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Tips on Hiring Electronic Contract Manufacturing Services for Business

If you’re not aware of what exactly electronic contract manufacturing (ECM) services are, they are the companies that will handle the manufacturing side of your product. That means they can take your design files, build and assemble your hardware based on those design files, and then ship it to you! Here are some tips for hiring ECM services for businesses.

 Find a company with a good reputation:

There’s no point in hiring an ECM company if they’ll just damage your reputation instead. Make sure to check their reviews and references before hiring them.

 Find a company with the proper equipment:

The ECM company you hire should have the machines needed to manufacture your product, and that includes sourcing the components required, like circuit boards and plastic cases, as well as assembling all of those components together. If they don’t have the necessary machines, then they can’t do a good job for you!

Determine the overall cost of their services

ECM companies will usually charge you by the hour, day, or week. It is generally best to hire them for longer periods of time so in turn, you can get a better rate. You should look at the total amount of hours they have available for your product and then compare that to the other electronic contract manufacturing companies out there. Normally, ECM companies will have a minimum time requirement of 2 weeks before they will accept your project.

 Experience level:

Just like how you wouldn’t hire a contractor to remodel your bathroom without first knowing what they do and how they do it, you should look at the company’s experience prior to hiring them. Look at their portfolio of before/after pictures, testimonials, and other references. If they have little to no experience, then you’re wasting your time.

 Be wary of upfront fees:

A lot of companies will charge you a big upfront fee for hiring them for your project. What’s odd about these fees is that you don’t usually see any immediate results, and the fee comes out to be more than what it would have been if you had hired them on a per-hour basis. You should avoid this at all costs.

 Know your responsibilities:

You need to know exactly what the contract manufacturer expects of you. Before signing their contract, make sure you know what exactly you’re signing up for. Is it a fixed fee? Does it include shipping costs? Are there any other fees that you should be aware of? As well as being clear on the requirements and responsibilities, make sure to check what they will provide to you and how they’ll handle any complaints that may arise from the customers.

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As with most things, you get what you pay for. You can shop around and find electronic contract manufacturing companies that may be a little bit cheaper, but will definitely not provide the same quality as a more expensive company. This is especially important if you’re looking to produce mass quantities of the same product because then it’s worth it to hire a company that has more resources and the ability to churn out products.

 Make sure to ask for samples:

If someone tells you that they have a sample of the product/service you want, then ask to see it. Do not hire them without seeing the sample first. You’ll only know if they’re capable of manufacturing your product once you see the sample in real life. Remember, it is not okay to just take their word for it.


Electronic contract manufacturing is a great way to get your product off the ground without having to handle all of the hassles of manufacturing yourself because let’s be honest, it’s not easy. This method will save you a lot of time and money, and allow you to focus on more important things.

Cary Grant
Cary Grant
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