Saturday, October 1, 2022

Top 10 Best Seller Perfumes This 2022

The new year brings new launches, which is the perfect time to add a new perfume to your collection. Whether you’re looking for something from a brand you already love or want to make a whole discovery, we’ve rounded up the best new perfumes of 2022. These scents are gorgeous, the colors are incredible, and they’re often rose-scented in pink-tinted bottles. Enough said.

With so many perfume deals on the market, It can be hard to find a perfume that appeals to you and works with your body chemistry. We made it easier by narrowing down some of the most popular options across all generations and genders, ensuring you only get what you love!

1. Chanel Coco Mademoiselle

It’s the epitome of yearning, alluring and intriguing. The sparkling, powerful floral-woody aroma of this captivating perfume lasts far longer than the top notes. Additionally, it features jasmine and May rose accords, creating a vintage sense and making it suitable for both men and women.

2. YSL Black Opium

Whether you’re in the mood for a nightcap or just a morning cup, this scent will give you a head start as you fall into the cushion-y arms of sleep. Black opium awakens your senses with musky notes and hints of coffee, while orange blossom soothes your worries and comfortingly cleanly adheres to your skin.

3. Estee Lauder Dream Dusk

Dream Dusk by Estee Lauder is a new fragrance collection inspired by nature. This uplifting floral scent is perfect for daytime wear, but you’ll also love wearing it at night for an extra brightness boost. The blossom and blackcurrant notes make it more of a feminine floral, while the geranium adds freshness and sparkle.

Additionally, Dream Dusk will last all day long, so you can be sure that your fragrance is giving off positive energy while wearing it!

4. Miss Dior

Are you not a perfume person? This cheerful flowery scent could be perfect for you. In short, it smells like thousands of flowers in bloom. Is it a sparkling floral that makes you feel your best? Or maybe it’s an uplifting spritz like you have a sunny disposition? It’s up to you.

5. Creed Wind Flowers

Wind Flowers are a bright, airy, beautiful scent from any angle. It opens with a burst of juicy peach and citrus notes, giving way to violet leaves and sweet jasmine for a radiant floral-fragrance finish. This enchanting fragrance will captivate your senses from the first spray, leaving you feeling inspired, enticed, and mystified lovely.

6. The Body Shop White Musk Lover

The Body Shop’s White Musk Lover is a sensual, uplifting fragrance with floral and musky notes. Made to leave you feeling empowered, this fragrance has its authentic style.

7. Flowerbomb

Spray this fragrance to let the world know you’re happy and relaxed! Sprinkled with white musk and cardamom, a spellbinding scent of rose petals, jasmine, and freesia tempt your senses like a flower garden with orchids.

8. Trish McEvoy Fragrance X

This cult favorite is more intoxicating than ever. The top notes of lavender and Italian bergamot are followed by notes of rose, cinnamon, and myrrh. A heart composed of sandalwood and patchouli balances the sensual experience. Finish with a base consisting of amber, benzoin, and musk to create a scent that is as classic as its name.

9. Gucci Bloom

Transition your look from daytime to evening with a perfume that is bold, sensual, and complex enough to appeal to all kinds of people. Gucci Bloom is the perfect scent for the night: it’s strong and long-lasting—it’s meant to be overwhelming.

10. CHANEL N°1 De CHANEL L’eau Rouge Revitalising Fragrance Mist

L’eau Rouge is a feminine scent full of exhilarating natural ingredients, including rosewater and honeysuckle. It’s soft yet strong and evokes nature at its most beautiful. Wear it on its own or before your signature scent to awaken the senses, or mist over the décolleté to encourage a healthy glow.


Your perfume is an extension of who you are and how you want to be perceived by those around you. It’s a nod to your creative side and a love letter to the little things that make your day—it should always reflect you.