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                Warframe Augment Mods

11 Natural Damage Augments

Warframe Melee Weapons Featured

General Mod Description: Hold to project will concede all partners inside 15m an extra 100 percent [Element] Damage to their assaults for 40s.

We will cheat with this section (and the following one) by including different increase Mods that do exactly the same thing. Certain component themed Warframes have a capacity expand that concedes a harm lift to yourself and close by partners for 40 seconds, giving 100 percent of your harm as additional harm of a specific component type.

A portion of these capacities can be subsumed onto other Warframes, permitting you to utilize these harm helping expands on other Warframes. These expands sidestep the one harm capacity decide that Helminth implements, so you could put Oberon’s Smite Infusion on Chroma or Rhino assuming you needed significantly more harm. On the off chance that you’re making a Condition Overload construct or simply love making your harm numbers develop bigger, these expands ought to be in your assortment.

10 Plunder Augments

Warframe Nekros and Tigris Prime Croppe

Like natural harm expands, there are a couple of increases that spin around plunder drops. These Mods increment the quantity of plunder foes drop while impacted by a specific expertise.

Mineral Gaze: Atlas’ Petrify capacity

25% possibility of more plunder while killing froze adversaries

Impacted by Power Strength

Can be subsumed

Appropriating Swarm: Hydroid’s Tentacle Swarm capacity

100 percent plunder drop opportunity for adversaries impacted by Tentacle Swarm

Stealing Strangledome: Khora’s Strangledome capacity

60% plunder drop opportunity for foes impacted by Strangledome

These impacts stack with one another and supporters. Furthermore, since Warframe is a game about cultivating for plunder, bringing a Warframe that builds your plunder drops is generally helpful. You could in fact put Altas’ Petrify and Ore Gaze expand onto Khora, Hydroid, or Nekros to additional increment your plunder drops.


Nullification Swarm

Nullification Swarm (Scarab Swarm Augment): Scarab defensive layer shields Inaros from status impacts, consuming 3% reward covering for each impact stood up to.

While Inaros has the biggest wellbeing pool in Warframe by an enormous degree, he is as yet defenseless to status impacts and knockdowns that can demonstrate lethal in significant level substance.

Refutation Swarm is a straightforward increase that forestalls status impacts and knockdowns from influencing Inaros while Scarab Swarm is dynamic. It consumes 3% of your Scarab Swarm when this happens, yet it just takes 3% for each status influencing you as of late. That implies on the off chance that you get hit by 10 intensity procs with hardly a pause in between, it will just take 3% of your reinforcement rather than 30%, making this Mod an unquestionable requirement on any Inaros fabricate.


Looking for Shuriken

Looking for Shuriken (Shuriken Augment): Hits uncover shortcomings on adversaries, decreasing their protective layer by 70% for 8 seconds.

Since adversary shield scales forcefully in Steel Path, having approaches to stripping it quickly is significant. While there are many approaches to diminishing foe shield, there are restricted choices for stripping protective layer through and through.

Meet Seeking Shuriken, an increase for Ash’s Shuriken capacity. This expand makes Shuriken strip 70% of an objective’s covering for a brief time frame. With a tad of force strength, this can completely strip foe shield with a solitary cast, leaving them helpless against Viral and Heat weapons.

However, pause, this capacity improves. There are two remarkable things about Shuriken:

It’s a one-gave capacity, meaning you can project it while discharging your weapon.

You can subsume Shuriken and apply it to other Warframes.

The capacity to give any Warframe a reinforcement stripping capacity that doesn’t actually intrude on your personality makes this one of the most outstanding expands in the game. Assuming that your construct genuinely battles to manage adversary defensive layer, Seeking Shuriken will take care of your concerns as a whole.


Plateau’s Waltz

Plateau’s Waltz (Peacemaker Augment): Mesa can move at half speed while utilizing Peacemaker.

One of the main negatives attached to Mesa’s definitive is it secures her. When you send your Peacemakers, you can’t move by any stretch of the imagination until the capacity closes. That changes with Mesa’s Waltz.

