However, if you don’t have time to play SimCity or SuperCity, why not try a browser-based city-building alternative? City building browser games are a lot of fun.

Games about building

Games, the construction of cities, and entire worlds in which the plot is based gather whole armies of fans. At first glance, some games about building cities may not seem as exciting as games in other genres. Especially for those who prefer the first-person shooter.

Games, where you have to build your city, do not give you the same adrenaline as a fantasy adventure. There are good reasons why single-player and interesting multiplayer games where you have to build your city resonate in the hearts of many gamers.

All people love to build a city in games. This genre in the game industry allows you to achieve an unprecedented level of control. Games about building in which you can conceptualize your world from every inch of asphalt to every blade of grass allow you to build the interaction of certain characters with each other.

Something is relaxing about quietly developing your city. It’s something you can easily immerse yourself in after a long work week. Especially since these are always games with beautiful graphics. After all, some gamers prefer more realistic games because they perceive only the real world and have a hard time understanding apocalyptic survival horror or space-themed computer games.

City building browser games

Browser games – a category of online games, in which a web browser acts either as the operating shell for the game, allowing you to play the game without installing additional software on your computer, or serves as a container for an additional virtual machine that directly executes the game code (Java, Flash, Shockwave, and similar). Games of this type are most often casual, which is due to restrictions on size. In addition, browser games are popular with developers of commercial gambling games, particularly online casinos, due to the lack of installation process of the game on your computer.

Browser games can be both free and paid, as well as conditionally free. As a rule, they allow you to play for free but motivate the player to pay for any in-game services. Some games allow you to redeem game currency or points for real money.

Games about the building are very popular among people who love to build something and erect it. There are many browser games of this genre. If you like building cities, castles or just houses, then you’ve come to the right place. Client versions you have to download, but the simple browser-based games can be played in any browser, as long as you have a stable internet connection. If you like building and survival, then there is a special survival game with a strategic bias.

The further the player progresses in the city-building games online, the more responsibilities fall on his shoulders. Here people are demanding a compulsory school for their children, slowly deteriorating ecology, lowering the health of all members of the greater society. There is not enough water and food, and people are asking for the construction of the church in a place where you cannot find an empty patch of land even for a lantern, not to mention the pompous center of religion. In general, the player has to stand at the head not of a small village, but of a large anthill, where each inhabitant has his own needs and desires.

Other strategists have chosen a different path, a meditative one. Instead of wars and conquest of territories, these games offer complex economic problems, the construction of cities, and logistics, while not excluding the possibility of fighting.

Situationally, games about construction can be divided into several categories:

  • Economic strategies – construction work becomes part of the development of the economy and requires a competent approach.
  • Building strategies – at the heart of the game is planning the sequential erection of buildings to rationally fill the given territory.
  • Architectural challenges – the gamer must not just create the perfect structure, but also think through the arrangement of rooms in it.
  • Arcade – building towers, castles, and bridges become a necessary part of the gameplay and an important step in the development of the chosen community.

The applications сity building browser games are divided into three types. This is a massively multiplayer, multiplayer, and single-player browser game. Recent variations are written on a multimedia platform Adobe Flash. Previously, they were created in Java. With HTML5, games are now available without the need to install browser extensions.

You can build in games almost anything. There are no limits to the materials and approaches. Some plots focus on a competent engineering approach and offer to remember the basic basics of physics. Others are simpler to implement but no less interesting. Choosing the right option is very simple, and the game is sure to bring a lot of fun.

Building strategy online games

Browser online games for construction and development are probably one of the most popular genres. This is often a strategic or economic project. But there are also games of other genres, in which you can find elements that fit the definition of development. Therefore, in this selection, you can find a variety of browser games, regardless of their genre. Each item on the list has a brief description. For more information, you can always go to the review page.

Browser games with the development, as a rule, imply the possibility of constructing various buildings, to extract resources and discover new technologies. That is, most often the gameplay has a bias in the economic component, especially in the early days. But you can develop not only the infrastructure. In many projects’ expansion is also available for units and heroes. Getting stronger, they open up new game possibilities.

Also, in-browser games, the development in most cases involves measured gameplay, and the need to calculate their actions and make informed decisions. Thanks to the right strategy here can be achieved, which other projects have to achieve through the reaction rate. So, these games are better suited for fans of quiet network entertainment rather than brisk action games or MMORPGs.

Supercity review

Any building can be built at any stage of the game, as long as people have gathered enough resources to build it. There will be no money in the game. Instead, the resources collected can be exchanged with other cities through trade ships. Trade routes are a key factor in adding livestock to your city, as well as creating fields that produce crops each year. But again, long trade routes carry an increased risk of catching some diseases.

The game has many different crafts for your city’s population, ranging from farmers and hunters to blacksmiths, teachers, and healers. There is no one-size-fits-all strategy in the game-the amount of resources on the maps varies. The player can re-forest, build mines for iron and coal, and quarries for stone, but such tactics will mean less precious space needed for expansion.

Games like Supercity

In games like Supercity, you will be able to control almost every aspect of the life of your residents, which will not let you get bored for a long time. In Supercity, players will control a small group of exiled travelers who decide to start their lives in a new land. With a limited supply of resources, to begin with, it is your inhabitants that will prove to be your most important game resource. The main goal in Supercity is to create a thriving community while you watch your population grow, work, and eventually die.

Population growth comes with many in-game challenges as you will struggle:

  • With extreme weather;
  • Hunger;
  • With an aging population;
  • And even low morale.

In, you will not have any restrictions on the buildings you can erect thanks to experience without a technological tree. Here, your only limitation will be your population and resources. These resources also double as money in the later stages of the game, where you will be able to buy resources from merchants.

To construct buildings in games like Supercity you must first choose a location. It must be level and appropriate for the class of the building. For example, the house, and most simple buildings are built on level ground. But a mine or fishing harbor can only be built on certain terrain, that is water, or near an elevated mountain. The presence of arrows shows in which direction the entrance to the building will be.

Place buildings farther away from each other, so there is a better chance that an accidental fire will not destroy half of the city. It is ideal to put on three squares (in terms of the road). Once the place is chosen, the workers will first dump all the necessary resources into the pile, and then start building. Construction is prioritized, that is, all buildings are erected in order of stacking and no other way. The number of builders does not greatly affect the speed of construction.


SuperCity: building simulator whose creators have gone proven way that no doubt will attract all fans of the genre. Taking as a basis the classic mechanics, that is, you have to act as the mayor of a small settlement and try to turn the town into a major metropolis, while not forgetting about the needs of residents and of course taking care of the budget. But that’s not all, the creators of the project paid a lot of attention to graphics, working out the buildings of which the game is more than 1000 so that everyone can build the city of their dreams.

Play the epic city-building simulator SuperCity, where you must develop a tiny village into a shining metropolis with many attractions. Nowhere will you get such rich tools and a lot of positive emotions as in SuperCity.

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