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Why is a Hosted QuickBooks Solution better than a Local Installation?

QuickBooks is a cloud-based bookkeeping system for small and medium-sized businesses that helps you create invoices and track operating costs, sales, and profits.

Best Quickbooks Desktop cloud hosting allows companies to update their books, track their accuracy, monitor their accounting operations, and track all their business activities in one place. This software allows you to access your business data from any location and device, does not require local installation, allows unlimited fast and immediate access, and backs up your files regularly.

Local installation is the process of making software available to a specific location or destination, such as a directory, hard drive, hard drive, or computer system. Locally installed software gives users more control over their business data and may not require an internet connection, but software installation requires more storage space and files regularly. It requires updates and backups, data sharing is not easy, and bug issues can always occur.

Benefits of Using Hosted QuickBooks

Multi-User Access

Hosted QuickBooks users can have unlimited simultaneous access to business files by multiple users. This allows instant exchange of data from different locations, improving communication for companies with multiple offices. This multi-user access feature helps improve customer service and encourages quick response in customer service. In this way, businesses can improve win rates and quality of service, share and edit files, and notify other users immediately. Multi-access also improves collaboration and accuracy.

Data Storage

Storing your data in the cloud is a safe and reliable tool to help you avoid the loss of important data. With this form of data storage, business data is not completely lost due to disasters such as fires, floods, earthquakes, or the destruction of IT infrastructure. In the event of a server failure, data is available in multiple locations. This contrasts with a local installation where a crash results in an unrecoverable loss of files.

Unrestricted Access and Devices

Hosted QuickBooks requires only local device and web browser access, making it ideal for employees who work remotely from different times and locations. Unlike local installations, which provide access only through the computer system on which they are installed, hosted QuickBooks can be used on a highly optimized remote server that provides unlimited availability. This can be inconvenient for local install users to have to browse these devices for better access. QuickBooks which is hosted on cloud windows desktop does not require installation, unlike local installations.


QuickBooks Hosting is designed and developed with multiple layers of security to withstand common internal disasters. The software regularly monitors and hardens your system against cyberattacks with advanced surveillance, firewall, and antivirus tools. These capabilities enable businesses to effectively protect themselves and their resources and maintain their reputation.


Local installations require users to regularly back up their data to avoid data loss. This contrasts with hosted QuickBooks, where vendors regularly back up their files to multiple locations in secure data centers. It also encrypts data during file transfer to prevent data leakage.


Hosted QuickBooks provides unrestricted access to your data, provides a more secure system for sharing files, enables multi-user access on the go, and provides instant, high-speed business data connections. Considering the quirks of the accounting applications, Apps4Rent would be the better choice for Hosted QuickBooks service as they command expertise in the field and provide guidance on Exchange Online Migration too.

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