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Top online brokerages to consider when getting started with online stock trading

While online trading is considered a modern way of selling stocks within a short time but making high profits, it is nearly impossible to trade without the help of a broker. First, when seeking to open an online trading account, you should do it through a brokerage. Generally, trading without the guidance of a broker may make the entire process appear devastating and, worse, result in losses.

If you are new to Hong Kong online trading, you can invest in this potentially lucrative space and diversify your portfolio. To make the process of choosing the best online broker in Hong Kong easier, MoneySmart compares the top-rated online brokerages to make it easy for you to pick the right broker. Once you get a qualified broker and open an account with them, your trading experience will almost certainly be impressive.

 This post will review some of the top online brokers to help you narrow your options.

 Best online brokers in Hong Kong

 There are several brokers in Hong Kong offering trade assistance and other exceptional services. Here are some of the brokers that you can get through MoneySmart.

 1. WeBull HK

WeBull HK is registered and regulated to protect against loss of securities and cash withheld to financially troubled brokerage firms. With an advanced technological system, WeBull commits itself to offering a full package of self-driven investment with a wonderful user experience. The tools on brokerage firms are highly intelligent, thus giving the traders the assistance of on-point market predictions. Some of its precious features are: 

·       Zero commission: This broker charges zero commissions on all ETFs trade and online stocks. For those trade options traders, they also enjoy zero fees for the contract. You are not restricted to a minimum deposit before opening an account with this brokerage.

 ·       Easy to sign up: It takes a few minutes to sign up for an account on WeBull, and trading starts right away.

 ·       Free Access to the WeBull Desktop: Every trader with a WeBull account can freely access advanced and customised platforms to analyse trade charts, view watch lists and manage their orders. 

·       All-time connection: The customer service is available all day and night so that you can reach them with all questions concerning your trading experiences. 

·       Advanced analysis tools: With WeBull charts, and several other technical trade indicators, you can easily analyse your portfolio and utilise any trade opportunities that may arise.

2. Longbridge

 This is a reputable broker with thousands of customers who take pride in the services they get. Some of the services that attract more traders to the brokerage are: 

·       Quality customer support: In case you get stuck in your trading process, customer service is available from 9 am to 6 pm. Customer care can handle both simple technical issues you might be facing. 

·       Competitive trading fee: For all new customers, there exist high chances of commission-free to all Hong Kong citizens. 

·       Multiple methods to deposit: There are several ways to make payments to their accounts. Some of the methods include eDDA, FPS and bank security transfer.

 ·       Managed by experts of financial markets: The brokerage is managed and funded by reputable investors like Philip Capital, and every trader would likely wish to associate with them. The operations are therefore orderly, and you need not worry about competence. 

3. Saxo Markets

 Here, investors have the privilege to access over 40,000 financial products with good pricing. It is arguably the topmost broker with advanced technological features that enable it to stay on top of the online trading industry. Some of the features that can make you choose it as your broker are: 

·       Innovative technology: A greater percentage of their investment in technology advancement and innovativeness. The main aim is to serve the clients with highly graded and powerful features for trading. With just a single account, a trader can invest in both the leveraged and cash products. 

·       Competitive prices: Entry prices are very cheap, and the commissions are lower across several assets, thus keeping the entire investment cost high. 

·       24/7 Customer support: The customer support system operates 24/7 to handle any questions sent in by account holders. 

·      It’s a one-stop broker for online trading: When looking for a broker that will service all your trading needs, then Saxo is one you can fully trust. I offer a platform for trade, plus analysis of trade insights, views across different world markets and several pieces of training for their customers.


 Finding the best brokerage doesn’t need to be hard. If you are a first-time investor in the Hong Kong stock market, hopefully, this post will help you to quickly choose a brokerage platform that suits your needs. While there are many other options, you can’t go wrong with any of these three.

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