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Top 4 Ways to Support an Arrested Love One

Arrest is a hard and traumatic event, especially when the arrest is of your closest and loved ones and you have no clue about the probable events that might unfold in the next few hours. In such a situation the pressure makes it difficult for you to understand what steps to take next. You might miss out a lot of information when you receive a call from the police officer about the arrest. There are cases when you are not certain whether the arrest of your loved one was an actual event. However, one can get information about the arrest by visiting the website of the police station where the details are updated in their database after taking the offender into custody and recording the needed information. 

Once you have the required information about the arrest you can take cautious steps to achieve success rather than messing it up more. However, thousands of people experience the arrest of their loved ones daily so it is not a specific event that you’re experiencing. It is better to have a deep understanding of the steps that need to be taken with a sound mind to solve the situation successfully.  

Connect With the District Attorney 

The office of the district attorney helps in retrieving data regarding the day, time, date, and place of trial of your closed one in front of the court or judge. The arrest can take place at different places but in the case of the person who was arrested while driving, You need the help of the office to determine the whereabouts of the arrested individual’s car and then assistance to get the car released.   

Make Sure of Your Presence at the Indictment Hearing

By law, it is mandatory to present the arrested person in front of the judge within a day or two to proceed with the arrest process. Then the judge or the court decides whether the person is guilty of the charges or not. Moreover, there can be another case of releasing the person and dismissing the trial based on lack of information to keep him or the charges were too minor. 

The judge also passes judgment about the bail of the person based on the fact that he/she is a danger to society. With dealing with the finances of the bail, bail bonds riverside ca can guide and help you out. The alleged crime committed by a person becomes a base on which it is decided whether to grant the higher bail or so on.   

Connect With A Bondsman

There can be situations when you don’t have enough resources to finance the bail of the loved ones. In such cases, the service of bail bonds comes into the picture. Bail bond service finance bail on your behalf and sign some paperwork for future payment reassurances. After getting the paperwork done, they proceed with getting the bail arranged.   

Hire a Professional Attorney

The attorney saves the day when the person has no or less knowledge about the legal processes. After the arrest of the person, trial, bail, and court proceedings can be facilitated with the help of a professional and experienced attorney. Invest in a good attorney to save your loved ones who are your permanent and lifelong assets. 


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