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What Are Different Types of Pillow Box Packaging? 

Pillow packaging boxes are generally made up of paperboard with a great thickness and are better to use for light weighted things that include jewellery, small gifts, and sweets etc. These customized pillow boxes can be customized in any shape and size of your own choice. The custom gift boxes are suitable for small shops as well as large stores and for functions as gifts.

One of the most used and most sold packages in the world is pillow packaging. The pillow packaging boxes are most commonly used for small items, yet they are available in several sizes. These boxes have several benefits; they are made with eco-friendly materials, so they are safe and sustainable, they are durable, and they are versatile. There are many choices of materials for manufacturing pillow boxes. 

You can use either kraft or cardboard for manufacturing. Both of them give benefits of their own. Kraft and cardboard are the most commonly used materials for manufacturing as both of them are eco-friendly and can also be reused. You have wide choices of decorating your pillow boxes as there are numerous styles, shapes, sizes, and designs. So, these two materials (kraft and cardboard) are the best for manufacturing pillow boxes.

For the manufacturing of any packaging box, more material will be used for more quantity of the packaging boxes, and surely it will increase your cost. So, in this case, the best option is a pillow packaging box. You can use less material and can get a huge quantity. 


Furthermore, if we talk about the types of pillow boxes, then here are various types of them. Some of the types of pillow boxes are described below.

  • Pillow Packaging for Gifts

If you are searching for the best packaging boxes to pack gifts, then here you go. The gift pillow packaging boxes are the best option for the packaging of the gift. There is no better option rather than the pillow boxes as they will give your gift product a decent and smart look. There is another advantage that if you do not want to buy it from any shop, you can easily customize it at home. You can also design it well without print as you have other options like colour sprays or paints etc. You can pack watches, jewellery or whatever you want to give in it.

  • Custom Window Pillow Boxes

The plastic window in any packaging has the ability to attract more customers. The packages with plastic windows look attractive, unique, and elegant. With a plastic window, your customers will see the product without opening it. In this way, before making a final decision, the customers will know what they are going to buy. 

  • Custom Pillow Boxes with Handles

The perfect packaging for customers is the one that provides them convenience and ease. The pillow packaging boxes with handles are the best option for packaging boxes as they will make it easy for customers to carry the box with handles. In such a way, more customers will be attracted to your product after looking at the packaging boxes in a way they like. Moreover, this will help you to increase your sales. 

  • Kraft Paper Pillow Boxes

You can select Kraft paper for the manufacturing of pillow boxes as Kraft paper is totally an eco-friendly material. Most of the customers in today’s era are willing to pay more for sustainable packaging as they are so much concerned about their health. Kraft paper is completely recyclable and reusable, so it can be used several times. Kraft paper of white and brown colours is a little affordable, but other colours are also available. You can appeal to more customers with your product by using Kraft paper for manufacturing. 

  • Cardboard Pillow Packaging Boxes

Cardboard is a strong and durable option for making up pillow boxes wholesale. Cardboard is a much better option as compared to other materials as it is strong and eco-friendly too. The pillow boxes made with cardboard are not only durable but also sustainable. These pillow boxes are quite cheap and affordable. You can use them for the packaging of food items or for sending mail.

  • Luxury Pillow Boxes

By using luxury pillow boxes, you can deliver luxury quality to your customers. The custom luxury pillow boxes are made with special finishing as they can help to increase the value of the boxes. Finishing of luxury pillow boxes can be done by UV coating, foil and gold stamping, embossing, matte lamination, gloss UV and AQ etc. 

  • Personalized Pillow Boxes

Pillow boxes commonly come in brown colour. Therefore, you can customize it in the way you want. You can use various colours and fonts, and you can add the name of your brand and the logo. You can use printing or graphics.

The pillow boxes of different styles have their own benefits and use. You can’t deny the benefit and use of the styles if you like some other style because all of them are unique and useful in their own way. 

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