Initially a PvP expand, Mesa’s Waltz permits Mesa to walk and move while in her definitive. Your default walk speed is very sluggish, yet the capacity to roll permits Mesa to reposition mid-battle rapidly. This is additionally an Exilus Mod, meaning this Mod has practically no open door cost. In the event that you primary Mesa, this is a must-possess.



Warframe Gara and Operator.

Spectrosiphon (Spectrorage Augment): Enemies that pass on inside Spectrorage have a half opportunity to drop an energy sphere.

Spectrosiphon went from junk to love with the arrival of the Helminth framework. This expand for Gara’s Spectrorage makes impacted targets have a half possibility dropping an Energy Orb when killed. Most concur that this has restricted use on Gara since she doesn’t spam her capacities much.

In any case, for Warframes that adoration spamming their capacities, Spectrosiphon is a phenomenal expand for a generally profoundly underestimated capacity. Specrorage’s powerful reach is a lot bigger than it shows up, giving a fair piece of group control. At the point when you pair its enormous reach with Spectrosiphon, you can make an ocean of Energy Orbs with a solitary capacity cast and a couple of kills. It’s a superb approach to fixing a Warframe’s Energy issues without putting resources into Arcane Energize, Energy Pads, or the Focus framework.



Enduring Covenant

Warframe Harrow

Enduring Covenant (Covenant Augment): Headshot kills increment crit chance reward length by 3 seconds.

Contract is one of the most grounded harm buffs in Warframe, conceding Harrow and partners in the underlying projecting reach up to half expanded basic possibility with all weapons. Assuming you land headshots, that extra increments to 200%. This capacity is regularly balanced by Covenant’s restricted span, however that all changes with Lasting Covenant.

With this expand, landing headshot kills while Covenant is dynamic will broaden its term, up to 3x its underlying length. Giving your whole group a super durable 200% basic possibility buff is completely crazy, permitting any semblance of the Kuva Nukor to kill managers and Acolytes in Steel Path in a split second. Regardless of whether Harrow’s pack expects him to do all the legwork to help his group, getting Covenant to arrive at its greatest basic possibility buff is genuinely simple.


Timeless War

Warframe Valkyr Prime and Venka Prime.

Timeless War (Warcry Augment): While dynamic, Warcry’s length is expanded by 2 seconds for every scuffle kill.

Valkyr’s Warcry Augment permits her to keep up with Warcry’s assault speed and reinforcement buffs endlessly through killing targets. Each time you rout an adversary with skirmish while Warcry is dynamic, it broadens its clock. The clock can’t surpass 2x its not unexpected length.

This expand is incredibly strong for two reasons:

An extremely durable lift to your skirmish assault speed is a significant DPS help for scuffle weapons.

Warcry is a subsumed capacity.

You can put this increase or Baruuk or Excalibur and utilize their Exalted weapons with this expand, permitting them to go after a lot quicker than typical. In the event that you love scuffle weapons in Warframe, this expand is an unquestionable requirement.



Defend (Warding Halo Augment): Can now be projected on aligns with half viability.

After his revise, Nezha is presently a considerable edge that can give extraordinary group control while taking a lot of harm.

With Safeguard, his defensive Chakram can now influence partners too. Just cast your capacity on a partner, and they will get a duplicate of your Warding Halo capacity, permitting them to ingest foe harm, status impacts, and even paralyze skirmish focuses on that get excessively close. “Partner” is a lot more extensive term than you’d anticipate. You can apply this to well disposed players, mates (MOAs, Sentinels, and so on), and even guard targets. Nezha turns into a strong help choice for your group with this increase.


Amassing Whipclaw

Gathering Whipclaw (Whipclaw Augment): Hitting 3 foes will concede a 35% stacking Damage Bonus to resulting Whipclaws. Reward will rot after 10s.

Gathering Whipclaw is an increase for Khora that gives a stacking 35% harm buff on the off chance that at least three foes were hit with Whipclaw as of late.

Since her Whipclaw as of now causes ridiculous harm, Khora can undoubtedly a single shot enemies with this increase. The extra rots following ten seconds, however it rots gradually at a pace of 2.5% each second after the beauty period. On the off chance that you can move this buff along, you can get a monstrous 350% harm increment that can be additionally enhanced assuming foes are in your Strangedome extreme. Not many capacities can bargain as much harm as Whipclaw with this expand.